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Penn State fans bounce to Zombie Nation's Kernkraft 400 at a "White Out" in Beaver Stadium.
Randy Litzinger/Icon SMI

"Animal, you like the theme song, don't you?"
-- Kermit, The Muppet Show

Every school has its official fight song, that old standard that brings a tear to the eye of many an alum and recalls days of 'ol when they wore their freshman beanies and took their best gal to the soda shop. But those songs are so ... old. Here's to the themes that get the stadiums rocking and produce sing-a-longs of 100,000-plus rabid fans. It's with that definition in mind that The Tenth Power focuses on unofficial anthems.

1. Rocky Top -- Tennessee. Say what you want about the current state of Volunteers football -- and considering the angry mob wielding pitchforks outside Neyland Stadium, it's probably all already been said -- but this is unquestionably the most iconic unofficial theme.

2. Hang on Sloopy -- Ohio State. The Ohio General Assembly approved it as the state's official rock song in 1985, but it's still not OSU's official anthem, so it makes the list. Sloopy is a fixture in and around the Horseshoe and at Rascal Flatts concerts. Buckeyes fans have made it their own by inserting "O-H-I-O" into the pauses in the chorus. Like those last two title games, you just can't get it out of your head.

3. Kernkraft 400 -- Penn State. Despite popular belief, the song is not called Zombie Nation, which is actually the name of the German techno band. The groove gets the entire Beaver Stadium bouncing, but there's actually a push by some fans to replace it with the White Stripes' Seven Nation Army. Blasphemy!

4. Sweet Home Alabama -- Alabama. Play some Skynyrd? You got it. The Lynyrd Skynyrd classic is a favorite among Crimson Tide fan, who chant "Roll Tide Roll" during the chorus. It's as Alabama as houndstooth, Southern belles and a coach whose hair doesn't budge.

5. Enter Sandman -- Virginia Tech. There may not be a more spine-tingling entrance in college football then watching the Hokies run out onto the Lane Stadium turf. Here's Sean Glennon's account of what it's like. And after his benching, he has more time to savor it these days.

6. Also Sprach Zarathustra -- South Carolina. Sporting News rated this as the best entrance in college football, but here's why the theme is No. 6 on this list: 1) It makes me think of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, which made no sense; and 2) Steve Spurrier's offense also makes no sense.

7. Jump Around -- Wisconsin. The Badgers get a boost for the mere fact that they have made this House of Pain classic as much a part of UW football as Bucky. Like any good rap tune, it was temporarily banned for potential structural damage to Camp Randall. Oh, and you can also buy the T-shirt.

8. Take Me Home, Country Roads -- West Virginia. The Mountaineers have been playing the John Denver staple before every game since 1972, and after every win, Milan Puskar Stadium turns into a campfire sing-a-long. Great ties to the state, but how do you get fired up by John freaking Denver? Plus he sometimes changed the words from West Virginia to Colorado, which is a blow to WVU.

9. Hey Baby -- LSU. Yeah, Penn State and other schools sing the Bruce Channel standard as well, but the Tigers get the nod here because they have the Golden Girls dancing to it and, well, nobody else has that.

10. Theme from Jaws -- Florida. Dunna ... dunna. The Pride of the Sunshine band plays the song while fans Gator chomp along to the beat. Forgive the fact that sharks don't live in the Everglades; Florida faithful picked a song catchier than The Swamp Thing theme. But if Florida = Jaws, does Ricky Jean-Francois = Roy Scheider? Hmm.


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