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July 8, 2009, 10:00 AM
The Mets have no players in the Minors who are going to impact the team this season enough to save it. And the way that the season is going, it might be best to become sellers and build for 2010 around Reyes, Wright, Beltran, Santana and Frankie. Let's take a quick look at exactly who the Organization classifies as "Prospects".

First, how exactly do the Mets actually call Nick Evans a prospect? Could he start on the Phils, Braves or Yanks? He would not even make their 25 man roster --perhaps not even their 40 man rosters. Plus, Evans has no defensive position. At best, he could platoon at first base with Daniel Murphy. I'd give that a shot for the next couple of months or until Delgado comes back.

Speaking of Daniel Murphy; this kid was projected as the next Don Mattingly. I believe a season at Buffalo would have been more effective toward his development. Adam Dunn would have been a better fit in left and then at first when Delgado went down. I'll bet the team would have been over .500 right now if Dunn was a Met. And it might have only cost the Mets about 8 million this season (Redding and Castillo money).

Let's talk about FMart. The only excuse is he's a 20 year old. But at this level he has been way overmatched. Plus, he has YET to play an entire season in the Mets organization due to injuries. And now he's hurt AGAIN. Send him down to Buffalo and let him get more experience. At least the faceplant in Milwaukee gave us some comic relief.

Bobby Parnell is a talent but major league hitters have caught up to him. Until he learns another pitch he'll keep getting rocked and wind up being yet another prospect overexposed by the Mets.

Reese Havens? This kid's been another injury bust. In addition, most scouts had him going in the 3rd round last year. Of course, the Mets chose him as their FIRST pick. Plus, he's playing out of position at short. He should be playing second.

Wilmer Flores and Jefry Marte are 17. Get back to me when they are 21. If I have to pin my hopes on a couple of 17 year olds, I'm in big trouble.

Both Eddie Kunz and Jon Niese should be brought back up to see what they can offer. DFA Tim Redding and Elmer Dessens. And while we're at it, thank Tatis for a great season last year and let him go build another Church in South America. Let Sheff go to a contender (Boston?) to win one more time. Let Pagan, Church, Beltran, Jeremy Reed and Cory Sullivan play out the year in the outfield.

I'll agree that Brad Holt (coming off an injury) and Jenry Meija (on the DL with a strained finger but the organization is probably just limiting his innings this summer) are solid prospects. I also believe that Josh Thole will have an impact at Citi Field in 2011. He's a keeper.

I also like youngbloods Ike Davis, Jeurys Familia, Tobi Stoner and Dillon Gee. Unfortunately, Gee just had surgery for a torn labrum. These kids could have a bright future at Citi Field.

The problem is the Mets are likely to see this minor league contribution at the majors closer to 2011 or 2012. In the meantime, loyal Met fans have to deal with bad fundamental baseball that borders incompetence and total embarrassment. Heck, this team can't catch a pop up! We're the joke of baseball.

In closing, the front office deserves to get excoriated for bad contracts, idolizing crappy veterans, poor roster management and entrusting the health of the players to the staff of Dr. Nick Rivieras. But that'll never happen. Omar hasn't even begun his contract extension he was rewarded by the Wilpons for choking the last three years. And the Met's still have Willie on the payroll. So forget about canning Jerry too. They're not paying three managers at the same time. So unless the Wilpons fire themselves, we're stuck with this can o' junk nicknamed the Amazins.

That said, it's going to be a LONG year for the fans. Again.


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