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Miguel Tejada. Photo by Greg Nelson/Sports Illustrated

The Astros traded for star shortstop Miguel Tejada last December only a day before baseball's Mitchell Report named Tejada as a past steroid user. Now the Astros are reportedly trying to trade Tejada. But interested teams should know there could be another surprise in Tejada's future.

Tejada is being investigated for possible perjury after telling the US Attorney's Office he had not used steroids or discussed them with teammates. According to the Mitchell Report, former teammate Adam Piatt provided checks signed by Tejada for what Piatt said was a steroid buy.

FBI Washington field office spokesperson Debra Weierman told SI's Melissa Segura the investigation is ongoing.

Nats may pursue Hudson, Dunn

If the Nationals don't get Mark Teixeira -- and nobody actually thinks they will -- baseball sources indicate they will try to sign Orlando Hudson and Adam Dunn instead.

There's also some speculation the Nats could try for Manny Ramirez, or as one competing baseball executive put, "They may bail out Manny.''  That executive was referring to the seemingly slow market for the the free-agent slugger.

"We need a left-handed power hitter. That's what we need,'' one Nationals person said, explaining the pursuit of Teixeira, from nearby Severna Park, Md., and possible pursuit of Dunn.

The Nas' interest in Dunn is no surprise since GM Jim Bowden is known to be a fan of Dunn's from their days together in Cincinnati. As is the case with Dunn, Hudson's market doesn't appear to be developing as hoped. Originally, he sought a $50-million, five-year contract.

Money still sticking point in Cameron-Cabrera deal

The on-again, off-again Mike Cameron-for-Melky Cabrera trade is said to be on the "back burner'' now as the Yankees and Brewers haven't been able to agree on how much of Kei Igawa's contract the Brewers will pay, or more specifically, how overpaid Cameron is.

The Brewers have agreed to take Igawa and offered to pay a small portion of the $12 million remaining on Igawa's contract. But apparently the Yankees believe it is too small a portion.

The Yankees' main contention is that Cameron is overpaid at $10 million, and the Brewers have to account for that somehow. The probable way would be to pay some of Igawa's ridiculously bloated salary.

Some believe the sides will eventually work something out. For now, Johnny Damon looks like the Yankees' centerfielder, with Cabrera and/or Brett Gardner as backup/defensive replacement.

Why list of non-tendered players is better than usual

The list of players nontendered by their current teams is much better than usual, and includes pitchers Tim Redding and Daniel Cabrera, infielder Ty Wigginton and outfielder Willy Taveras. The foundering economy has teams cutting corners.

Redding was very solid for the Nationals, who are trying to skimp and save while also making a run at big-time players such as Mark Teixeira. Redding, who went 10-11 with a 4.95 ERA, is drawing interest from the Rockies, Orioles, Mets and Rangers, among others.

The Rockies nearly acquired Redding for Taveras and a minor leaguer but the trade fell through just before the tender deadline, which came at midnight last Friday.

According to reports, Cabrera is drawing interest 11 teams in all, including the Yankees.


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