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Tuesday on, senior writer Jim Trotter profiled DeMaurice Smith, executive director of the NFL Players Association. Trotter was in Hawaii last week for the NFLPA annual meetings and spoke with many players about the ongoing labor battles with the owners. Here are a few snippets from players that didn't make it into Trotter's original story:

Packers cornerback Charles Woodson, on owners' claim that they're assuming too much of the risk: "That's the slap in the face to the players, the fact that you would publicly say that. It's one thing to feel one way and say it to people in your home. But to publicly say that the players don't take any risk; we're taking all the risk. That's hurtful. The things I've played with, the things that other players have played with in this game, feeling that if they don't get out there their job is in jeopardy, that's a hurtful thing to say to these active guys. If you say it to us, then you say it to the former guys, because they built this thing.

"Listen, you don't have one without the other. If you don't have the team, you don't have the players. And if you don't have the players, you don't have the team. You need each other. But we're as big a part of it as that owner is, and for them to blatantly disrespect the players as if we don't take any risk is dead wrong."

Ravens cornerback Domonique Foxworth, on whether he believes there will be a work stoppage: "I have to pay attention to the tea leaves. They hired Bob Batterman (a lawyer who represented the NHL and most recently the MLS in labor disputes). That's the biggest sign. You don't hire him and pay him an exorbitant amount of money, I imagine, to take over if you're just trying to scare people. They definitely put bullets in the gun, and it seems like they're aiming it right at the goose that laid the golden egg. It doesn't make sense."

Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton, on plight of RFAs who missed out on being UFAs: "It's frustrating, totally frustrating. It's good to be here (in Hawaii). I was as frustrated as anybody. I talked to the five guys on our team and around the league, and the frustration level -- I feel for them, and I feel for my family. But to be able to get out here and see the work that the union is doing for us, they are making an effort. They did make the effort to get the deal done in a time that would have helped us. But it just didn't work out. Moving forward guys are going to realize that and really get behind that. We're definitely going to be a unified group.

Orton, on whether RFAs will boycott offseason workouts: "The clubs have certainly used the rules that are in effect to their highest potential. They tendered every one of us. So the clubs can't be upset when the players come back and use the rules to their highest potential too. The players' only recourse is to not show up for the workouts and the offseason program. It's a double-edged sword because you're not only affecting the club but your teammates as well. Each guy's situation is different. My situation is different from a receiver or a running back because I'm a quarterback. I want to be there for my teammates. I want to be there to make sure we have a great year this year. But the fact remains that this is going to be my fourth year as a starter and I've never been the highest paid quarterback on my team. People lose sight of that. They hear that he's a quarterback and he's making all this money; I made a third less than what my backup (Chris Simms) made last year. To finally have a chance to play, to set career bests in all of these categories and think, 'OK, I'm a fourth-round draft pick.' I kept my mouth shut -- I didn't say a word last year -- thinking they're going to do the right thing. It's as frustrating as it's ever been, is what it is."


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