• 03:36 PM ET  06.13
Dear FanNation Community (and that includes you, KP!),

We read with great interest the blog that was posted yesterday detailing complaints about the site, specifically some of the things that have been "changed" recently. Believe it or not, we do encourage community members to let us know when you are unhappy about things, whether they are technology changes, user interface or even other community members who are breaking the rules or ruining the experience. That being said, we want to address the issues raised yesterday, and set the record straight on a number of items.

First, it is true that Josh, who acted as the FanNation community leader for us, left the site at the end of May. We miss him, we miss his energy and we miss his dedication to keeping FanNation a thriving community. Since then we have not had a so-called "community leader" who would be the touch point for any questions or concerns. I'm happy to report that we have somebody new stepping into that role -- me! My name is Bryan Graham and I am here to help. Problem with another community member? Email me. Something on the site is broken? Email me. Have a suggestion for a new feature? Email me. Feel like the night or weekend moderators are not as responsive as they should be? Email me. You see an inappropriate profile picture? Email me. I promise to be as prompt as possible in getting back to you and fixing what needs to be fixed. The best way to reach me is through the site's FanMail in my profile.

Next, I wanted to clear up some misperceptions about how this site is run and who is running the site. As you all may know, Sports Illustrated bought FanNation from STI -- Sports Technologies Inc. -- last year and re-launched it. Since then the community has grown dramatically, from literally several thousand users to several million users. For that we thank you, our passionate community. But, despite what was written in that post yesterday by KP, STI is not being phased out so that SI could take over all the operations. STI still runs all of the backend technology; in fact, the principals of STI were in New York yesterday planning a revamping of the site, which is set for late summer. Almost all of the daytime moderation is still done by STI in their offices in Connecticut, like it always has. There are NO plans for the guys at STI to be eased out; instead, they will become more involved than ever as we continue to try to improve the site through new technology, tools and content.

That critical post yesterday also stated that private groups were being monitored -- that is absolutely not true. So, you may ask, why were a handful of comments deleted, even if they were in a private group? Because somebody in that group objected to those comments and clicked the "report violation" button. Whenever a user reports a violation -- either in public groups or private ones -- it automatically gets sent to the moderators to determine whether it is offensive. Nobody here at the site has any interest in poking their noses into private groups but when a group member flags something we need to investigate.

It is clear that some FanNation members are concerned with the moderation that occurs on nights and weekends. The company that runs our service is very professional but, alas, it is not perfect, which is not surprising considering it is run by humans. We will keep close tabs on things in the near future and encourage you to let us know if and when there are problems. We are here to serve you, to make sure that FanNation is a community in which sports fans can gather to discuss the issues of the day. And the best way to do that is to keep the lines of communication open. As I stated earlier, email me with questions and comments.

Bryan Graham


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