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James Laurinaitis needs to take a few lessons from his
Road Warrior father.
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"Has our fame preceded us?"
--Lenny (Steve Zahn) in That Thing You Do!

They say fame is relative. But for these 10 players, it really is. Like Luke Skywalker following in Darth Vader's footsteps or Frank Sinatra Jr. trying to live up to the Chairman of the Board, it's not always easy to make your own path with a famous relative. Here are some of college football's top current legacies.

1. James Laurinaitis, LB, Ohio State.
It's an oh-so fitting father-and-son duo: a former professional wrestler nicknamed "Animal" and a linebacker offspring who plays like one. But while dad is a proven Road Warrior, James and his crew have had recent issues on the road.

2. Vontae Davis, CB, Illinois.
Hard-hitting, trash-talking. He's basically a made-to-order shutdown corner and is emerging as a star in the Illini backfield. He's likely headed for NFL riches after this season, but in the meantime he's stuck being the younger brother of 49ers tight end Vernon. You know, the guy from the Under Armour commercials.

3. Chris Turner, QB, Maryland.
Round and Round? Lay It Down? If you're the Terrapins signal-caller, they don't mean Hair Metal. They mean dad. Chris is the son of John, Ratt's original drummer. Chris was rocking in his own right last Saturday, throwing two touchdowns as the Terps upset Cal.

4. Javarris James, RB, Miami.
"Baby J" is one-half of arguably the most underrated running back duo in the nation alongside Graig Cooper -- and he's also the cousin of Cardinals running back Edgerrin, who just so happens to have a meeting room named after him. BTW, no matter what a stripper tells you, there is no sex in the Edgerrin James Room.

5. Clay Matthews III, DE, USC. How's this for a lineage? Clay is the a son of the former Browns linebacker and grandson of the former 49er, both named Clay, and is the nephew of Hall of Fame offensive linemen Bruce. Clay III has forced two fumbles so far this season and apparently he's a bit of a fan of Hitler.

6. Cam Dantley, QB, Syracuse. Dad is a Hall of Famer with his jersey retired. Right now, playing for the Orange won't likely get you either. But Cam is doing his best to step out of the shadows of his ex-NBA star father Adrian, passing for 245 yards and four TDs in his last two starts.

7. David Goldberg, LB, Colorado. He hasn't registered a tackle or played a minute this season, but considering the Penn State transfer's uncle, Bill Goldberg, can do this in the wrestling ring, it more than makes up for it.

8. Mike Golic Jr., C, Notre Dame. Dad is one half of ESPN morning duo Mike & Mike. Guess which one: A or B. The freshman was one of the highest-rated centers in the Class of 2008, but the biggest question is whether he'll follow his dad's path or his uncle's path to TV.  

9. Jack Elway, QB, Arizona State.
He's not listed on the Sun Devils depth chart, but the son of the Hall of Famer already has a Web site dedicate to him. Kind of makes you wonder how Jack has time to go to practice, school and still serve as Web producer on a site about himself.

10. Nate Montana, QB, Notre Dame.
Joe's offspring headed to Notre Dame as a preferred walk-on. Think that has anything to do with his HOF daddy? I'm not saying, I'm just saying. Whether or not he ever sees the field, he's undoubtedly the most famous walk-on at Notre Dame since that guy who was played by a Hobbit.


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