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hemo and the TDAholics MLB Tourney Semifinals--Hemo vs. SS--Who should be the starters in the All-Star game for the AL? Pitcher included...

Super Squirrel (75-68-14) vs thehemogoblin (71-23-5)

Hit me with some stats in the first argument...Use the actual ballot for guidelines...

C-Joe Mauer: .324 avg, 40 runs, 33 BBs
1B-Kevin Youkilis: .295 avg, 9 HRs, 40 runs
2B-Ian Kinsler: .312 avg, 8 HRs, 17 SB
3B-Alex Rodriguez: .314 avg, 10 HRs, .388 OBP
SS-Michael Young: .302 avg, 32 RBI, 51 runs
OF-Josh Hamilton: .314 avg, 17 HRs, 71 RBI
OF-Milton Bradley: .333 avg, 14 HRs, .629 SLG%
OF-J.D. Drew: .320 avg, 44 runs, .427 OBP
DH-Hideki Matsui: .323 avg, 6 HRs, 32 runs

SP-Cliff Lee: 2.52 ERA, 14 BBs, 70 Ks, 10-1 record

C- Mauer
1B- Jason Giambi- .397 OBP, 15 HR, 47 RBI
2B- Kinsler
3B- A-Rod
SS- Young
OF- Hamilton
OF- Bradley
OF- Grady Sizemore- .377 OBP, 13 HR, 15 SB
DH- Carlos Quentin- .379 OBP, 16 HR, 54 RBI

SP- Shaun Marcum- 2.43 ERA, 0.99 WHIP, .194 BAA, 80 Ks, 5-3 record

Drew vs. Sizemore-

OK...this argument is gonna come back and bite me in the Giambi vs. Youk debate...Sizemore has 14 HRs, Drew has 10...Drew has been at the dish 66 fewer times than Grady has. Drew leads AL Outfielders in OBP with a .430 OBP and is second with a .562 SLG%...He leads the OFs in OPS. Despite playing less, Drew has scored more runs and driven in more runs than Sizemore has. Even though Sizemore has played in more games, Drew has played extremely well when he has.

Marcum vs. Lee-

Lee has 14 walks to Marcum's 26...meaning a ratio of 5 K/BB for Lee and 3.08 K/BB for Marcum...(Lee has 70 Ks, Marcum 80) Yes, opposing hitters are only hitting .194 against Marcum and .240 against Lee, but Lee has allowed 7 fewer (17 to 24) extra base hits, with five fewer HRs...Another impressive one has stolen a base on Lee this year (No one has been caught either...) whereas Marcum has had 3 guys take a base (1 got caught)

Giambi vs. Youk-

Like I said in the first part, this one's gonna bite me...basically, due to Giambi playing way less, the only categories that Youk has a distinct advantage in are batting average and runs scored...

J.D. Drew's run an RBI totals are inflated due to him being in the Boston juggernaut. Meanwhile, Sizemore's on a team where the two key run producers (Martinez and Hafner) have been invisible, and has done more individually, which is all you can do in a situation like Sizemore's. Also, Sizemore plays Gold Glove caliber defense in the cavernous center field of Jacobs Field and Drew's just average in the tiny Fenway Park right field.

Marcum's got a better WHIP, a better BAA, and a better ERA, and has been more consistent recently. Also, when runners do get on against him, his LOB% is 82.7 percent, versus 76.5% for Lee. Marcum's K/9 is much better, and even though he's walking more hitters, he's giving up hits to less, so therefore, he's still doing just the same as Lee.

Giambi against Youkilis is no contest whatsoever.

Thongman's got Youk in HR, OBP, Slugging, K's, Walks, and all of this in 3/4 of the at-bats that Youkilis has. Yeah, that one's absolutely no contest.

Yes, he's got a better team around him, but that doesn't bring down the fact that Drew has a much higher On base % and Slugging %...Not to mention the fact that he's hitting over .055 points higher than Sizemore. Yes, Sizemore is a very good defensive player, even gold glove caliber, especially now that Torii Hunter is not in the AL, and is a better fielder than Drew, but Drew has four assists to Sizemore's 1...But Drew isn't a complete slouch in the field...

Explain to me how .09 K/9 is MUCH better...Lee's is 7.68, Marcum's 7.77...Lee has a DIPS/FIP (Whatever you wanna call it...) of 2.70 to Marcum's 3.58, which basically says that Lee's success is not solely dependent on his defense, that he creates the outs himself too...

Consistency lately...we'll throw out Lee's Detroit game and Marcum's Philly game due to rains...Since May 12, when they faced each other, Marcum has had one "bad" start and Lee has had yes, Marcum has been more consistent lately, but over the course of the entire season, Cliff Lee has performed better...

OK Squirrel, if you can't define the stat, it's null and void, you're just throwing numbers out there and hoping for the best.

Drew's assists are due to him being a corner outfielder, for instance, Ichiro's had more assists in every year in right field than he did in the three years he's played in center.

From May 12th, Cliff Lee's ERA went up from .68 to 2.52. He's not pitched more than 6 2/3 innings and hasn't given up less than 2 runs in the succeeding 5 starts. Meanwhile, Marcum's gone 6 2/3 or more in all of his starts since then, and his ERA's gone down from 2.80 to 2.43. Marcum's only walked 7 in those starts, while Lee's walked 10 in the same period.

Marcum's been consistently good this entire year, whereas Lee has been steadily declining (his ERA hasn't gotten better in a start since May 12), which is why Shaun Marcum deserves the All-Star start.

Let's not forget that Sizemore's in the top 10 in both steals and home runs, the only AL player to do that. In fact, there's no AL player who's in the top 20 in both apart from him. Sizemore's also 10th in slugging and 9th in OPS, so he's relatively comparable to Drew in those statistics.

Also, remember that Giambi > Youkilis


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