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  • 03:39 PM ET  06.20

This time of year most of the NFL news is negative, so it's a good time to look back at what's gone wrong in the offseason. Here's my take on the 10 most dysfunctional teams of this offseason. Keep in mind, this is just for the last five months, so a perennially dysfunctional team like the Cardinals didn't make the cut.

1. Chargers - San Diego fired Marty Schottenheimer because he didn't get along with general manager A.J. Smith despite last year's 14-2 mark. And coordinators Wade Phillips and Cam Cameron left for head coaching jobs.

2. Dolphins - Both fans and veterans spoke out against the selection of Ted Ginn Jr. at No. 9 in the draft. And their handling of the Daunte Culpepper situation has been ugly.

3. Chiefs - It took too long to ship Trent Green to Miami and the QB situation became an unneeded distraction. DE Jared Allen, who will serve a four-game NFL suspension for DUI, was unhappy he got franchise tagged and RB Larry Johnson's impending free agency looms on the horizon.

4. Falcons - They dealt one of the NFL's top backup QBs, Matt Schaub, before the Michael Vick dogfighting scandal broke. Now they have too much invested in Vick to distance themselves from their controversial quarterback.

5. Bengals - The bottom line is Cincinnari was at a zero tolerance for any arrests. There have been two this offseason - A.J. Nicholson (since released) and Quincy Wilson (last weekend at a wedding). Not good.

6. Bears - The Super Bowl loser jinx appears to be alive and well. LB Lance Briggs was furious about being franchise tagged and may hold out, DE Alex Brown wants to be traded and DT Tank Johnson went to jail and will serve an eight-game NFL suspension.

7. Packers - First, the Packers had to wait to see if Brett Favre would come back, then they didn't draft the players Favre wanted. It's not easy to see where Green Bay is going in the post-Favre era.

8. Titans - Tennessee is trying to distance itself from Pacman, but the team hasn't gotten far enough away from the troubled cornerback. And the Titans failed to address some pretty big holes in free agency.

9. Buccaneers - How many QBs does coach Jon Gruden need? Tampa traded for Jake Plummer and signed Jeff Garcia, with Chris Simms still in the fold. Plummer then retired (at least for now) and Garcia has jumped way ahead of Simms in the QB battle. 

10. Giants - The Giants ended last season mired in dysfunction. They cut some of the bad apples, but you still get the feeling this locker room isn't on the same page with coach Tom Coughlin. TE Jeremy Shockey worked out in Miami again this offseason and you know he has a major explosion coming at some point this season.


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