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Most unbreakable NHL indivudual player record set in the last 25 years Zingers Tourney Round 1


As this is the start of the "ZINGER TOURNEY" I feel that I must begin with this warning...

"The following ZINGS contains may contain mature themes...viewer discretion is advised!"

Now we begin!

As great as Wayne Gretzky???s 61 NHL records are I???m not going to pick one of the obvious ones like most goals or points in a career or season or playoffs etc.
I???ll take one that just so happens to be a double record

Longest Consecutive Point-Scoring Streak from the Start of a Season
51 games

From Oct 5th, 1983 to Jan 28th, 1984 Gretzky scored at least a point in 51 straight games from the start of the season.
Over that time he scored 61 goals & 92 assists (153 points). It is also the longest consecutive point scoring streak in the NHL period.
The only player to come close to the 2nd part of that record is Mario Lemieux who had a consecutive streak in 46 games in the 1989-90 season.

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Prepare to get deaked out of your jock strap Chief!

Gretzky is always the first to come to mind when thinking of "indivudual" records, but I have a hard time believing that an "indivudual" such as Alexander Ovechkin won't be able to challenge and even break that record.

I'll give you one that is a bit more obscure. In the 1993-1994 season, 29-year-old right wing Bob Kudelski was in his 5th full season in the NHL. He would be traded to Florida that winter, setting a record that won't likely be broken.

Kudelski played the first 42 games of the season for the Senators, spending the New Year's Holiday north of the border. Then, on January 6, 1994, he was traded to the Florida Panthers, who had only played 38 games to that point in the season. He went on to play in all 44 remaining games for the Panthers, giving him a grand total of 86 regular season games played in an 82-game regular season. That is a record that is more unreachable than the Great One's points streak.

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Bob Kudelski?

Well I pretty sure you've just dug up the most obscure NHL record ever.
You should have dug a little deeper you might have found Jimmy Hoffa.
What you couldn't find out what the record was for most teeth lost in a season by an NHL player?

BTW after much research I found out it was Ken Daneyko of the Devils. He lost 12 teeth.

With players getting traded all the time mid season & with an unbalance schedule, the possibility of playing more than 86 gms is remote but possible.
It could easily happen to a player that is traded twice during a season & thus playing on 3 teams during the season.
Also with the NHL starting the season in Europe a player from the New York Rangers (who have played 27 games this season so far) could get traded to either Chicago, New Jersey, Ottawa or St Louis (who have all only played 22) therefore playing 87 games.
So it's not as far fetched as it seems.

What makes Gretzky record of scoring in 51 consecutive games more amazing is the fact that he had a separated shoulder during it. He ended up taking 6 games off after the streak was over to heal up.

The thing that makes Kudelski's record more unbreakable than Gretzky's is that there is virtually nothing a player can do to control it. The fact is, aside from starting the season in Europe a week early for some teams, the NHL has done an excellent job in recent years of evening out the schedules. By the time most trades occur, in January and February, most teams will generally be pretty close in terms of games played. The stars have to align just right for a player to even have a shot at this record. Then, if he is traded, he has to pass his physical, catch up with the team, and get in the lineup, all before they have played the one or two games that may make it out of reach.

Gretzky's points streak, on the other hand, is far more within reach for a number of players. Sure, there has to be some luck involved, along with staying healthy, but I could think of a few guys named Ovechkin, Malkin, Crosby, Zetterberg, Datsyuk, and Iginla who are all quite capable of reaching that. That one is all on the player. It's a hell of a streak, but it's certainly attainable.

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's hand grenades I throw!

Kudelski actually tied the record that held up for 1 season (Jimmy Carson also had 86 in 92-93).
But the 92-93 & 93-94 seasons were 84 GAME SEASONS not 82 like now! A fact that you failed to mention.

In the last few seasons since the NHL went to 82 games these players played more than 82

2007-08 -Brian Campbell & Jeff Halpern played 83 games
06-07 -Sean Avery -84
05-06 -Niklas Hagman -84
02-03 -Rem Murray -85
2000-01 -Bill Guerin -85

So the 82 game season record is 85 set by Murray & Guerin.

With D being the name of the game now Gretzky's 51 games point streak from the start of the year this won't fall. Scoring has decreased steadly since the 1980's.

Avg Goals/Game
1980's -7.77
90's -6.24
last season -5.57

Scoring is down more than 2 full goals a game since that time. It's more of a specialized game now geared towards defence.

Again what make's Gretzky's 51 the more amazing is that it was the longest consecutive point streak from the start of a season. So players only get 1 chance to start the streak so if they don't score in the 1st game of the season they have to wait a whole season to try again.

Sure, defense is the name of the game now in many ways. However, is the NHL not trying to gear the game more toward offense with its rule changes every year? That was the sole reason for the lockout. The NHL thought that its product would be more attractive if there were offense. So far this season, average goal scoring is up to 5.87 goals per game, and the NHL is doing everything in its power to ensure that scoring increases in the coming years.

Think of the Detroit Red Wings. They currently have a power play % of 31.0, getting about 4 power plays per game. With a power play of Henrik Zetterberg, Pavel Datsyuk, and Marian Hossa, one of those three could very easily record a point in 51 straight games.

Also, with all of the young talent that is focused on offense in the game today, it's only a matter of time before many of Gretzky's records begin to fall, this one included.

As I said before, a scoring streak is largely in the hands of an individual player. The amount of games played, however, isn't. It is in the hands of the NHL's scedule makers and the teams making trades. A 51-game points streak is far more feasible than playing 86 games in one regular season.


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