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  • 03:01 PM ET  07.10

If you have a loose billion dollars sitting around and want to buy an NFL team, now is the time to jump in. Three teams -- the Jaguars, Steelers and Rams - could reportedly be sold this offseason.

Owning an NFL team has to be the greatest job in the world. But which of the three teams would you want to own? Here are my rankings; weigh in with your own.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers - Mark Cuban recently said he wasn't interested in buying the Steelers because a small-market team was at a disadvantage in the NFL. That makes about as much sense as trading for Jason Kidd. Obviously the Steelers can win. They won Super Bowl XL.

If Wall Street financier Stanley Druckenmiller pulls off the purchase of the team, he'll have his quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, under contract for several years and a bright young coach in Mike Tomlin.

But the reason the Steelers are the choice team is the tradition and fans. The Steelers are Pittsburgh. Win in that town and you're a god. Lose in that town and you're still pretty cool.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars - Or should I say L.A. Jaguars? Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver denied a Philadelphia Daily News report that New Jersey-based billionare C. Dean Metropoulos is negotiating to buy the team. But multiple reports have indicated Weaver has financial issues and you have to wonder if Jacksonville can sustain a team. Even if the latest reports are true and the team isn't for sale, at some point, Weaver will have to seriously consider letting go of the Jags.

Fortunately for whoever owns this team, it's going to be a very good team in the short run. If quarterback David Garrard can keep playing mistake-free football, their running game and defense make them a bona fide contender in the AFC.

3. St. Louis Rams - Reports and denials have also been flying around St. Louis this year. Like Jacksonville, most speculate a buyer could consider moving the Rams back to Los Angeles.

But if you're a billionaire, does either city thrill you? I don't care how well the Rams play, St. Louis is too much of a baseball town, and we still have no real evidence Los Angeles can support an NFL team.

Just for fun, here are my rankings of the top five teams I'd want to own.

1. Miami Dolphins - South Beach. Working with Bill Parcells wouldn't be much fun, but he'll be gone by next year. Parcells typically leaves the cupboards stocked, so when the Dolphins eventually win you take the credit. Ricky Williams is the only big negative.

2. Dallas Cowboys - You'd instantly be the highest-profile owner in the NFL. New stadium, great history and a loaded team. And you'd be the first to hear who Tony Romo is dating.

3. San Diego Chargers - The weather is reason enough. The nucleus of young star players is a big bonus.

4. Houston Texans - Sweet stadium. A potentially strong fan base. And they're about to break through and have a winning season.

5. Washington Redskins - Anyone following Daniel Snyder will be an instant hero in D.C.



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