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By Richard Deitsch,

3:33 p.m ET
Well, it’s over. And's Don Banks checks back with us again from Arizona
. (For the record, no reporter asked Banks to marry him today.) Banks says he listened in on the press conferences of Brandon Jacobs, Antonio Pierce (who implied the Giants were better off without Tiki Barber) and Michael Strahan. “I don’t know if Strahan’s mic was turned up or he was talking louder than his teammates, but you could hear him no matter where you stood in the entire Media Day setup,” says Banks. “I’m sure he ruined audio for countless thousands.” Banks says he thought the Giants had fun with Media Day. "Certainly, they had more fun than the Pats," says Banks. "I’m not saying the Pats were bored with it but it wasn’t anything new under the sun for them. I thought Eli Manning was pretty funny, actually. He even critiqued his brother’s commercials and said it killed him to admit that Peyton is so good at it.” 

Do not expect a major story out of today’s Media Day, though Plaxico Burress did tell the New York Post that the Giants would win 23-17. “There was no buzz through the crowd about a story, at least not that I detected among 4,000 of my closest co-workers,” says Banks. “ I didn’t hear any outrageous comments or anything in the way of out-and-out bulletin board fodder."

2: 50 p.m. ET
The NFL Network's Deion Sanders has a question for Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo: "How do you slow down this machine?" "I don't know," says the Giant coach. "I tell you what. Let's get you back out there." Great, more feeding the Prime ego. Back on point, Spagnuolo says: "The one thing we do walking away from that game (against the Pats in the regular season) is that we feel confident that we can play with them. We still respect them. We still know they have a tremendous amount of weapons. But we are grateful for the opportunity to get another chance at them." The Giants are wrapping up. Here comes the team picture.

2: 44 p.m. ET
Someone asks defensive end Justin Tuck to give a guarantee.  "You want a guarantee? I'll give you one. Come Sunday the Giants or the Patriots will win the game." Thanks, Kreskin.

2: 41 p.m. ET
Strahan, who held out of training camp, has some thoughts on the matter: "Training camp is great," he says. "I went through 14 of them. People act as if I've never gone through a training camp. I spent over a year of my life living in a college dorm. I told myself when I left college that I wasn't going back."

2: 38 p.m. ET
At one point Pierce has no questions. He says, "It's time for me to get a camera and ask you guys some questions." He looks at SI's Peter King, who laughs and says, "No comment."

2: 33 p.m. ET
The NFL Network's Steve Mariucci just told R. W. McQuarters that he likes his facial hair. Maybe Mooch will tell us later what he thinks of K-Fed's goatee.

2: 32 p.m. ET
Giants president and co-owner John Mara is holding court in the stands. "I told Eli after the game last week how proud I was of him. I told him things were going to turn around last season but I never expected us to get to the Super Bowl. I'd be lying if I said I did."Ines Sainz

2: 27 p.m. ET
If you're looking for a Giant who could make some news today, the odds-on favorite is Pierce. The linebacker has become a regular on the local media circuit in New York and rarely is at a loss for words. "We can compete with this team," says Pierce, when asked about the loss to the Pats in the final week of the regular season. "Obviously, when everybody looked at that game, they thought they were just going to walk over us and we were just going to lay down for them and give them the red carpet treatment in New York. Obviously, everybody saw that were very physical. We played at a high level emotionally. We just have to out and play the same way.

2: 18 p.m. ET
Burress is wearing shades and just used the word 'right buttocks' regarding how he'll pat Manning on the fanny before the game, imploring him with the line, "Let's go get it, baby!" He is asked if the Giants can win. Time to channel Herman Edwards. Says Plax: "Why come here with a negative attitude and say, Oh, we're playing the Patriots. We have to take a backseat to those guys because they are 18 or 19-0? The goal is to win a football game, man...The goal is to go out and be great. Like No. 10 tells me on Sunday before the game starts: Let's go out and be great."

2: 12: p.m. ET 
Gomez Mont is back. She asks Manning to marry her. He says, 'Sorry, I'm spoken for.' The circus is offically back in town.

