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by Pete McEntegart

  • 10:18 AM ET  12.08

The 10 Spot began humbly on June 21, 2004. It’s ending today on even more humbling terms, with a pink slip. And, if history is any guide, with a comment by DJ Chris linking the color pink to A-Rod. (That’s not a challenge, incidentally.)

We weren’t trying to bring about world peace or stave off a global financial meltdown. Which turns out to be just as well, because nobody else could do that either.

Rather, our stated goal was simple -- to provide a few chuckles by commenting on the sports news of the day. As longtime readers might recall, the initial format consisted of 10 short, numbered items. (Thus the name.) The topics ranged from the latest pompous athlete in trouble to reality TV to whatever else I could scrounge together to reach No. 10 before hitting “send.”

In May 2007, the format changed to a blog and my hat came off. The first comment of the brand-new blog was, “This format sucks.” It got better, I hope.

I doubt that the 10 Spot has added much to the world’s collective wisdom, except to reinforce the facts that Roger Clemens has three ears, Terrell Owens has 25 million reasons to live and Barry Bonds has a ginormous noggin.

On the other hand, writing the 10 Spot for the past four and a half years has taught me much that I will never forget. Let me indulge your patience for one last time to share some of these morsels.

I learned that if you post a picture of Tom Brady, make sure none of his teammates in the frame could be construed as being overly “friendly.” That Greg Oden’s injuries are no laughing matter. That Rob Bironas has many friends who care about his welfare.

I learned that Pagination needs a President, and you don’t want to get fresh with her in the server room. That the basement is a beehive of activity. That PittsburgH has a capital “H” on the end.

I learned that when the IT people at your office furrow their brow when you approach and bury their head in one of their four open screens, the odds are better than they’re commenting on a blog than fixing the server. That pants are optional on Thursday. That we should accet the things we cannot change.

I learned that if you want to tuck your unlicensed, loaded handgun down your drawers, you should wear something sturdier than sweatpants. That if you use steroids, make sure your trainer doesn’t save your syringes, bloody gauzes and empty beer cans. That making it rain is best left to God.

I learned that the 10 Spot was disproportionately popular in Canada and among Kansas Jayhawk fans. That computer illiteracy is no impediment to landing twins. That Polish divorce law can be tricky.

I never quite learned what the RiP stood for, but that most NASCAR races are liable to be won by Jimmie Johnson or Carl Edwards. That I dress much hipper in Mark G’s avatar than in real life. That young Will loves the Vols.

I learned that everyone’s a non-winner when a blog’s game can be raised by its many talented members through the Write Your Own Joke contest and Caption This. That not everybody likes Chuck Norris. That spelling can be made eisiar through the Barzhacinator 2000.

I learned that nobody at Molly’s wants to watch the LSU-North Texas game. That Tim is in NY, Sean is in NJ and Jen is on the trains. That AV likes readheads.

I learned that the Peanut Gallery has become a true community, not just a virtual one. That “lurkers” would better be described as the “silent majority.” That bears are best handled with benign neglect rather than poking.

I learned that this ain’t Loveline, bub. That that’s what she said. Wait, what?

I don’t know what the future holds for me. I will, however, post my plans on Mungo’s The New 10 Spot whenever I figure out what the heck they will be. Much of the Peanut Gallery has already decamped there and I will surely check in from time to time.

I’ve been honored that so many of you have made the 10 Spot a part of your daily routine. I will most miss interacting with you. It was a real gift to have a hand in creating and being a part of a like-minded online community where clever > crass, the frivolity flowed and the insults were almost always good-natured. That’s a rare thing on these here Internets.

It’s been a great ride. Thanks for taking the trip with me.

July 1, 2010  08:54 AM ET

Hops (the closet Celtics fan) should be happy: Doc Rivers is apparently sticking around a little while longer. Well, according to

yes i am

July 1, 2010  08:55 AM ET

lets go holland

July 1, 2010  08:57 AM ET

Moving over to a new department today. Here's to new challenges again.

That wouldn't be the Department of Redunancy Department by any chance, would it?

July 1, 2010  08:58 AM ET

lets go to holland

Is that near Bolivia?

July 1, 2010  09:09 AM ET

That wouldn't be the Department of Redunancy Department by any chance, would it?

Where everything is said twice once more? Nope not yet. I think that's next after the Ministry of Silly Walks.

July 1, 2010  09:10 AM ET

Just remember hops, "never up, never in"...

Chipping stroke?

July 1, 2010  09:12 AM ET

lets go holland

The legalized medicine over there I hear is pretty good. May cause some to samba should the Dutch lose.

July 1, 2010  09:13 AM ET

May cause some to samba should the Dutch lose.

Pass the dutchie, on the left-hand side?

July 1, 2010  09:14 AM ET

Chipping stroke?

or was that stroking Chip?

July 1, 2010  09:15 AM ET

or was that stroking Chip?

Choking strip

July 1, 2010  10:26 AM ET

i've stroked a couple of nice chips lately.

not that there's anything wrong with that.

July 1, 2010  10:36 AM ET

Choking strippers

Now your just bragging.

July 1, 2010  11:16 AM ET

Just wanted to make sure everybody knew that Lebron is now a free agent. I didn't know if you heard that or not.

July 1, 2010  11:16 AM ET

Oh, by the way, SI is now on the Ipad. Must be that time of the month.......

July 1, 2010  11:17 AM ET

or was that stroking Chip?

I think Dale stroked Chip. Or was that Ernie in My 3 Sons?

July 1, 2010  11:55 AM ET

Bueller? Bueller?

July 1, 2010  11:57 AM ET

Lonely on the left coast this morning.....kind of Eric Carmenisque.

July 1, 2010  12:10 PM ET

Bueller? Bueller?

The school exec from that movie is in T R O U B L E

and he looks to have aged well


July 1, 2010  12:15 PM ET

The school exec from that movie is in T R O U B L E and he looks to have aged wellnot

He should not be around schools.......nor Chuckie Cheeses.

July 1, 2010  01:47 PM ET

Go Vera!


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