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by Pete McEntegart

  • 02:34 PM ET  11.21

Here are some morsels to savor through the weekend:

• MLB commissioner Bud Selig has announced a new rule that postseason games can’t be shortened by weather. Man, you know games are taking too long when they can’t even be sped up by God.

• Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says he feels partially responsible for Pacman Jones’ latest suspension because he hired the bodyguard that scuffled with the DB. And in retrospect, Jones also wishes he hadn’t apologized to Pacman by sending over a bottle of Grand Marnier.

• Michigan upset No. 4 UCLA 55-52 last night in college hoops, the Wolverines’ first win over a top-five team in 11 years. Unfortunately, UM fans were too focused on the dismal economy to notice.

• The country of Georgia has asked the IOC to relocate the 2014 Winter Olympics from Sochi, Russia. If not, expect the biathlon to be unusually exciting.

• Subway has agreed to a long-term partnership with Michael Phelps. The company’s stock tanked, however, once the market realized how much Phelps’ all-he-can-eat clause will cost.

• Representatives of seven cities bidding for two MLS expansion franchises will make their pitch to the league’s board over the next few days in Los Angeles. Actually, three of the cities are trying to land a new MLS team, and the other four are begging to be spared.

• A 14-year-old from Hong Kong has become the youngest player ever to make the cut at a European Tour event, breaking the record set by Sergio Garcia. Sergio promptly blamed the “golf gods” for not making him younger.

Lock of the Week: One trouble in picking NFL games is that it’s a lot easier to recognize a changing of the guard in retrospect. This Sunday’s Patriots-Dolphins game is one of those in which hindsight will be more like 20-10. If the suddenly surging Dolphins can beat the diminished Pats for the second time this season, they would find themselves tied for the AFC East lead in late November (provided the unbeaten Titans beat the Jets at home). And there are plenty of reasons to think that might happen, including the fact the Patriots were overrun by the Wildcat offense in the teams’ first meeting, and that New England failed in a similar divisional showdown against the Jets last Thursday.

Even so, we think the Pats will make a last stand on Sunday. Bill Belichick won’t be surprised by the Wildcat this time, especially since the team has had a few extra days to prepare. From Miami’s perspective, it’s one thing to turn things around dramatically from a 1-15 season; it’s another thing altogether to beat an experienced and battle-tested team late in the season with so much at stake. Thus our play is the Patriots, getting one point. Hey, that means if it’s a tie, I still win! Thanks, Donovan! (Season record: 7-4.)


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