• 10/22/2008, 05:00PM ET

bigger impact on the game.. kournikova or billie jean king?

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-852-64) vs 7#bag _ Com (997-338-74)

my heart, (and my hips:) say kournikova..

But if i had to be realistic, Id have to go with billie..
She showed that women can compete against men, when she beat bobby in striaght sets..

Not just that, but she was an important cultural icon, who helped promote women's rights and that women should be treated equally to men.
Billie jean king also helped womens tennis get paid the same as men.
although it was only 15 years a go, where the prize money was the same for the mens and girls. Without Billie, who knows, maybe it would have took another 50years..

By beating Bobby, she also showed the world that womens tennis was legit..
And she showed the world that men and women are virtually the same, that they are equals..

The day she beat bobby will be remembered forever.. It was one of those moments in time, where it wasnt just sporting event.. It was a humanity event. Where as people, we moved a step closer towards the ideal utilitarian society, that we have been striving for decades to achieve..

I take this.

But lets get a few things straight

King was number 1 in the WORLD when they played
Riggs was closer to a Rascal Scooter than a Wimbleton Final

this was NOT Federerer vs Venus or even Sampras vs Linsey

This would be like Lisa Leslie beating Elgin Baylor in 21.

I mean really.

Riggs beat Margret Court- THE top player in the game (who Won three of the four Grand Slam singles and women's doubles tournaments that year) LIKE A DRUM 6-2, 6-1 before going on to face King.

King was #2 at the time but MUCH more marketable than Court- and Riggs- THIRTY YEARS after his prime is rumored to have dropped the match to cover gambling losses in England.

So, a possible "fixed" match vs . . . .

<img src=" a-1024x768-157kb-media-166-media-92126-1093700214.jpg">


no contest

wow, noice pic dude..

king could beat bobby 99 times out of 100..
yes bobby was old, but he was trash talkin like no tommorrow..
he beat court, but he got into her head, by giving her flowers a second before
and in general acting like a totally goofball..

IF in terms of actual impact on the game.. Its Billie hands down.

If u want to vote on who heled make a greater contribution to society and heading towards a perfect harmonal society, take billy

If u want to vote for a party in your pants, go to a bar, mack on chicks, if that doesnt work take kournikova

<i>king could beat bobby 99 times out of 100..</i>


So person A beats Person B (Number 1 in the world straight sets 6-1, 6-2)
Person B beats PErson C (second in the world) in 4 matches in singles and two in doubles competion

How is Person C going to do vs person A?

Let me give you a better example

Fedor beats Tim Silvia like a DRUM

Tim beats Wesley Correira VERY Convincingly

How is Cabbage going to do vs Tim?

Think he wins?

Billy beat AN OLD MAN- and the match "may" not have even been LEGIT to start with.

at least ANNA got smacked around in Legit contests.

<i>yes bobby was old, but he was trash talkin like no tommorrow</i>

Right, and how many Rings does Reggie Miller, Gary Peyton and Charles Barkley have. . . combined? I seem to recall them being LEGEND . . . .. . . DARY in trash talk.

bobby riggs essentially said womens tennis was a complete joke.
for lack of a better word, he was a sexist chauvinist pig..

billie beating him, essentially shut him up and he will forever go down as the moron that lost to a woman.

ok, could she have beaten connors, of course not..
But by beating a former doubles champ, (u can play good tennis in your fifties)..
It showed that womens tennis was not a joke.
it showed they were legit and they could play at a high level.

your point on trash talking isnt very good, ok miller,barkely, and peyton, (i thought he won with the miami heat, but could be wrong).. But i know muhammed ali, djokivic, larry bird, they trash talked and did fine..

when billie won, she won for WOMEN kind..
and she helped put sexism down a couple of notches in the process..

kournikova? great... yeah... really important impact on society for boys aged 13 to 16..
How does that help us evolve as a society?
If u want just t's and a's, go to a strip club...
kournikova essentially has the same impact that a stripper has on modern society..
So what? what does that do?

dont vote with the hips on this

you are STILL missing the point.

Womenkind STILL had to wait for Martina vs Chris to hit to become mainstream!

Find me 50 people that can pick the NUMBER one player in the world at that time

NAME me ANY of the top 10 players in the world in 1973

Bet I can find a BUNCH that can name me the top 10 Boxers in the World at this time.

so in the BIG picture

you have a (likely) fixed match- between John McCain and Venus Williams - after McCain KILLED Serena a few months prior. that did NOTHING to throw Female Tennis into the mainstream



who brought a LOT of Russian Fans to the sport and a lot of 10-15 year olds.


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