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  • 12:31 AM ET  09.28
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Joe Flacco threw for 342 yards in the Ravens' Week 4 home rout.

1. Is there any doubt we'll see a rookie start in the Super Bowl soon? Teams have proved you can support an inexperienced quarterback with great coaching, strong defense and outstanding special teams. Joe Flacco almost did it in Baltimore last year. Sanchez might have a shot this year. Lots of this year's bad teams (Tampa Bay, Kansas City, Cleveland, Oakland) have already invested a lot in quarterbacks and might trade a top pick to a potential contender, so Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford and Jevan Snead have a chance to go to good teams next year.

2. Michael Vick implied Philadelphia was just dabbling with the Wildcat on Sunday to see what worked and what didn't. With Kansas City on Sunday, and Tampa Bay and Oakland next on the schedule, the Eagles basically have an extended preseason to work Vick in. But Philly has to beware of a false sense of confidence before it begins its divisional schedule. Sunday's win over the Chiefs proved little about where Philly stands in the NFC. Enjoy those Vick Wildcat plays now, because we're not going to see them when the Eagles are in a playoff race and playing the Giants.

3. Stop the Mark Sanchez and Tom Brady comparisons. We already saw them in network promos last week. Now that Mark Sanchez is the first 3-0 rookie starter, who knows what we'll hear this week. On Sunday, it was special teams that carried New York to a victory, not the quarterback. Head coach Rex Ryan has tried to be very clear that Sanchez plays like a rookie sometimes and is just one reason why they're winning.

4. How many headlines have we read about the Patriots not being able to make up for all their losses on defense? And yet, they've only given up five offensive touchdowns in three games. I can just hear the rest of the NFL saying "Belichick!" in a Seinfeld-to-Newman voice.

5. Reggie Wayne is an example of how hard it is to put receivers into historical perspective. Wayne, who had seven catches for 126 yards and a touchdown in the Colts' win over the Cardinals, appears to be headed for his sixth straight 1,000-yard season and could be a Hall of Famer if he stays in Indianapolis. Wayne's success has to make you wonder if Marvin Harrison's brilliance was just a case of being in the right place at the right time. Now Peyton Manning and offensive coordinator Tom Moore are turning more no-name receivers like Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie into playmakers. Even more than quarterbacks or running backs, receivers are completely reliant on their system to put up big numbers.

6. What happened to parity? The Lions' 0-16 season doesn't seem like it will be the only winless season for long. Tampa Bay and Cleveland seem to have the right stuff this year. This isn't supposed to happen with the salary cap. My only theory: It's the financial penalty teams get for landing high in the draft. The draft is supposed to even out the league, but doesn't really do that with the current cap.

7. No one else is going to do it, so I'm going to stand up for Daniel Snyder. Yes, the Redskins players are just there to collect a too-generous paycheck and the on-field results are flawed. But the NFL is a business and Daniel Synder has doubled the value of that franchise. Do we really have the right to constantly criticize him?

That being said, Redskins coach Jim Zorn is not to blame for this mess. He's made play-calling mistakes, but he's the captain of a ship that's been taking on water for some time.

8. The Lions and the Redskins are tied for the longest NFC Championship Game drought at 17 years. Here's a guarantee: Detroit will be back first.

9. Memo to Vikings fans: New York was in a Brett Favre frenzy when the Jets opened at 8-3 in 2008. In other words, it's a long season.

10. And finally ...: At some point, are the Colts going to be upset Tony Dungy is basically letting the world into their film room on a weekly basis on NBC?

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