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The SI Tour Guy just got back from the Collegiate Ultimate Frisbee Championships in Boulder and the big winners were the Wisconsin Hodags, who won their second straight men's championship and the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds, who took home the women's title.

While it's clear that Ultimate has a massive following, it still is not recognized by the NCAA. Our question to you is a simple one: Is it time to make Ultimate an official NCAA sport or is it just a bunch of hippies throwing around a frisbee? What's your take?

June 27, 2011  02:27 PM ET

I am a DI collegiate swimmer, and I've also always been an avid ultimate player (in whatever spare time I can find). Ultimate is a very demanding and legitimate sport founded on the basis of the "spirit" of the sport. If ultimate wants to be NCAA ready, it needs to make some changes (i.e. the lack of officials). Unfortunately/fortunately, whichever way you see it, most people will not want to make that compromise and sacrifice the basic principals of ultimate.

I personally hope it does become a NCAA sport, even if it were just considered DIII. It would boost it's popularity and exposure.

October 7, 2011  02:17 AM ET

I'm a High School ultimate player and well, what I have seen and read on all the Ultimate sites and what not joining the NCAA is not needed for Ultimate to grow. I mean the sport in my state is in a good amount of High Schools and is growing very fast and I am starting a team at my school here in the next year. This sport self propels itself forward in all age groups and is now a international sport and has a much higher growth rate then most of the other sports now a days. This sport is great as is and the NCAA could only change it to make it a different sport. Ultimate is Ultimate. The spirit of the game makes it amazing.

December 1, 2011  09:13 PM ET

Yes!!! Ultimate Frisbee is just as much as a sport as any other sports. And for all of you haters out there who think ultimate isn't a sport, just give one good reason why ultimate is any less of a sport than anything else.

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January 10, 2013  10:28 PM ET

Ultimate is one of the most physically and strategically demanding sports out there, and definitely deserves to be an NCAA sanctioned sport. I'm a high school junior and have been playing competitive ultimate for just over a year on a high-level team. Before I began playing ultimate, I played football and rowed for my high school. I also run both XC and indoor track (outdoor conflicts with the spring ultimate season). Just in case anyone is thinking "you're not necessarily a good athlete because you've participated in those sports", as a freshman my boat placed 2nd in the state for crew and as a junior in my first ever season (this past one) running on the XC team I placed 4th in the county and 9th in the district. That being said, Ultimate is my primary focus as an athlete and is every bit as much of a sport as anything I have played. It's inclusion as a NCAA sport could do great things for the sport as well as (in the long run) the organization itself and schools around the county.

March 4, 2014  04:27 PM ET

yes,i am an ultimate frisbee player witch might mean that my opinion is slightly biased ,but it is a widely played sport, fun and easy to learn. In fact the sport is constantly growing, recently espy has signed to air the championship game, usa ultimate just submitted the application to become a professional sport and the two professional leagues the AUDL and MlU are growing in popularity.


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