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7#bag _ Com (996-338-74) vs G.O.A.T. (40-13-3)

Players have to have graduated HS in that state (good luck Shawn Kemp)

12 man Roster


C- Walt Bellamy
PF-Bob McAdoo
SF- James Worthy
SG- Michael Jordan
PG- Chris Paul

C - Brad Daugherty
PF - David West
SF - Nique
SG - Pete Maravich
PG - Sleepy Floyd

11 - David Thompson
12 - Tracy McGrady

Good Luck GOAT


C- Wilt Chamberlain
PF- Maurice Stokes
SF- Paul Arizin
SG- Kobe Bryant
PG- Earl Monroe

C- Larry Foust
PF- Rasheed Wallace
SF- Jack Twyman
SG- Geoff Petrie
PG- Willie Somerset

11- Maurice Lucas
12- Rip Hamilton

Head Coach- Chuck Daly
Ast. Coaches- Larry Brown, PJ Carlesimo

My team will be headed by the coach of the Bad Boys. He was able to have his defense shut down (or at least contain) Michael Jordan before so I expect him to be able to do it again.

Kobe, an 8x All-Defensive team selection, will be guarding MJ with some help in the middle of Wilt Chamberlain, a 2x All-Defensive first teamer. Coming in off the bench at times will be Maurice Lucas who is also an excellent defender. Daly will have this team playing physical against MJ.

Kobe needs to focus on defending MJ. I already have enough scorers with Arizin (HOFer), Wilt (HOFer), Petrie, and Somerset all averaging over 20ppg for their careers.

I have Earl the Pearl, one of the greatest ball-handlers of all time leading the break and Paul Arizin as one of the greatest scorers of the 50s. Maurice Stokes is a solid presence in the middle as well with averages of 15 points and 9 rebounds for his career. Overall, I think my frontcourt is better and my backcourt can at least hang with yours especially if we shut down Jordan. When it comes to coaching, Daly and Brown are both considered top 10 all-time.

The Pistons Shut down Jordan?

Really? How many rings Did Isiah and Lambeer end up with?

Considering that Thomas started in 1982- a full 3 years before Jordan- and Daly did JACK in New Jersey Ring-wise

My Starters begin with Walt Bellamy, who has 8 top 3 finishes in FG%- and is 8th all time in Rebounds per game and a 20PPG scorer

Even though his top year of 31.6PPG and 19 RPG fails compared to Wilts 50.4PPG and 25.7

But I'll take a 18.8 PPG and 6 Boards loss in the Center Position.

Stokes played all of 3 years- Whoa- Nice longevity there- and is one of the few players to average more boards than games 16.4 and 17.3

Compare that to Bobs first 3 years (27.7ppg and 12.7rpg) Bob did play for TEN more years and STILL average 22 points per game.

Arizin vs Worthy should be a good contest here- Paul was a third guard for most of those Warriors team where Worthy was more of a second Power Forward for the Lakers 22.8 and 8.6 to 17.6 and 5.1 - I have Worthy with this unit more as a Glue player- Paul was the second option on the floor - Worthy played with 2 top 8 players of All time

I think this years NBA Finals settled the Kobe/MJ Question, don;t you?

Coach Daly employed a basketball tactic that some coaches use today in the NBA. He called it the "Jordan Rules" and that's exactly what I'll be doing in this game.

Kobe will be up in his face the whole time MJ's in the game. Everytime MJ goes off a screen we'll be physical. Bump him, push him, etc. We'll send a lot of double teams at him and just make it tough for him to read our defense.

Now are you implying that Daly is a bad coach? He's widely considered a top 10 coach of all time and is the winningest coach in both the regular season and the playoffs in Pistons history. He even won two titles with the Bad Boys. Case closed.

"But I'll take a 18.8 PPG and 6 Boards loss in the Center Position."

Do you realize how big of a loss that is? 19 points and 6 boards is a lot to make up from one position.

Stokes's career was cut short when he was paralyzed due to an incident in an NBA game. To average 16 points and 17 rebounds in your first three years in the league is remarkable. He was a force. Had he been given time to really develop, who know what would have happened. Despite playing only 3 years, he was inducted into the HOF as a player.

Your argument about Arizin and Worthy is somewhat confusing. If Paul was averaging 23ppg as a second option, then he must have been pretty damn good. What would have happened has he been the first option?

Let me say that I NEVER compared Kobe to MJ. However, his Finals performance? He was going up against three future HOFers and the best defense of this decade, yet he STILL averaged 26 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists that series.

My team is a more complete team than yours. I have everything I need in order to beat your team.

PG- Much as I love Earl, you do know he averaged only 3.9 apg to go with 1.6 Turnovers?

You want that running your team?

Paul goes for 18.2PPG 4.5Rpg and 9.5 Dimes - Beats your 18.8 and 3 Boards

QUICK (stats are P/R/A)

Larry Foust 13.7 9.8 1.7
Brad Daugherty 19.0 9.5 3.7 - WIN

Rasheed Wallace 15.2 6.9 1.7
David West 14.0 6.8 1.5 - Virtual Tie- and they are going in opposite ways

Jack Twyman 19.2 6.6 2.3
Nique 24.8 6.7 2.5 - ALL NC

Geoff Petrie 21.8 2.8 4.6
Pete Maravich 24.2 4.2 5.4 - ALL NC

Willie Somerset 21.9 4.6 3.6
Sleepy Floyd 12.8 2.6 5.4 -

DOES ANYONE in Penn PASS THE BALL? - again I lose points- but thats what I get for having a POINT Guard- Willie has 2.8 Turnovers pergame

MJ Sleepy and Paul are going to have a 10 steals EACH off your guards-Wilt might be the BEST passer you got!

Maurice Lucas 14.6 9.1 2.4
David Thompson 22.7 4.1 3.3 - NC

Rip Hamilton 17.9 3.3 3.3
Tracy McGrady 22.4 6.2 4.7 - I can live with the D - NC!

C, SF, - You
PF, SG, PG - Me
PG - You
C, SF, SG, 11, 12 - Me

Other than the Wilt HUGE win- I take you at almost every other spot

That's pretty cool how you just put every player's stats and compared them for your "argument".

Listen, David, we could sit here all day and compare stats and see which team is better on paper. Fact of the matter is, at the end of the day, basketball isn't played on paper.

Look at the 2004 US Men's Olympic Basketball Team. They were, BY FAR, the most talented team in that tournament and, on paper, they looked as though they would have dominated everyone they faced. Somehow, someway though, they came in third. They lost to a team from Greece that didn't have anywhere near the talent.

My team has great rebounding (Wilt and Stokes), one great playmaker (Monroe), a great shooter (Geoff Petrie--considered one of the best of his era), some good defenders (Kobe, Rasheed, Wilt, and Lucas), and a handful of good scorers (Kobe, Arizin, Twyman, and Wilt).

My team is the more COMPLETE team which, in turn, makes it the better team. Yours looks better on paper, but at the end of the game, mine will be the winners.

Regarding Earl the Pearl, you and I both know that his stats tell only half the story. He was one of the best ball-handlers the L had ever seen and your defenders would be LUCKY to steal the ball off him. Ya see, what stats don't show is that Earl was a gambler when he passed. He tried to thread the needle which is why his turnover average is somewhat high. Paul is a much more conservative passer, which makes his TO stat look better.

<B>My team is the better team.</B> It may not look like it when you hold up stats, but <B>we WILL win.</B>


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