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Colt McCoy tallied 4 TDs in the 'Horns' 49-9 rout of A&M.

Texas' 49-9 rout of Texas A&M on Thursday did little to clear up the traffic jam atop the Big 12 South standings. We'll have to wait until Saturday's Oklahoma-Oklahoma State game and see what happens then.

However, there's another trophy up for grabs in the next few weeks -- and Colt McCoy took a big step toward claiming it Thursday night.   

Nothing does more to boost a Heisman candidate's cause than a huge performance in a nationally televised game. Thursday night's Lone Star Showdown was the only college game on television this Thanksgiving -- and Texas' quarterback owned it.

From the Longhorns' opening touchdown drive, in which he accounted for 67 of Texas' 80 yards, McCoy was very much the one-man wrecking crew he's been all season long. His mastery of coordinator Greg Davis' offense is evident in the way he finds open receivers before they even become open, and when he calls his own number on Texas' ever-favorite zone-read handoff, he shows off deceptive speed on his ways to significant chunks of yardage.

His final numbers in just over three quarters of work Thursday night: 23-of-28 passing for 311 yards and two touchdowns and 11 rushes for 49 yards, with touchdown runs of 16 and 14 yards. For the season, McCoy now has a 77.6 completion percentage (soon to be a new NCAA record) for 3,445 yards, 32 touchdowns and seven interceptions, plus 476 yards and 13 TDs running.

Much like the national-title race, this year's Heisman race remains unresolved due to a jumble of candidates who all happen to play the same position in the same conference. Pick a Big 12 quarterback, each one has his own set of unbelievable statistics. Oklahoma's Sam Bradford has a ridiculous 42-to-6 touchdown-to-interception ratio. Texas Tech's Graham Harrell has already thrown for nearly 4,500 yards. Missouri's Chase Daniel has a 75.5 completion percentage.

But here's where McCoy stands out to me. Bradford, as talented as he is, is helped by the fact he has a trio of explosive receivers and two potential 1,000-yard rushers behind him. Harrell has Michael Crabtree. Daniel has Jeremy Maclin.

With all due respect to Jordan Shipley and Quan Cosby, McCoy is Texas' offense. Much like Tim Tebow last season, he's both his team's leading passer and rusher. Also like Tebow -- you have to wonder sometimes how he's still standing. McCoy was sacked three times Thursday night and endured several brutal hits. Following his third-quarter touchdown run, trainers attended to his shoulder on the sideline. But he was right back in there the next series.

The race is far from over -- in fact, I can't remember the last time we went this late into a season with no clear front-runner -- and most of the other candidates have more showcase opportunities ahead. If Oklahoma does pass Texas and reaches the Big 12 title game, Bradford could gain a significant edge over McCoy. And don't forget about the incumbent, Tebow, who has two showcase games remaining against Florida State and Alabama.

If the ballots were due Thanksgiving night, however, I know who I'd vote for.


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