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As part of our Sports Election Day package, we asked readers to sound off on the biggest sports issues facing the nation. Here are the best responses on which athlete would make the best politician, broken down by readers' stated party affiliation. Please add your own comment below.

Democrats say:

-- Sir Charles and Schilling talk too much nonsense for my liking. They're entertaining, but they wouldn't be great leaders. Tom Brady just doesn't fit the mold. Peyton Manning would be the ultimate politician though. He's a leader, and I'm pretty sure he'd be intelligent enough to navigate the political landscape.

-- I would like to see Shane Battier or Warrick Dunn run for local office.

-- Peyton Manning has the cleanest off-field record of any of the above athletes. He is a model citizen, a fierce competitor, and even though I despise the Colts and his on-field performance against my beloved Patriots, I respect him as a human being. I would be interested in what he has to say.

-- Charles Barkley speaks truth to power and I would support him. If you actually listen to what he thinks should be the major agenda of the day it makes sense. He is all for education and helping the homeless and those with little means. I would support him and would not mind campaigning for him.

-- I would like to see Gene Stallings run for office one day. I think Peyton would make a great senator. He has a lot of credibility.

-- I would not vote for Tom Brady. He is not trustworthy. He was a willing participant in Spygate, and anyone who will at all costs would be too partisan and un-trustworthy.

-- Barkley is hilarious, but people would get offended by him because they might think he's too honest. Brady would easily get the women's vote, and he's well-composed in front of the microphone. I can't hate Manning even though I'm a Patriots fan because he's got a great personality. Schilling pisses too many people off because he doesn't hold anything back and the rest of the country outside of New England wouldn't like listening to him all day.

-- I would like to see Doug Glanville run for office. He is very intelligent and a University of Pennsylvania graduate.

-- I would vote against Charles Barkley because he got into debt gambling. Since the U.S. is in debt he would just drive it further. I would vote for both the quarterbacks because the quarterback is the hardest job in sports and they have leadership ability. I would vote for Curt Schilling because he has clutch experience. An example is the World Series.

-- Tom Brady is the least arrogant of the four ... and Barkley and Schilling have never spent 15 minutes that they didn't think of themselves! I'd vote for Cal Ripken Jr.  -- he has class, integrity, charisma, intelligence, humility and he's definitely a hard worker.

-- I would vote for Tom Brady because he is on my team, end of story. Kevin Garnett would be a great politician.

-- I would vote for Barkley because he is an honest, straight-shooter. I wouldn't vote for either Brady or Manning because they have shown no opinions on the issues.

-- Barkley would be the Michael Bloomberg of the South. Damn the party system and go with common sense.

-- I'm not likely to vote for any of them based on what I know. When we raise athletes to stations, jobs or pedestals they are otherwise not qualified to be in/on, we're proving how stupid we are, not how great they are. That doesn't mean that some athletes wouldn't make good leaders, the point is, how do we know that based on what we've seen.

-- Barkley tells it like it is, like it or not. Manning would accept the blame for everything. Brady would probably take a page out of the Clinton book except he would make sure she lost the dress. Schilling seems very knowledgeable.

Republicans say:

-- I would vote for Barkley because he speaks his mind, and I find him engaging and funny. The only problem I would have with him is he's always speaking out about poverty, but what does he know about it?

-- I'd vote against Schilling because I'm a Yankees fan (I know, petty), but living in Philly I realize how involved he is with community affairs and he's well-known for being active in politics. Although with his new endeavor running a video game company, who knows if Curt would ever jump into politics.

-- What makes the athlete more qualified than John Q Public?

-- I would like to see Tiger woods run one day. As for the first question, it depends on their views.

-- I'd vote for Barkley because he said the greatest quote and sent the best message to kids when it comes to athletes: "I'm not a role model, parents are role models." You gotta love that.

-- Though many do pretend to agree with his "tell it like it is" approach, he's still Charles Barkley and people have to remember that when you're guilty by association, you'll be an expert on thugs and hotheads. Nothing against Barkley today, but let's leave politics to qualified people who actually know it and leave Sir Charles to do what we once hated, yet now love so much about him: run his mouth.

-- Don Mattingly epitomized grace under pressure, and let his stats and record do all talking.

-- I would have to see what their positions are. I wouldn't vote for someone for office just because I liked what they did on the playing field. Likewise, I wouldn't vote against someone for office because I didn't like them on the playing field.

-- Curt Schilling knows what he is talking about.

-- Peyton is all about the team, which would make him a good public servant.

-- I wouldn't vote for Barkley because I don't think he is a serious person. He is more interested in gambling and partying than serving the public as a politician. While many existing politicians may have the same interests, we didn't learn about their selfish indulgences until after they assumed office. I wouldn't vote for Brady or Manning until they demonstrated a serious interest in politics and showed me their ideology. While Schilling and I would probably vote for the same candidates in many elections, it is not clear to me that I would vote for him because he enjoys the taste of leather too much for my voting instincts.

-- I think Curt Schilling is similar to most politicians in that he is a self-centered ego maniac. I believe he will run for office and be elected. I wouldn't vote for him, however.

-- Tom Brady seems to have an ounce of common sense. Something severely lacking in politics today.

-- I'd most like to see Cal Ripken run for office one day. I think that he would make an excellent representative in the state of Maryland as either a member of congress of governor.

-- I have never been a big fan of Schilling, but he does possess key leadership qualities and is not afraid to speak his mind. As far as others I'd like to see run, I think Joe Torre would be a strong candidate.


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