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by Pete McEntegart

  • 03:50 PM ET  09.25

Welcome to a special edition of Caption This, the third this week for those of you keeping score at home. (And I know you are.) FGB will be picking the non-winners today so I will be slumming with the Peanut Gallery.

That's the Angels' Torii Hunter catching a fly ball yesterday in Seattle in what became the Mariners' 100th loss of the season. That's what those young gentlemen, presumably, are trying to depict. Or are they?

Feel free to post some suggested captions in the comments section; I will do the same. We’ll be back tonight with FGB’s selections.


Let's allow FGB to take it from here:

That’s right folks, the polls are closed and the results are in from the Knoxville precinct. Special thanks from the Vol Nation to Pete for allowing me this opportunity.

Did anybody else notice that comment Nos. 79 and 80 are out of order? That is really odd, I have never noticed any problems with FanNation before.

Great job everyone. I can’t believe nobody made a reference to the lesbians kissing at a Mariners game. Wait, What?

Anyway here we go. In no particular order (or is it?):

“Proof that some Clay Aiken’s fans can't spell” (gill; Anthony Verna on the same wavelength)

“Crikey! Welcome to The Baseball Hunter. In tonight's episode, Torii will be reeling in fly balls deep in the wilds of Seattle, as restless natives look on.”  (Zowie)

“Alas, you have to be a zero to wear a baseball hat in public.”  (Rickapolis)

“New Kids on the Block releases its latest album, ‘Shirtless Old Fools on the Warning Track.’” (BKJ)

“10 Spot stalwarts Marshall, Big West, Manta and AF1 land starring roles in Thursday's Cap This from Safeco Field.” (Martel)

“In an attempt to draw more fans, the Mariners have resorted to marketing gimmicks. Here we see four fans celebrating ‘Shirtless Wednesdays.’” (Munkcy)

“Each of these fans proudly displays the number of girls they have kissed in their lifetimes, except for the one on the far right, who would rather just admit he's a loser.” (SeanNJ)

“The Seattle chapter of Dyslexic Sports Fans celebrates a record turnout of 7001 attendees!” (Mr Adams)

“Faced with another losing season, some Seattle fans find it hard to grin, and can only half bare it.” (Martel)

“Nothing like seeing 4 rejects from the Navel Academy.” (rock_chalk)

“Is there any question as to why these guys don't have dates for the game?” (kawalski)

“These are rare Spring Break photos from Jen's secret stash.” (The 10 Spot)

“Signaling the apocalypse, the four horsemen show up at a Mariners game. Waldo, Apollo, Vanilla, and Itchy. (Tko27; Marshall K. on the same wavelength and that is really scary!)

“The further to the right you are, the less able you are to have your hands in your pockets.” (Trav23)

“Drunken webcoders show off the critical piece of binary code that makes the FanNation blog redesign so successful ... wait, what do you mean there in no L in binary... uh oh...” (Homicidal grad)

“Needless to say, the LOTO commission got their advertising money back.” (Finsterbaby)

Way to show that Williams alumni pride:
“The Pacific Northwest branch of UT alumni represent how many games in the row the Vols will lose if OC Dave Clawson doesn't get a clue, and fast.” (The 10 Spot)

“Not a caption” that should have been one:
“There is a water bottle in one of the cup holders? These idiots are doing this sober?” (manta)

Caption that made Mrs. FGB ask, “What else do you tell these people?”
“Seattle fans try to get 100 liters of blood from donors for any kids who have recently had medical issues but who are now thankfully better.” (manta)

Worst case of sucking up to the wrong person:
“He may have graduated last year, but that doesn't keep four dedicated fans from showing their support for James Farrelly as the 10 Spot OL of the year.” (Tphtwpe)

There were too many bad comments about bad attempts to spell to keep track of. This one caught my attention though:
“Members of the Barzhac family attempt to call Torii Hunter a fool.” (Tim in NY)



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