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by Pete McEntegart

  • 03:31 PM ET  08.28


Welcome back to Caption This. As is traditional for the last edition of the week before the first Friday of the month (got all that?), I will be submitting captions along with the Peanut Gallery. Martel will do the honors of making the selections.

The photo above was taken yesterday at the U.S. Open as some youngsters jockeyed for autographs following the match between Jelena Jankovic and Sofia Arvidsson. Feel free to post a suggested caption in the comments section. That's what I'll be doing, anyway.


I will now cede the stage to Martel:

It's an incredible honor/honour to be called upon to judge the Cap This non-contest. In taking over Pete's role for just part of one day, I feel like Cassell subbing for Brady; Clemens (Kellen, not Roger) replacing Favre; Grossman stepping in for Orton. I just hope I don't fumble too often or throw too many INTs.  But hey, it's still the preseason.

Pete told me that one privilege of judgeship is getting to make up the rules. I was planning to bar Jen from playing because she's just too good for this league. Fortunately she did not submit any entries before the deadline, so I need not risk the wrath of the Tuna or a train-driving ghost.

As I feared, it was tough to winnow the field down to a handful of non-winners. Here, in no particular order, are 16 captions that I found funny:

"Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie brought their cavalcade of multinational kids to see the US Open."  (Zowie)

"Trying to get some ratings, the US Open steals the big balls idea from Wipeout."  (FGB)

"These children did not know what they were getting into when they signed up to ball boy for the Sasquatch Open."  (Tko27)

"Wow ... Michelle Wie looks really different with her hair cut so short." (rock_chalk)

"Wow, Michael Chang hasn't aged a day!"  (The 10 Spot) (picking this was shameless pandering but it made me laugh)

"Invisible Woman hated going out in public, she drew too much attention." (Midvalley)

"Have I got a movie pitch for you: think Cast Away meets Lord of the Flies!" (Mark G)

"Taking a cue from the Beijing Organizing Committee, US Open officials line up prospective ball persons to see who's cute enough to do the job." (fattymatty)

"No, no, they were to get gold MEDALS!!!"  (Brian K Jones)

"Mr. Met's distant cousin is not treated with respect at the US Open."  (KS Elwood)

"The US Open is finally played in Texas, where we know everything is bigger."  (Tom, actuarially)

"Tennis fans taunt Amelie Mauresmo"  (Secret Squirrel) (borderline on some counts, but I found it funny)

"US Open fans greet the cast of Disney's newest children's musical based on the classic Invasion of the Body Snatchers."  (Caveman HC6)

"The US Open gives out souvenirs marketed by Tom Schweti."  (AF d1)

"Balls here. Get your balls here."  (Tylersdad88)

"Tennis fans pay tribute to AC/DC."  (big west, with nods to Midvalley, gill, and Bzraahc)

Special mention to Ten Duke for his crack about the kid who just got out of the pool. If only it had been in the form of a caption! Also kudos to AV, who tantalized us with tales (but no captions) about deflated balls in Cleveland.

Participation trophies for all!


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