• 08/10/2008, 02:17PM ET

TDAholics Grande NFL Tournament-Saints Offense or Cowboys offense?

PhillyEagles36 (75-13-3) vs DJRoxalot (1085-669-126)

Give me the Dallas Cowboys offense.

The Cowboys had the 2nd highest scoring offense last year. They averaged 28.4ppg, the Saints had 12th best scoring 23.7ppg.

Total yards per game is a closer battle, yet the Cowboys still win. 365.7ypg compared to the Saints 361.2ypg.

In passing yards per game the Saints win 269.6 to the Cowboys 256.6, but Romo threw for 36 TD's compared to Brees' 28. So the Saint's win in yards but the Cowboys win in TD's.

The Cowboys rushed for 109ypg along with 14 TD's, the Saints on the other hand had one of the worst rushing offenses last year, they averaged just 91.6ypg. They had the 5th worst rushing offense in the league last year.

The Cowboys have the much better overall offense, they have a great pass offense and a very good rushing offense also. The Saints are very one dimensional and don't have a great running game.

Good luck DJ

The Saints have the better offense after the acquisition of Jeremy Shockey from the NY Giants. He may not have played a part in their SB run last year but his loss this season will be definitely felt.

He had 57 catches for 619 yards (10.9 avg) and 3 TD's. He replaces Eric Johnson who had 48 catches for 378 yards (7.9) and 2 TD's. And last year was Shockey's 2nd worst as a pro so he will mostl likely bounce back at the young age of 28. And give Drew Brees his best TE option since Antonio Gates in San Diego.

With Deuce and Reggie Bush they have a two pronged attack at RB while Marion Barber has never been a Full Time RB. He has always split carries with Julius Jones who is now in Seattle. And Barber's backup will be a backup Felix Jones who split carries all during his college career. So we dont know **** he will do.

You listed the stats earlier, 4.2 yards separate the offense's and Brees threw for 13 more yards last year WITHOUT a RELIABLE TE.With Shockey those numbers should surely increase.

So the guy with the horrible attitude coming off a broken leg is going to make this offense better than the Cowboys dynamic offense? I don't think so.

The Cowboys already have the better tight end, possibly the best in the league in Jason Witten. Witten is a very good pass catching tight end, along with Tony Romo's "security blanket" and is also a very good blocking tight end. The Cowboys have the clear advantage.

You do realize that Deuce is coming off 2 knee surgeries in 2 years and is 29 years old, there is absolutely no guarantee that he can even make it through 1 game let alone a whole season. The other part of the "two pronged attack" Reggie Bush has never rushed for more than 600 yards in a season. Bush was supposed to be a great big play threat, yet he has never averaged 3.7 yards per carry, BUST.

Barber may have never had to carry the load, but he still won't have too. Felix Jones is exactly what they needed, a legitimate speed threat coming out of the backfield, Jones is perfect. The Cowboys know exactly what they are getting by having two "backup" RB's, both of which are extremely qualified enough to split carries with each other and wreak havoc among defenses.

"So the guy with the horrible attitude coming off a broken leg is going to make this offense better than the Cowboys dynamic offense? I don't think so."

Shockey has an opportunity to reinvent himself and prove he isnt the bad guy everyone claims he is......In addition I am sure he has something to prove after the Giants won a SB without him.......

He is heading to a situation where he almost cant lose.......Better QB than NY=check, better offense than NY=check.......

The thing is the Saints go 4 deep at RB.......

Aaron Stecker (115 carries, 448 yards, 3.9, 5 TD's, 36 catches)
Pierre Thomas (52 carries, 252 yards, 4.8, 1 TD, 17 catches)

Deuce is just 29 and he wont be forced to carry the load like he did early in his career........fred Taylor has bounced back from a lot of injuries to be a productive RB and with the addition of MJD has flourished.......

Felix Jones is a ROOKIE......He could be the next rookie bust RB........

4 deeps at RB, except there isn't much talent there.

Along with having the clear advantage in RB and TE the Cowboys have the better WR's and Oline.

Both have a star WR, Cowboys have TO who is considered the second best WR in the league. He may have an attitude but he is a force on the field that can't be matched. They also have Patrick Crayton who is quietly developing into a nice weapon for Romo. His 700 yards and 7 TDs is very solid.

The Saints have Colston who is very talented. But they don't have much other than him. No other wide receiver for them caught more than 3 TD passes.

When talking about the offensive line, chalk up another win for the Cowboys. This past season the Cowboys had 3 Pro Bowlers on the offense line, including Flozell Adams, Andre Gurode, and Leonard Davis. The Saints had none.

Along with those 3 Pro Bowlers on the offensive line the Cowboys had 4 more Pro Bowlers on the offensive side of the ball. Romo, Barber, Witten, and Owens all also made it for the NFC. The Saints had NO ONE on offense make the NFC Pro Bowl roster.

The Saints have a solid offense, but as much as I hate to admit it the Cowboys have one of the best offenses in the NFL.

Not much talent there????

In his 1st NFL start, Pierre Thomas became the 1st ever Saints RB to have 100 yards rushing and 100 yards receiving in the same game.

Stecker is a solid all around back that is used primarily as a 3rd down back but is versatile enough to step in and fill in if needed

David Patten is a better No.2 option than Dallas has. Patten, 54 catches, 792 yards, 14.7 avg, 3 TD's,

Patrick Crayton, 50, 697, 13.9, 7 TD's

Patten is a veteran presence while Crayton had a "breakout year" as far as Crayton is concerned.

Sam Hurd, Miles Austin, huh????

NO has Colston, Patten, Devery Henderson, 20 catches, 409 yards, 20.5, 3 TD's.

Robert Meacham will be playing essentially his rookie season after missing last year with an injury and he was a stud at Tennessee. At 6 feet and 215 pounds he is a big physical receiver who can also stretch the field with his speed.

The reason why the Cowboys had 3 Pro Bowlers is because it is a popularity contest and for some strange reason people love Dallas despite a team loaded with talent they cant win a playoff game.

Drew Brees was only sacked 16 times, Tony Romo? Ahem, 24 sacks. So much for the better OL theory


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