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Jake Peavy could be a Padre for a little longer. AP

Checked in on the Jake Peavy Watch today with Kevin Towers. The San Diego Padres GM isn't giving up hope that he can find a new home for Peavy, one of the game's best righthanded pitchers whose salary is not too big for the Padres' diminishing payroll. So I won't give up asking about it.

Towers disagreed with me that the best chance for a deal might still be the Braves. At the moment, he appears to be favoring the Cubs' chances.

"I think there's a chance of maybe putting together a deal with Chicago,'' Towers said. "At least I know he's willing to go there.'' 

But in the same breath, Towers added that he didn't anticipate anything happen anytime soon, and explained why.

Towers mentioned two complications. One is that the Cubs' ownership situation is unsettled (there could be a sale, though there's a lot of doubt now whether anyone interested will want to come up with the cash in this economy). The other complication is that they will probably need a third team to do a deal with the Cubs.

While Towers likes their prospects, he apparently doesn't love them. He liked pitching prospect Jose Ceda, but he was already sent to the Marlins for reliever Kevin Gregg.

Those are some very real complications with the Cubs.

But guess what? There's a complication with the Braves as well.

Towers agreed that they were once close to a deal with the Braves (he wouldn't reveal the exact trade discussed but some Braves' names bandied about included shortstop Yunel Escobar, outfield prospect Gorkys Hernandez and young pitchers Jo-Jo Reyes, Charlie Morton and Blaine Boyer) but that things broke off after Atlanta set a deadline and the sides couldn't come to terms. However, Towers now thinks the Braves' unwillingness to change Peavy's contract to extend his no-trade provision beyond 2010 would have scuttled the deal, anyway.

"The tough thing with Atlanta is that they don't have anyone with a full no-trade. For Jake, that's a must,'' Towers said. "Ultimately, even if we agreed on players, that might have been a stumbling block.''

Towers hasn't talked to the Braves in two weeks. And he hasn't talked lately to the third team said to be in the mix, the Dodgers, either. So the original list of five possible teams that Peavy would approve a trade to is looking a little thin right now (in addition to the Cubs, Braves and Dodgers, the other two are the Astros, who apparently didn't have the prospects to make a deal, and the Cardinals, who didn't feel they had the need to make such a trade).

"I'm not opposed to trading within the division,'' Towers said. But he speculated that that the Dodgers had too much going on right now to conceive of putting it all aside to make a monster trade like this. The Dodgers have two infield openings, they have the Manny free agent situation, they have the CC Sabathia question, and now they have two possible openings in the rotation after top young starter Chad Billlingsley broke his leg on a patch of ice in Pennsylvania. 

Towers could see restarting talks with the Dodgers. Not now, but much later.

So in summary, the Peavy situation, which looked like it might find a resolution by now, may drag on for a while. 


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