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Is Tom Brady the best NFL player ever to wear No. 12? Who would you chose at No. 28 between Marshall Faulk and Darrell Green? You've seen our selections for jersey numbers 00-49 and 50-99 for the greatest NFL players of alltime by jersey number. Now it's your turn. Give us your thoughts.

August 25, 2010  12:11 PM ET

donavan mcCRAPP for number 5? Are you kidding me--- what MORON said this???

this is proof that all you need to work for sports illustrated is being an idiot wrapped in a Moron... Hire the handicapped-- mentally handicapped././/

August 25, 2010  12:15 PM ET

How #78 is not the all time sack leader is beyond me. Bruce played in a 3-4 as an end. Consequently, he was double teamed every single play. Reggie and Deacon played a 4-3 end on the edge.

August 25, 2010  12:21 PM ET

Not a bad list, but you whiffed on #5. Paul Hornung won how many Super Bowls with the Packers?

August 25, 2010  12:23 PM ET

George Rodgers at #38 over Arnie Herber? An average running back with no league titles over a hall-of-famer with 4 titles??? Arnie Herber, along with Don Hutson CHANGED THE GAME.

August 25, 2010  12:32 PM ET

An FYI for The Yaks: Rickey Jackson is on the list at worthy of consideration. Think you saw an early version before updated. Feel free to comment again. Thx.

August 25, 2010  12:35 PM ET

pretty good...but randy moss is probably a top 3 receiver of all time, gotta go wth him in front of sharpes

August 25, 2010  12:36 PM ET

Looks like this list was created by a cowboys fan. Lets be serious....Deion over LT? Aikman over Steve Young? Give me a break.

August 25, 2010  12:37 PM ET

# 37 - Pat Fischer - CB (Cardinals, Redskins). Tough cover and force man. Several Pro Bowls.
He should have at least been considered.

August 25, 2010  12:38 PM ET

Otto Graham twice? #14 should have gone to Don the "3 yards and a cloud of dust" era, this guy hauled in 99 career TDs. Hutson revolutionized the position, and many Packer fans would choose him as the greatest player in team history. He wasn't even SIs runner-up!

August 25, 2010  12:39 PM ET

Tom Brady should be no higher than 5th. Bradshaw, Griese, Namath and Staubach were all better.

August 25, 2010  12:40 PM ET

# 64.. should have been Dave Wilcox, the intimadator, he's not even mentioned.. hall of famer

August 25, 2010  12:41 PM ET

Brian Sipe not even worthy of consideration for #17?!?

August 25, 2010  12:42 PM ET

# 32 - Jack Pardee (LB) - Rams, Redskins - Another multi-time Pro Bowler like Fischer.
I know # 32 is a tough list to crack with all those RB's, but Jack Tatum and John L.Williams before Pardee? geez!

August 25, 2010  12:44 PM ET

Marshall Faulk over darell Greene. C'mon.

August 25, 2010  12:45 PM ET

Deacon Jones over Mean Joe. Never

August 25, 2010  12:54 PM ET

You lost credibility at #14 when Dan Fouts was omitted.

August 25, 2010  12:55 PM ET

You lost credibility at #14 when you omitted Dan Fouts.

August 25, 2010  12:59 PM ET

The list seems to favor the modern era in many respects, pure stats over real performance. Today's game is more stat driven and easily defined by them, the pre 1970's NFL was more about helping your team win.

August 25, 2010  01:08 PM ET

I stopped reading this when i saw michael vick was worthy of consideration for number 7. Wow.. I thought it was greatest players from 0 to 49.. not average players with average stats.

August 25, 2010  01:14 PM ET

A lot of Buffalo Bills really got screwed on this list. I'll give you a lot of guys over Kelly and Walter Payton over Thurman but I don't see Munoz over Bruce Smith, Simeon Rice over Biscuit or Youngblood over Andre Reed. I know that the Bills didn't win Super Bowls but neither did Marino and he was picked over Kurt Warner and he could NEVER touch the Bills come January.


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