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July 10, 2009, 09:05 AM
I for one am sick of Mexico's act. It does not matter if it is Rafa Marquez coming in late on a goalie, Ramon Ramirez running into a group to kick Alexi Lalas in the balls, an assistant coach slapping Frankie Hejduk or....last nights debacle in Houston. For those of you that missed it....Mexico's Coach Javier Aguirre inserted himself into a play on the sideline and kicked a player from Panama. And this was no nip on the heels. This was a crotch level whack that thankfully did not connect very well or this could have been far worse than it ended up. And "El Tri" supporters or anyone else with a false inclination can save the "He was trying to stop the ball" routine.

1st. He was nowhere near the ball.
2nd. A coach should never feel the need to touch the ball anyway.
3rd. If he was trying to 'trap" the ball...then I would claim that this man has no idea how to play football and it is amazing that he is the coach of a national team.

It is time the world, CONCACAF and FIFA let Mexico know we are sick of your antics. We are sick of Rafa Marquez trying to injure Cobi Jones at the end of a World Cup match. We are sick of your "We loved 9/11" signs in your stadium. We are sick of you throwing piss and blood bags at your opponents. We are sick of your fans harassing players at the hotels before the game. And what we are sick of the most is your sense of entitlement that is the precursor to all of these actions. You are no longer the powerhouse of the region. You are no longer unbeatable. Respect no longer follows you, your players or your fans. You are now the old guy in the recreation league that is mad that he can no longer win by just showing up. You have lost a step and are upset about it. You now resort to fouling when an opponent is better than you instead of playing football. You cry and look to the referee for help when you can beat someone the old fashioned way. The problem is now that if you keep acting this way, we will all forget that you used to have class and skill and just know you for your new attributes. Take it from someone who knows. My own team (PAOK) has a history littered with similar events and now our new administration is fighting very hard to reverse that culture. What steps will you take Mexico?

IMHO The Mexican federation should step up and suspend the coaching staff for last nights actions ahead of any FIFA ruling. (But I wont hold my breath waiting)
FIFA on the other hand should consider a HUGE suspension and monetary punishment for the Federation and the coaching staff. If not, dare I say this will encourage similar actions in the future. This can not be a simple slap on the wrist. But should be similar to the "kick to the crotch" that Mr. Miagi Aguirre attempted.


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