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After beginning the season as a fringe Top 25 team, Glen Coffee and the Crimson Tide are right in the BCS title race.
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"This town's ready for a comeback and Britney [expletive]'d up hers, so it's all you!"
-- Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven), Entourage

OK, maybe Ari was a little preemptive in his advice to Vincent Chase. Take a look at the Billboard Hot 100. Sitting there in the top spot among the hottest singles in the country is none other than Britney Spears, she of the shaved head and Kevin Federline, with her latest release Womanizer. The simple truth is we love a comeback and college football has its share. In honor of Britney, how's about we spritz ourselves with a little Curious and take a look at this season's top 10 comeback kids (and middle-aged men)? OK, maybe we can forget about the Curious.

1. Les Miles, LSU. Love him or loathe him for what Major League II's Isuro Tanaka referred to as "marbles," but The Hat is the game's current Comeback King. He's guided the Tigers to 12 wins in which they were tied or trailing in the fourth quarter, and fittingly, even his first win in the Bayou was a come-from-behind victory.

2. Alabama. A year ago, Nick Saban had Crimson Tide fans wondering if a home loss to Louisiana-Monroe was what they got for that $4 million salary, but now he has 'Bama sitting at No. 2 in both polls and in his free time he's hawking Fords.

3. Colt McCoy, QB, Texas. Everybody's favorite to win the Heisman is North Pole cold under pressure, leading the Longhorns to nine second-half comebacks as a starter, including this season's win over then-No. 1 Oklahoma. Oh, and if you didn't see her during the Missouri game, his girlfriend is sort of cute in a skinny, blond bombshell way.

4. Vanderbilt. The last time the Commodores played in a bowl game, E.T. was in theaters and CD players were being introduced. But Bobby Johnson has Vandy on the cusp of making a bowl at 5-2. Their biggest win, over then-No. 13 Auburn, was a come-from-behind win -- fitting for this list.

5. The triple option.
Granted, Paul Johnson used the offense to great success at Navy and Air Force has been using a variation of it, but Johnson's success at Georgia Tech (6-1, ranked No. 21) has truly legitimized the old-school approach once again. It's enough to put a real smile on Barry Switzer's face. (As opposed to those things he flashes for those Grumpy Old Coaches segments with Jimmy Johnson.)

6. Butch Davis, North Carolina. He's got the comeback trifecta, overcoming non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, a near six-year break from college football and biggest of all, a stint with the Cleveland Browns. Davis has led the Tar Heels to a solid 5-2 record.

7. Rick Neuheisel, UCLA.
The former Bruins quarterback returned home to La-La Land and in his first game had everyone wondering if those "The Monopoly Is Over" ads were for real as he beat ranked Tennessee. After six years away from the college game, he's energized to be back and has the overflowing "passion bucket" to prove it.

8. Tez Doolittle, NG, Auburn.
Last August, Doolittle snapped his Achilles tendon. A day later, Tommy Tuberville announced Tez's career was likely over. The NCAA granted him a sixth year of eligibility and on Sept. 27 he made his first career start against Tennessee. If only the Tigers offense could make a similarly startling return ...

9. Michigan (for a week anyway).
Rich Rodriguez delivered an improbable win, directing the Wolverines to their biggest comeback even in the Big House (overcoming a 19-point deficit to beat then-No. 9 Wisconsin). Two weeks later, RichRod delivered another first -- Michigan's first loss to a MAC team (Toledo).

10. Wilbur Hackett Jr., LB, Kentucky. The former Wildcat recorded his first assist in 38 years, knocking back South Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia. Who said Ed Hochuli is the ref you don't want to mess with?


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