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Zingers tournament Rd. 1 3 biggest NFL team rivalries

C-C-C (397-169-39) vs Nickb23 - Holland has arrived! (146-39-16)

1. Cowboys vs. Redskins. Beginning in 1960 these teams have gone at it more intensely than any other duo in the NFL. Posters of George Allen and Joe Gibbs are still used as target practice in Texas to this day. Dan Snyder was so into this rivalry he bought the Redskins just so he could trash a suite in Texas Stadium. These teams have battled each other regardless of whether either was having a down season, but more often than not their wars have been critical in playoff races.

This rivalry started before the Cowboys officially existed. The Redskins owner opposed an expansion team in Dallas so the Cowboys potential owners bought the rights to the song 'hail to the Redskins' and threatened to not allow Washington to play their own fight song at home games.

2. Green Bay vs. Chicago. Certainly the oldest rivalry in the NFL these teams have been going at it since 1922 and absolutely despise each other. Chicagoans don't agree on anything except that pizza is the perfect food and the Packers should be more hated than yet another Peachy athletic shoes TD.

3. Raiders Vs. Chiefs. While neither team is very good anymore, they have some of the craziest fans around.

1. Cowboys vs. Redskins - Even though this is as one sided as Porkins against an all you can eat buffet with Dallas winning 18 more than the Skins. It is also the very obvious and right choice by CCC, so I will stick with it.

It reminds me of CCC and Cassidy's rivalry, we all know who is winning that but we still show up with a cold beer in hand to check out the carnage.

2. Steelers- Raiders- Don't get me wrong an 86 year rivalry is nice and it can take title of longest but biggest, no thanks. Who can forget the immaculate reception, heck, how bout the night before, some Raiders players beaten up in the streets of Pitt. How bout the '76 title game, they hated each other so much, Madden compared the anticipation to soldiers going to war. That game also had the near career threatening cheap shot layed on Swann.

3. Colts-Pats- The length of this is as short as a Peachy win streak, but the importance of these games between the two constants in a supposed era of parity is massive. Both have taken turn laying their blows but every game has held importance in the big picture. They fear and respect each other to the extent that both have unfairly aided their homefield advantage.

Steelers - Raiders? Nobody born within the last 30 years would consider that a viable rivalry. Different divisions, opposite sides of the country, no recent history of any sort. The animosity simply hasn't endured between these two teams.

Green Bay - Chicago is not only the longest running rivalry, it's nearly as intense as Cowboys - Redskins. There are a more ways to get yourself shot at in Chicago than Peachy has TD losses, but near the top of the list would be trying to get into Soldier Field wearing a Brett Favre Jersey and driving virtually anywhere in the city with a Packers flag hanging from your window.

Colts - Pats is an even odder choice. While there are lots of reasons to hate the Patriots, who could possibly hate the Colts or all-American boy Peyton Manning? Again, they are in different divisions so they aren't annually battling it out for a division crown. They don't have enough of a history in the playoffs to really call it a rivalry, either. Two teams that have been pretty damn good for a decade or so, but no animosity or fan hatred of either team.

Chiefs - Raiders has been much more intense and for far longer.

A GREAT rivalry is not built on repetition but on the heat of the battle. What brings that out more than battling for something important? The fact that teams are division rivals is not a good enough reason. The Jags-Texans play twice a year, yet Monday's game brought forth little passion or hate. A Pats-Colts game on the other hand is big no matter how little it happens, same with the 70's Steelers and Raiders

The Packers may be hated by the Bears but they have been even more beloved than the Colts throughout Brett's time

The Bears brought so much hate and passion that they took a 37-3 drubbing early this year to the Pack (I thought it was a Porkins vs. Peachy TD)

The Pats-Colts have played each other in more games of significance in the last 4 years than the Raiders-Chiefs have played each other in the last 25 years

The Steelers-Raiders rivalry brought out more passion than Pitt at a petting zoo. They had more hits in a game than a pic of Kim K's rear gets in a week. I myself am under 30 and long for a league that has a rivalry as strong as the one those two had in the 70's. If the Raiders ever return, Pittsburgh will be ready to reignite the rivalry, pistols in hand

A few games 30 something years ago does not a rivalry make. Back in the 70's you might have referred to it as such in the same way as you would Cowboys - 49ers or Cowboys - Packers in the 90's. But those aren't really rivalries, they are merely two good teams that stay good for a while. Steelers - Raiders is certainly no rivalry today.

Ok, so the Packers won the first meeting with the Bears this year in a rout? What the hell does that have to do with anything? Last year Green Bay was 13-3...two of their 3 losses were to a not-very-good Chicago team. Yes those teams play each other hard, regardless of record.

I like to know what all these 'games of significance' the Colts - Pats have played 'in the last 4 years' are. One play off game between them in that time frame. Of the 4 regular season matchups, the only one with any meaning at all was last year when both team were 8-0 at the time.

That 'rivalry' doesn't even match up to the aforementioned Cowboys - 49ers and Cowboys - Packers in the 90's that were facing each other on a yearly basis in the playoffs.

Not enough history to call that a true rivalry.

I know when I am defeated, so I will just sound off on a few things....

Since '03 the Pats and Colts faced off three times in the playoffs, two of which were for the right to go on and win the Super Bowl, but whatever...

The concept of throwdowns were meant for good two sided debates, which even the vets of this site have all but thrown down the crapper. My opponent jumped so far out on a limb that he used the exact same list, that just happens to be located on this website, WOW!

So I decided to debate the undebatable (I thought the point of TD's was to debate things, not make an obvious list and see if your opponent can defeat it), I initially was gonna go for the easy and just attack his horrible, almost copied arguement (Look below) for the Oak-KC rivalry. Guess I should have.

Not to single out just CCC, but the highly respected stowe picked a topic of MLB against DJ, then he picked a very obvious one with 3 unarguable rivalries, did he want to zing him or have a well thought out debate? Can we not do both?

I get people earned a seeding YODA, but as you can see thanks to the zing, even with faced with a good opponent, people prefer the easy route.

Good day.....


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