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College Park is no easy crowd to please in the ACC.

With the regular season winding down and some intense rivalry games on tap, we take a look at the most intimidating college hoops arenas to play in:

1. Comcast Center: Maryland fans (who could be heard clearly saying "F --- Kyle Singler" on last night's broadcast) spent a nice part of their Tuesday night prank calling the hotel in Greenbelt, Md. where Duke players were resting up for their ACC matchup. Amazingly enough, the hotel let the Terps fans straight through to Greg Paulus, Gerald Henderson and other Blue Devils so they could kindly be asked scintillating questions that we can't publish. That's certainly not the worst that the Terps supporters have done in their long lives: they've hit a player's mom in the head with a water bottle, forced players and parents to change their phone numbers and are prone to rioting after games. A survey by a Raleigh radio station found that Maryland supporters were the worst in the ACC, describing them as "Crude, disgusting and at times dangerous. Ask Carlos Boozer's mom".

2. Cameron Indoor: Which brings us to another almost equally toxic student section -- Duke. The Blue Devils supporters get in their share of intimidation, producing some of the most well-known and intimidating characters such as Speedo Guy. Well-versed in their scouting reports before every game, Cameron Crazies targeted Maryland's graduation rate by donning caps and gowns, chanted "Fire Jarvis" until Coach K asked them to stop when the former St. John's coach was under fire and many many more we missed. The building itself makes it a tough place to play, too. "It seems like the whole student section surrounds the court, and it seems like everybody's really close," noted Tyler Hansbrough in an interview with the Raleigh News-Observer.

3. Phog Allen Fieldhouse: With one of the best-known chants in college basketball, our advice is to Rock, chalk, beware of these Jayhawk fans.  One well-loved tradition at the annual game against Missouri was to have a Kansas student dressed up in a Tiger costume and carrying a sign saying, "I eat poop."  Clever.  Environmentalists also dread the games -- one longtime tradition is for students to bring in copies of The University Daily Kansan and tear them into confetti to throw in the air during player introductions and when KU scores its first points. With students camping out for the tickets and an unlimited amount of newspapers available on campus, the level of noise at KU home games can only be described as ... distracting.

4. Breslin Center: Students are well-trained by the time they reach maximum-exposure level at Spartans games -- underclassmen have to regularly attend games to be able to sit in the lower bowl their senior year. And of course, there's always the history of fandome gone wrong -- following a lost NCAA tournament game in 2003, one New York Times story read: "Michigan State basketball fans overturned four cars, tipped vending machines and set fires in trash bins."

5. McArthur Court: Oregon received national attention last season when its AD was forced to issue an apology for the harsh treatment towards then-UCLA freshman Kevin Love, which included calling in death threats to Love after his phone number was circulated amongst the 1,500 strong student fan club known as the Pit Crew. On a lighter note, the Pit Crew this year has dedicated itself to less swearing and more organization in its cheers, according to its website. But the noise that an organized student section provides in what's supposed to be the relaxed Northwest has proved legendary before and after the Love incident.

What are your favorite houses of horror?


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