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NFL is better than College Football

Andrew Perloff (35-26-5) vs Stewart Mandel (1-1-0)
Date Action
08/23/07 12:41 Andrew Perloff created the throwdown
08/23/07 12:41 Andrew Perloff posted an argument
08/23/07 12:57 Stewart Mandel posted an argument
08/23/07 01:31 Andrew Perloff posted an argument
08/23/07 02:07 Stewart Mandel posted an argument
08/23/07 02:25 Andrew Perloff posted an argument
08/23/07 03:41 Stewart Mandel posted an argument
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08/23/07 03:41 Stewart Mandel won the Throwdown 150 - 238

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  Fan W L T Win %
1 fvkasm2x 193 58 12 75.7%
2 7#bag _ Com 997 338 74 73.4%
3 HOOTZ 33 14 9 67.0%
4 Marlins Fan 156 78 31 64.7%
5 Argos. 184 101 29 63.2%
6 Goodell: Fannation Savior 644 430 71 59.3%
7 J-Business 78 66 19 53.7%
8 Highway... 175 852 64 19.0%

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