2: 05 p.m. ET
Giants coach Tom Coughlin has nowhere near as many media around him as Patriots coach Bill Belichick did. Punter Jeff Feagles, who is nearly as old as the Super Bowl itself, is at a podium with a huge crowd. Manning has the largest crowd around him among the players. Mariucci just asked Coughlin about himself. Great, Steve. Thanks. Coughlin said he's done a much better job this year communicating with his players. "This year I have tried to a much better job communictaing to the players through the (team's) leadership council what my thinking was," he says. "Not just what are we going to do. Wherever I could,I would ask for input on certain things."

2: 01 p.m. ET
Strahan said his fairy tale ending is "quitting when I can walk." Sanders asks him if he will retire if the Giants' win. "I don't know," he says. "It could be, But another part of me is greedy. I mean, John Elway won two." Strahan said that Coughlin deserves a longterm extension. "If he didn't change, we would not be here," says Strahan.

1: 53 p.m. ET
Eli Manning is on the field. And already taking questions on the other Manning. "When I saw Peyton go through it last year, I was proud of him and I was happy for him," says Eli. "Seeing it up close and seeing what he was going through, it definitely makes you want to be here. Seeing how excited he was and seeing all the work he put in to get it, it is definitely a motivating factor."

1:38 p.m. ET
Banks just checked in. He said there were slightly more reporters on the field this year than last. The first 30 minutes was a mess (see, Gomez Mont, Inês,) but things got a little more sane in the final half hour. He said he spent time with kicker Stephen Gostkowski, Harrison, offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, Moss, and Samuel. "I didn't hear any screaming headlines," says Banks. "The best stuff I heard came from Moss. He is surprisingly thoughtful for a guy who does not have that rep. For a guy who waited 10 years for this stage, I thought he was great. He would lapse into typical Randy-speak at times but he covered a lot of subjects." Moss talked about what took place in Oakland ("Things were not going as I expected there,"Moss said. "I lot of things got in the way of football. Football was no longer the priority there anymore. I knew I had a few years left and I wanted to go somewhere I could win.") and how he was living a dream in New England. "Moss said Tom Brady was not just the best quarterback in the NFL," says Banks. "He called him the best quarterback to ever play the game." One note Don will touch on later today in his column: Moss wants to end his career in New England.

1:15 p.m. ET
The media are leaving the field -- security is telling the press to scram -- but Hobbs and Stallworth are still talking. They are the last Pats to leave. Hobbs is the last player off the field.

1:09 p.m. ET
Markazi says wide receiver Donte Stallworth does not want to leave. He's eating Media Day up. Brady is followed by a throng until he walks off the field. Fellow wideout Jabar Gaffney trash talks Moss on his speed: "Randy always gets caught up in his fantasy world," he says. "Everyone knows that I'm the fastest."

1:05 p.m. ET
Brady on his legacy: "I'm 30 years old and in the eighth year in my career. I don't really think this is the time to evaluate your place in history. We're all still building our resumes. We're all still trying to achieve as much as we can. We have a great opportunity ahead of us. I don't think you reflect on what people will think about you 30 years from now. That doesn't do much good. Your focus should be on the game."

12:59: p.m. ET 
Seymour says that he gets pedicures and manicures. "I have the nicest nails in the league," he says.

12:57 p.m. ET TV Azteca has a monkey puppet conducting interviews. Here is what my colleague Banks wrote last year: "I didn't see nearly as much freak-show type activity at Media Day this year. The clown quotient in the reporting ranks seemed to be at an all-time low. Well, that's not completely true. I did see Chris Berman giving interviews." We'll be checking in with Banks soon to get his take. It should be interesting.

12:55 p.m. ET
Defensive end Richard Seymour says the Pats have to do a much better job on third down against the Giants. "Obviously, we have to get pressure on Eli," he says. Pats cornerback Ellis Hobbs is now interviewing Seymour. I'd say he's already good enough to work on First Take.  

