• 05:03 PM ET  04.11


As's Ted Keith -- a proud UNC alumnus -- states in his piece on Roy Williams, the UNC coach was dead wrong to wear a shirt with a Kansas logo to the national championship game on Monday night. Or if he was dead set on wearing it, he should've also worn some type of UNC hat or something that also represents the Tar Heels to show where his current allegiance lies.

Keith also points out that Williams has urged Tar Heel fans to be more passionate, show up at games early, be back at the Smith Center when the team returns from a road game and of course, donate to the school's Booster Club. Therefore, he shouldn't ask fans to do all that and then be either surprised or offended when they act like fans and get angry at Williams' duel allegiance.

What do you think? Did Williams make a mistake wearing the Kansas logo or is it much ado about nothing? 


  • 03:21 PM ET  04.10

It's been only a few days since Kansas coach Bill Self led the Jayhawks to the national championship, but the coach is making headlines as the top candidate for the Oklahoma State coaching job. The school, led by trazillionaire alum T. Boone Pickens -- is prepared to off Self a hefty signing bonus and long-term contract (the exact figures are not known, but it's a nice chunk of change) to return to his alma mater and lead the Cowboys to the promised land.

Now the coach is faced with a dilemma many successful coaches deal with -- do they stay at the school they had success with or leave for a higher-paying job at another instutitution. More importantly, are they "selling out" by leaving or just doing what anyone else would do -- take the job that offers the most financial security. Just this week, Stanford coach Trent Johnson parlayed his successful run with the Cardinal into a five-year deal with the higher profile LSU program. Same with Tom Crean, who just left Marquette to coach at Indiana. But Self's case is different in that he'd be leaving one of the real bastions of college hoops in Kansas for a less esteemed program at Oklahoma State. 

The debate is mixed. In a column earlier this week, ESPN's Gene Wojciechowski urged Self not to "sell out" and leave the Jayhawks. The New York Daily News' Dick Weis thinks Self should take the money and run. What do you think? Should Self leave KU for OSU? Would he be selling out if he did?

UPDATE (5 p.m.) -- Self is reportedly staying at Kansas. Is this the right move? 


  • 12:26 PM ET  04.08


Move over Christian Laettner and Keith Smart. There's a new kid on the "greatest tourney shots of all time" block and his name is Mario Chalmers. The Kansas guard's high-arching three-pointer brought Monday's national championship into overtime and took the life out of Memphis, which never recovered and lost in OT, 75-68. Now that you've a full night's rest and some ability to put the shot in perspective, we want to know where you think it ranks among the greats. Here is our top five: 

5. Michael Jordan (1982) - Before he was a legend, MJ was a freshman guard at North Carolina who hit a clutch shot with 16 seconds left in the national championship to give the Tar Heels a victory over Georgetown.

4. Keith Smart (1987) - With six seconds left of the national championship against Syracuse, Keith Smart hit "The Shot" from the corner to lift the Hoosiers to victory.

3. Christian Laettner (1992) - In the 1992 East regional finals, Laettner's jumpshot from the top of the key knocked out Kentucky and cemented Laettner's legacy as one of college basketball's all-time best.

2. Mario Chalmers (2008) - Trailing by nine with 2:12 left, Kansas fought back and tied the game on Chalmer's miraculous three-pointer.  

1. Lorenzo Charles (1983) - Nobody gave Jim Valvano's NC State squad a chance against heavily-favored Houston, but the Wolfpack pulled off the upset after Dereck Whittenburg threw up the famous high-arching airball that Lorenzo Charles grabbed for the game-winning dunk. 

Those are our top five choices. What are yours? 


  • 05:00 PM ET  03.13


Tyler Hansbrough may be SI's National Player of the Year and coverboy, but will his college success translate to the NBA? That seems to be the million-dollar question and our personal opinion is a big HELL NO. At 6-foot-9, he lacks the size to dominate down low as he's done at Carolina the past three seasons. And he doesn't have enough speed to play small forward. We know he "plays hard," but playing hard won't take him very far when matched up against the Dwight Howards and Carlos Boozers of the world. SIOC's guess is that he becomes, at best, David Lee and at worst, Shelden Williams.

How do you see Psycho T performing at the NBA level?

  • 04:32 PM ET  03.12

The 2007 College Football Blogger Awards were posted on Evey Day Should be Saturday and you can find all the winners right here. If you're not in the habit of checking out blogs, we suggest you start now. They may not have the panache or mainstream accessibilty of the major sports sites, but they provide valuable information, funny videos and some of the best photoshopping we've ever seen. Just check out Campus Clicks, where we try and link to the most entertaining, college-related blogs 

There were 25 awards in a number of categories -- you can check it all out for yourself. Today we want to know about your favorite sports blogs, college football related and not. Here's is our Fave 5. 

5. Sunday Morning QB: More college football information than anyone. The only reason it's not rated higher is because it's strictly college football -- and we like a little variety in our sporting blogs.

4. The Wizard of Odds: The Reporter's Notebook -- which has news and notes from across the nation -- is reason enough to check this blog every day. Like Sunday Morning QB, it's strictly football or else we'd rank it higher.

3. Barstool Sports: Yes, we're from Boston so this Beantown-based blog is must-read material. And the local smokeshow of the day doesn't hurt matters, either.

2. Busted Coverage: Consistently finds the best links in its Daily Link Dump section. Some may complain that the site leans too heavily on T&A. We're not one of those people.

1. The Big Lead: Manages to find the perfect mix of sports, babes and off-the cuff stories. If we had to buried with one blog, this would be it. 

These are our choices. What are your favorite sports blogs?


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