• 02:29 PM ET  06.16
Hi everybody,

Thanks for the (mostly) positive welcome and overwhelming response to our call for comments and suggestions, even if a couple of people said I had been thrown under the bus! As always, we appreciate your interest and passion for FanNation. After spending the weekend going though every one of your messages, I just wanted to touch base again and reiterate a few points:

* Despite the misinformation in that critical blog which was posted last week, Sports Technologies Inc. (STI) remains the driving force behind FanNation, both on a day-to-day basis and in its long-term planning. While Sports Illustrated owns FanNation, STI runs not only the backend technology from its offices in Connecticut but also almost all of the moderation during the day. Those guys are here to stay, and any comments to the contrary are totally inaccurate.

* Besides wrongfully saying that STI was no longer involved in FanNation or was being transitioned out, that blog also said that our moderators were peering into, and interfering with, private groups. Nothing could be further from the truth. The only time private group comments are reviewed by FanNation moderators is when somebody in a group hits the “report violation” button. When this happens a comment automatically gets sent to a file for review. From there, we’re required to check the post for content which might violate the Terms of Use.

* Somebody in the comment string on our blog last Friday questioned how we could say that FanNation has millions of users. Here’s the proof, from an independent company: According to Neilsen Net ratings, the industry’s leading source on website traffic, FanNation had 1.76 million unique users in May.

* We hear you loud and clear about the sometimes uneven moderation the site gets on nights and weekends. We’re working to bring our various moderators onto the same page to improve the consistency in the enforcement of community rules. Of course, with millions of users, policing the site is a big job, so please help us by reporting those users who might be abusing the rules or posting inappropriate content.

* The tech issues that were forcefully brought to our attention -- some caching issues, server errors, etc. -- have all been put in the laps of our friends at STI, who are currently working on fixes. We hope to solve these issues ASAP and request that you continue to inform us if any other technical issues need to be addressed.

I received a high volume of emails from everybody over the weekend, another sign of this community’s vitality. I promise you that I will read every FanMail I receive and then make sure the message is directed to the proper channel, whether it’s SI staff, STI or the weekend moderation team. Remember -- I am your eyes and ears here at FanNation, and hope to make your experience a positive one. Please continue to submit your feedback and suggestions to my FanMail address.

November 18, 2012  08:17 PM ET

where are all the comment?

Comment #2 has been removed
November 18, 2012  08:35 PM ET

Well this is certainly an old blog, but I know for a fact that paragraph 3 is VERY, VERY MUCH UNTRUE......


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