12:48 p.m. ET
Pats owner Robert Kraft just talked about how much he loves New York. "I have a place there," he says. "I went to college there." He also points out his team is 4-0 against New York (Giants, Jets, Bills) teams this year. "I grew up never seeing a championship except the Celtics," says Kraft. "My grandchildren are living in an age that is completely different." Asked about being a hands-off owner, Kraft says, " I am happy to back off in any business if I have people I can trust." But he does say his managment style is no different than before. Kraft on Brady: "Whatever good you guys think he is, he's better."

12:43 p.m. ET's Arash Markazi reports that cornerback Asante Samuel has the least members of media around him for any player on a podium.

12:38 p.m. ET
There are 11 players on podiums and seven Patriot officials in the stands including owner Robert Kraft. Linebacker Adalius Thomas does not have a stand or a stick with his name on it. He said that Moss and Junior Seau are the most excited to be at the Super Bowl among his teammates. 
12:34 p.m. ET
Belichick just said he doesn't speak Spanish. That's a very Ron Burgundy answer.

12:28 p.m. ET
In the spirit of the Florida primary, the vote is in on the Top 5 most ridiculous people ever to attend Super Bowl Media Day.
1. Downtown Julie Brown
2. Gilbert Gottfried
3. Tom Arnold
4. David Blaine and Stuart Scott (tie)
5. Inês Gomez Mont

12:23:  p.m. ET
Brady is taking requests for dumb questions. Many oblige. "How is your zen-ness? "How is my zen-ness," says Brady. "I'm a pretty low-key guy, consistent. I just takes things in stride." Later, another reporter asks him, What do you think is not good in you? Oy. Then, comes a Media Day first. Ines Gomez Mont (wearing a wedding dress) of TV Azteca (Mexico) asks Brady to marry her. "I'm the real Miss Brady." Responds Brady: "I've got a few Miss Bradys in my life." Yes, it's officially become a circus.

12:13 p.m. ET
Brady is asked: What is your pupose in life? His response? "I throw a football."

12:09 p.m. ET
Sanders asks the first question of Brady. It's a good one. "How's the ankle?" asks Sanders. Brady says the ankle feels great and that he threw just one incompletion in practice. Sanders later tells the media to take it easy on Brady. Good to see you've transitioned from the playing field, Deion.

12:07 p.m. ET:
Brady stops to pay his respects to ESPN's Chris Berman prior to heading to the podium. Banks, who called Berman a clown last year, won't like that. 

12:06 p.m. ET
Mariucci asked the first two questions of Media Day. Both to Pats coach Bill Belichick. The first question was about what he will say to his team in the pregame speech. "I think it will come as the game gets closer," says Mr. B.

12:02 p.m. ET
The NFL Network just showed some eight year-old reporter on the field. There's a bit of a delay with the Pats and it's amusing to see Eisen and Co. forced to stretch. Steve Mariucci just called himself a member of the media and talked about how "we dig deeper into people's lives." Easy, Cronkite

11:58 a.m. ET
No surprise. Brady and Moss have the largest media contingent prior to the start. 

11:54 a.m. ET
Interesting media tidbit from Newsday ace reporter Neil Best. The Arizona Republic newspaper has the most media credentials with 57, followed by The Boston Globe with 35. 

11:49 a.m. ET
The NFL Network's Rich Eisen just dropped the first Gisele reference. A minute later, Deion Sanders cites MySpace as an important medium. 

11:35 a.m. ET
"Media Day is about as much fun as being in labor," the former Buffalo Bills tight end Pete Metzelaars once told Sports Illustrated. "It's long and excruciatingly painful." The NFL announced this week that 4,786 working credentials had been issued for this year's Super Bowl, topping the record of 4,516 set last year in Miami. Such numbers mean you can throw out one of the basic precepts of journalism: There are no dumb questions. Rarely does breaking news occur from these hourlong sessions but we'll be here to chronicle what we hope will be the opposite of excruciatingly painful.'s Don Banks is on the field in Arizona and will check in after the Patriots complete the opening session. Banks says the Pats most likely to make news are strong safety Rodney Harrison and wide receiver Randy Moss. Says Banks: "Harrison is the best quote in the organization and Moss will be must-see TV because he's been never here. Who knows what he'll say after 10 years of waiting to get to the Super Bowl?"


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