• 05:18 PM ET  03.11
SI senior writer Jack McCallum says athletes who take performance-improving drugs make all the headlines. But the culture of personal physical enhancement has pushed the use of steroids and HGH everywhere -- from Hollywood to the music industry to your next-door neighbor who doesn't want to grow old. Don't blame only the jocks.
December 14, 2011  12:52 PM ET

Why not try to incorporate some sort of a regulated allowance of steroid use in sports? It is obvious that steroids are used throughout all sports despite attempts by regulators to ban the substances and the looming threat of testing. For every one athlete disgraced by failing a drug test (Ryan Braun), ten more probably manage to sneak by unnoticed. Anymore, it is the player who doesn't use performance enhancing drugs that is at a disadvantage rather than the other way around.

Furthermore, it has become obvious that the health risks for moderate steroid use are minimal - a recent Real Sports report on steroids pointed out that the only data available to show the health risks are anecdotal. Meaning no scientific studies exist that connect steroids to the serious health risks they are so often associated with. So if we really want to level the playing field, to make athletic competition "fair," we need to figure out a way to openly integrate and regulate steroid use in sports, not simply and unconditionally ban it.

December 15, 2011  12:19 PM ET

We believe steroids have benefits and down sides. Steroids can help someone recover from an injury quicker and make someone stronger, but have many bad side effects. Teens who use steroids can have a negative reaction on their hormones and prohibit their growth, along with creating mental issues. Steroids create controversy in sports, since they create an unleveled playing field and unfair advantages for those who use them, and should not be allowed in sports. We believe that steroid use among healthy men is ok, as long as they are monitored while taking steroids.

December 15, 2011  12:22 PM ET

Steroid use in sports is wrong and shouldn't be allowed but, for personal use outside of sports is acceptable. If used personally they should be used in moderation and the user should know what their doing. We think it is interesting that in just the last 70 or 80 years steroids have come so far from where they began at. Steroids have become something that are widely used around the nation today and are an inevitable topic.
Miles, Billy, Zac, and Sammi

December 15, 2011  12:22 PM ET

We think that steroids are acceptable for people to take when they have the proper knowledge and responsibility to do so. However, in the instances of using steroids in sports, we think that it shouldn't be legal. Critics of steroids say that steroids are causes of deaths and many fatal illnesses but none of these critics have the statistics or the facts to support their argument. Many responsible people take steroids and have the knowledge to not abuse the substances. For example, a couple in California who regularly use Novolog injection pens daily. They use it because it makes them feel better and it has extended their lives. Its people who abuse the drug who give it a bad rep. Many people have been using steroids for decades and are perfectly healthy.

December 15, 2011  12:32 PM ET

Back in day people thought that steroids made them jump higher, run faster, and grow stronger. People are looking to enhance their ability at a sport and that they perform better and longer when using steroids. Now only athletes but just any other normal person uses the drug. In the music industry steroids are now being used and are influencing young children to start using the drug in order to look like buff adults. "The source describes one artist whom MTV would not feature because he was overweight. He was told to get in the gym. And, if he's like many other artists, he'll get in the gym, but he'll also get on the juice. It's a cycle of narcissistic necessity". This showed that artists need to look good in order to make their dreams happen and to succeed in their career. Se-Jin Lee discovered that myostatin makes cells stop growing. Alejandro, Fredy, Jose, Erick


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