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The Doobie Brothers headlining the halftime show at the Orange Bowl? Is it 1973?

"Bill, strange things are afoot at the Circle-K."
--Ted (Keanu Reeves), Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

The bowl season has had its collection of odd occurrences and while they have yet to include Bill S. Preston, Esq. and Ted Theodore Logan and a time-traveling phone booth, strange things have, indeed, been afoot. The Tenth Power has waded through the hours, upon hours of bowl games (in which, despite the Football Bowl Association's insistence, only half the teams actually win) to bring you the 10 most absurd stories/moments of the bowl season.

1. The Doobie Brothers do the Orange Bowl. What better way to emphasize a game that nobody wants to watch anymore than to use a band that nobody wants to see anymore. Apparently Journey and the Filipino Steve Perry, like teams that can pull ratings, were unavailable.

2. Tim Tebow goes Muslim. As if we needed another reason why we can't wait for FOX to unload the BCS games -- what with them having the illustrious Chris Rose go from the Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant to serving as your BCS host -- the network outdid itself with this goof (though it's been noted it was seen by tens of people). When they showed Cincinnati's offensive starters, Tebow's face was mistakenly used for right tackle Khalil El-Amin.

3. Rey Maualuga gets down on it, gets down on it. For all the punishment we've seen the USC All-America linebacker inflict on the field, who would have known that deep beneath that No. 58 jersey beats the heart of a guy who just wants to dance. Rey got down with an unsuspecting Erin Andrews just before the Rose Bowl.

4. Diddy sends the Bearcats packing. Contrary to how it looks, this is not an Orange Bowl Tenth Power, but hey, at least something involving this game was worth writing about. Cincinnati had to move hotels after Sean "Diddy" Combs moved into the same resort as the Bearcats. Apparently Brian Kelly has seen what happens behind the hotel's closed doors, things like this.

5. Luke Poehlmann's hair. Based on the qualifications, the Texas freshman's coif probably measures out somewhere between a "potential mullet" and "a legal mullet," but it's still a thing of Uncle Jesse-esque beauty out of guy that seems way too fired up for someone who wasn't even in pads.

6. Joe Haden's hair. While Poehlmann goes retro Billy Ray Cyrus, Haden, a Florida  cornerback, instead used his mohawk to pronounce his love for the BCS or the Brockport, N.Y. school district. Fittingly, he got the 'do from some guy back in Gainesville nicknamed "Mr. T." Consider yourself pitied.

7. The crystal ball shatters. Well, not literally, but figuratively anyway. Waterford Crystal, the company behind that crystal football that sits atop the BCS championship trophy, has gone bankrupt. Fans should be ecstatic -- at least there will be some change with the BCS. If the powers that be are taking requests for what to replace the crystal with, how about a knock-off Fabergé egg or a porcelain tea pot, because both of which, like Waterford crystal, would be found at my grandmother's house.

8. Oregon State and Pitt set the game back 60 years.
An over/under of 52 points for two teams going into the Sun Bowl averaging nearly 39 points per game? Count me in. Then the Beavers win 3-0 in the lowest-scoring bowl game since 1959. As horrendous as this was, at least the good people at Tempe 12 managed to make things better.

9. Hakeem Nicks and the second-best catch of 2008. The North Carolina wide receiver must have gained inspiration from having Tar Heels hoops coach Roy Williams in the house for the Meineke Car Care Bowl because Nicks wheeled out his Ty Lawson impersonation with this ridiculous catch. The best part? Mountaineers linebacker Pat Lazear, who also seemed more stunned than anyone that Nicks held on.

10. Let's get physical, physical. The bowls have delivered moments both ludicrous and bone-crunching. USC's Taylor Mays broke out his inner Bobby Boucher with this hit on Penn State's Jordan Norwood -- and his teammate -- in the Rose Bowl. Not to be outdone, Kentucky defensive lineman Ventrell Jenkins, all 6-foot-2, 285 pounds of him, turned into Walter Payton with this overpowering stiff-arm of East Carolina quarterback Patrick Pinkney while returning a fumble for a TD in the Liberty Bowl.


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