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by Pete McEntegart

  • 02:56 PM ET  09.08

Let's step up like Matt Cassel and get this job done:

Brett Favre threw two TDs in winning his first game as Jets QB. His new team is now tied for first in the AFC East, but already holds a commanding lead in having fun.

• Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis opened with a dud last night as the Colts lost 29-13 to the Bears. Apparently Peyton Manning could barely hear himself think above all the chants of "Drill here, drill now!"

• The NFL didn't allow the former Chad Johnson to put Ocho Cinco on his Bengals jersey after all. Apparently Reebok is demanding to be paid off for the "Johnson" jerseys it's already produced. Wow, that's a switch -- a Bengal getting held up, rather than vice versa.

• Cowboys WR Terrell Owens drew another celebration penalty yesterday, this time for getting down into imaginary starting blocks like an Olympic sprinter. Of course, you knew T.O. wasn't a real Olympic sprinter since it was airing live on network TV.

• Browns WR Braylon Edwards reportedly bet fellow University of Michigan product Michael Phelps before the Olympics that he'd score at least twice as many TDs this season as Phelps would win gold medals. So that, of course, would mean Edwards needs 16 TDs. I'd say Phelps is going to eat Edwards for breakfast, but by now that's a cliché.

• The 250,000th home run in MLB history will almost certainly be hit tonight since the tally is at 249,996 after Sunday's games, according to And here's a nice touch: Whoever slugs the lucky blast will win a lifetime supply of untraceable HGH. Mazel tov!

Programming note: Caption This will be held on Tuesday and Thursday this week.

10 Spot Real-World Gathering update: It's fast approaching this Saturday, Sept. 13. We're planning to hit the Sports Museum of American downtown in the afternoon (2:30ish) and Molly Pitcher's on the Upper East Side by evening. So far I've had confirmation for 10 folks (Martel, SeanNJ + 1, JMac39 [in for Molly's, questionable on museum], Robbaty42 + 1, Tim in NY plus Mrs. Tim, Anthony Verna, and myself). I am confident this is just the beginning; I know there are more of you out there. For instance, I heard directly from a number of non-commenting readers (I dislike the term "lurkers") back when this issue was first broached in July. Now is the time to let me know you're in. Feel free to contact me directly.

FYI, Martel has graciously offered to shepherd anyone who might be a little queasy about taking the subway to the museum from Grand Central. The SMA is located at 26 Broadway at Beaver Street, right near the famous Wall Street "Charging Bull" statue that sits just north of Bowling Green. The closest subway stop is Bowling Green on the 4/5, but there are a number of stations nearby. (Including the 1/R/W to Rector Street, the 2/3 to Wall Street, the J/M/Z to Broad Street, and the PATH train to World Trade Center.) For what it's worth, I will be taking the 4/5. 

There's more information on the outing here. I will also be updating each day, including with a separate post/thread on Wednesday afternoon. Personally, I'd like to have at least 20-25 folks.


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