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Zing Tourney 2008: Round 1: Most lopsided NHL trade in the last 10 years

LGP: Pensational! (47-9-0) vs Gu3: Hip Hip .... PIE (434-333-58)

The Most Lopsided trade in the NHL in the last 10 years? Clearly it's the one that took place January 23, 2004 between the NY Rangers and the Washington Capitals.

That was the day the Caps sent perennial All Star and 5 time Art Ross Trophy winner (scoring champion) Jaromir Jagr to the Rangers for Anson Carter. As if this trade wasn't lopsided enough based solely on the two players, the Caps agreed to pay approx 4 million dollars per year of Jagr's salary.

Lets take a look at the numbers for their respective teams after the trade:





What happened a little more than a month later seals the deal as THE MOST LOPSIDED trade. On March 8th, the Caps sent Carter to the Kings for Jared Aulin. That's right, I've never heard of him either. Jared Aulin never played a game for the Caps.

So in essence, the trade was Jaromir Jagr for Jared Aulin.

That's like sipping champagne, eating caviar and nailing fashion models in a 5th Avenue condo versus sluggin down Mad Dog 20/20, eating a cold Spam sandwich and paying for it with Porkins' mother in a trailer park.

June 23, 2006: Florida trades Roberto Luongo, Lukas Krajicek, and a sixth round pick to Vancouver for Todd Bertuzzi, Bryan Allen, and Alex Auld

So, basically, the main two players in this deal is Luongo for Bertuzzi.

Luongo -
He had already established himself as a premiere goalie in the NHL. However, he did not get the benefit of the doubt while playing on a pretty bad Florida team. Yes, Luongo allowed 213 goals in the year before he was traded. But you also have to take in account the league leading 2488 shots on goal. Between the 03-04 and 05-06 seasons, Luongo had had 4963 shots fired at him. He had a save % of .922 in those 2 years combined. He was coming off back-to-back seasons with the most saves in the NHL when he was traded.

Bertuzzi -
Bertuzzi was 31 years old and seeing his numbers dropping. He saw his goals go from 46 to 17 to 25. It was an obvious fact around the league that Bertuzzi was going down. But, worse than all that, Bertuzzi was being boo'd everywhere including at home. It was all from the Scott Moore incident where he blindsided him and took him out of the NHL for ever. He played 7 games for Florida after the trade. He scored a grand total of 1G

Let's take a more in-depth look at these trades:

Games played:

Allen (157), Auld (27) and Bertuzzi (7)-191

Carter (19) and Aulin (0)-19

There is A LOT more to your trade than just Bertuzzi and Luongo.

Allen is 28 and one of Florida's top Dmen. He is +12 for his career there, +12 on a very bad team!

Bertuzzi was traded for Shawn Matthias, a 20 yr old center projected to be a Top 6 forward by

Ultimately, Florida gained a good Dman and a good prospect from that trade. The Caps got nothing except a lighter wallet and a sore backside...just like people's pets after Pitt Panther comes to visit.

In Jagr's first full year with the Rangers, he was a 1st Team All Star and won the Lester B Pearson Award (player's MVP). He was 2nd in the league in points, 2nd in goals and 3rd in assists.

Who did the Caps have? NO ONE! But wait, they did get the privilege of paying Jagr $4 million to play against them. That's like winning a raffle and finding out your prize is a free prostate exam by Edward Scissorhands.

Finally, who the hell is Scott Moore? Bertuzzi hit STEVE Moore. Were you looking in your little black book instead of at a hockey website?

I apologize, Scott Moore is a Baltimore Orioles players. You know me and them O's.

Lets look outside the main players on my trade.

Lukas Krajicek - Lukas wasnt the "scorer" in his years with the Nucks. However, he did play a total of 107 games for the Canucks. He had a total of 27 points scored with the Nucks. He also played 12 games in the playoffs for them and scored 2 goals. After his career with the Nucks, he brought them Michelk Ouellet and Shane O'Brien.

Bryan Allen - Bryan has scored a total of 6 goals in 157 games on the Florida Panthers. He also has played 3 years in the playoffs with a grand total of 0 goals and a +/- of -1

Alex Auld - Do you wanna know what he did with the Panthers? He played a total of 27 games and had a W/L of 7-13. He allowed 82 goals in only 27 games! Thats an average of 3.34 which is the highest for his career.

Now, to your trade. This deal for the Caps was a deal to dump off salary.

More to come next argument.

"a deal to dump off salary."

SO WHAT! Doesn't make it any less lopsided. The only thing more lopsided than the NY/Wash trade is a seesaw with Porkins on one end and Yoda on the other.

The Panthers also HAD to trade Luongo. He was set to become a free agent and turned down several offers for a long term deal. That's the way sports works sometimes. There's no crying in hockey.

The point? Motivation for the trade changes nothing. Both teams gave up world class talent for little in return. The Caps just got much less and paid part of Jagr's salary.

Wash got 19 games from an average player and NOTHING else. You'd get greater return on a date with T-fo's mom, at least the clap has a long term effect.

Fla got a solid defenseman AND a solid prospect. Not great, like BGM's chances of getting laid on a Friday night, but they got something.

Allen's job is to prevent goals, not score them. The fact that he is a +12 during his time on a God awful Florida team is more impressive than a player who is 2 or 3 times that on a good team.

And, until we know what the future holds for Matthias, the door on the Luongo deal is still open. That door slammed shut in the Caps' face.

Since i know 0 about hockey, i will find an outside source to explain the trade.


"But Jagr's reputation has taken a beating during his two-and-a-half seasons in Washington. He failed to transform the team into a contender and was often accused of being moody and unmotivated. "

Jagr: A) Did not do what he was there for - the playoffs; B) Was moody and unmotivated - Stephon Marbury.

So, i ask you the question, what did Washington lose? They lost a Stephon Marbury type player.

"Wash got 19 games from an average player and NOTHING else. "
Thats NOTHING compared to only 7 games. Thats how many games Bertuzzi played for the Panthers.

I enjoyed the fact that you swayed away from the Hockey aspect of the TD and went toward the zingers. Shows me that you have given up on winning the TD itself and decided to go for the "zinger" award. All the zings that you tried have been done before. Looks like you tried to hard, yet failed. Kind of like foosball's songs. We all know they are stupid and he tried to hard. But we still make them #1 to make him feel better. Kind of like giving the moron of the class the "effort award" to make him feel smart.


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