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  • 12:37 PM ET  07.03
Brett Favre should just end the drama and come back right now. No more rumors, denials, text messages to journalists or canceled golf appearances. We all know he wants to play. Why wouldn't he? He's physically fine. And there's nothing better going on in Hattiesburg, Miss. Favre has to have realized that by now. Yes,  he said he was tired in March, but this isn't a quarterback who was known for having good judgment.

Every day Favre waits to return causes more of a headache for the Packers. By all indications, Aaron Rodgers has stepped in as a leader in Green Bay. And Packers management supports Rodgers. It was once unthinkable that Favre would force the Packers to trade or release him, but now that seems very possible if he decides to return. Favre is under contract through 2010 and Green Bay isn't allowed to let him dangle if he says he wants to play.

Say Favre does announce he wants to come back, the Packers can't figure out a reasonable trade and have to release him. Then things get scary. The two most QB-needy teams in the NFL happen to be Green Bay's two biggest rivals - Chicago and Minnesota. The Vikings' talent at running back and the offensive line is particularly interesting and with Favre in purple the Vikes would have to be considered an immediate contender in the NFC. Green Bay's worst nightmare is Minnesota coming into Lambeau with Favre at QB and newest Viking Jared Allen injuring Rodgers on the first series.

As for Rodgers, we're hearing a lot about his arm strength and confidence. But he has to run a West Coast offense for 16 games with opposing defenses having a lot of tape on him. There's no indication Rodgers is Steve Young waiting for Joe Montana to move on. One good half against the Cowboys is certainly no reason to turn away a Hall of Famer.

The Packers can't worry too much about Rodgers' feelings. Teams have a very short window to be great and Green Bay was very close to reaching the Super Bowl last year. Rodgers is supposed to be a tough kid. He'll get over it. Rodgers, who told Green Bay fans to "get on board or keep their mouths shut," in Sports Illustrated this week, certainly doesn't want to be the guy who kept Favre from returning to Green Bay.

The best plan for everyone is for Favre to announce he wants to return right now and the Packers to warmly greet him. Even if Favre isn't certain right now, that itch is only going to get worse over the summer. And coming back with another team never works. Think of Joe Namath as a Ram or Emmitt Smith as a Cardinal. Brett Favre doesn't belong in purple, pewter or Seahawks Blue. He belongs in green and gold. Stop putting off the inevitable and bring him home.


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