• 12/10/2008, 02:54PM ET

Top 3 retired NHL players that never won a Stanley Cup - Zingers Tourney Round 2

Resistance is Foos-tile (130-17-4) vs DO_WORK_SON (63-27-14)

In the words of Michael Buffer... 'Let's get ready to rumble!'

And I'm going to come out swinging like Gina Carano!

Marcel Dionne
18 NHL seasons
731 Goals, 1040 Assists, 1771 points - 5th all time in points; 4th in Goals
No Stanley Cups.

This guy has scored 5 more times then TFo's mom during Fleet Week ... or put another way 730 times more than Cassidy/Roy

Mike Gartner
22 NHL seasons
708 Career Goals - 6th all time
He was on the New York Rangers at the start of their Championship season in 1994 but was traded in mid-season to Toronto.

708, that's about how many Viagra cocktails with Cialis chasers that Stowe has downed during his Fannation career.

Brad Park
17 NHL Seasons
1113 career NHL Regular season games
He made the playoffs every single season in his 17 year carreer but never won a cup.
Also was runner up to the Norris Trophy 6 times (4 times to Bobby Orr & twice to Potvin) but never won it.

1113 games or 113 more games than my opponent has had Gina Carano avatars!...
(not that there's anything wrong with that!)

Admittedly, I know about as much about ice hockey as Roy knows about what gender he/she was when he/she was born. However, the internet is a wonderful thing, and much like Agrippa's mom, you've left some holes for me to fill.

From what I've read, Marcel Dionne is the consensus #1 for a list such as this so you will get no argument from me there.

Gilbert Perrault:
1,191 NHL games played
1,326 total points
103 total points in 90 playoff games
'70-'71 Calder Memorial Trophy winner
'72-'73 Lady Byng Memorial Trophy winner

Jean Ratelle:
1,281 NHL games played
1,267 total points
98 total points in 123 playoff games
'70-'71 Bill Masterton Trophy winner
'71-'72 Lady Byng Memorial Trophy winner
'71-'72 Lester B. Pearson Trophy winner
'75-'76 Lady Byng Memorial Trophy winner

Good luck.

See Ice is used for more than keeping your beer cold.

It looks like you've done your best at picking some subs.

But as Sean Connery said in The Rock
"Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home & F the prom queen"

Lady Byngs, Calders & Masterton trophies are nice but are 2nd class NHL awards.

17 seasons
512 goals (35th all time)
1326 pts (29th all time) all with the Sabres
A great player but almost the same stats as Pierre Turgeon. Not one of the all time greats in the NHL.

19 seasons
491 goals (43rd all time)
1267 pts (34th all time)
A good pick but I think a better pick would have been Dale Hawerchuk here.

I'm sure Winterpeger Roberts would agree with that now that he's back from spending 30 days in jail for stalking Niklas Lidstrom.

Park made the playoffs each every year that he was in the NHL but never won a Cup.

Some examples of what that is like...

Peachy going into a non-wrestling TD thinking he can win it with out a legit argument.

A newbie making a dumb 9 word argument & forfeiting his turn & still thinking he has a chance.

Or Bacon (bconngemini) winning a soccer sucks TD.

more 2 come in my 3rd...

Mike Gartner vs. Gilbert Perrault: Mike Gartner averaged .494 goals per game while Gilbert Perrault only averaged .43 goals per game. However, while Perrault was busy averaging .683 assists per game, Gartner was averaging only .438 assists per game. Tally those averages; that's 1.113 points per game for Perrault to Gartners .932 points per game. What's this talk of comparing Perrault's stats to Pierre Turgeon's? Sure, they both have almost identical career totals, but Turgeon played in 103 more games.

You were quick to dismiss the Lady Byng, Calder, and Masterton awards as 2nd class, but why not the Lester B. Pearson? Could it be because it goes to the NHL's outstanding player voted on by the NHL Player's Association? In fact, the Hart Memorial Trophy is probably the only individual award that ranks higher. Looking at our lists, Jean Ratelle and Marcel Dionne are the only 2 to have won the award. For the record, Hawerchuck never won the award either.

Park may have made the playoffs more than any other on the list, but that tells people more about the teams he played for than about his own individual performance. He was a good player, but Ratelle led the '75-'79 Bruins not him

Assists? It's all about putting the puck in the net!
Did you know that there are generally 2 assists for every goal?

Heck Porkins or Yoda could get a 2nd assist on most goals.

The best are generally the ones that score the most goals.

Gartner -708 Goals (6th all time)
Hawerchuk -518 goals (33rd)
Perrault -512 goals (35th)
Ratelle -491 goals (43rd)

Mike Gartner was a goal scorer.
He had more career goals (708) than assists (627)
15 consecutive seasons with 30+ goals, an NHL record he now shares with Jagr
17 total seasons with 30+, still an NHL record.

Clearly 1 of the best not to win a cup!

Park was the definition of the "always a bridesmaid but never a bride" comparison.
He was the best player in the 66 draft yet was taken 2nd overall.
He was considered the 2nd best dman in the NHL. He was runner up to the Norris trophy, given to the Best DMan in NHL, 6 times but never won it. No other DMan has been runner up that many times without winning.
When he retired he had the most years in the NHL for a player not missing the playoffs.
Got to the Finals twice with Boston but lost both times to Montreal.

Definitely 1 of the best players not to win a cup!

Why are you giving me all the players stats AGAIN? Did you forget that you had already given the statistical argument? Next time, take some of RStowe's donepezil before posting.

Gilbert Perrault belongs in the top 3 of a list such as this. Perrault had a record-breaking rookie season by scoring 38 goals and 72 total points in '70-'71. He quickly became the leader of "The French Connection" and was the driving force of the Sabres. Had he not suffered a broken leg in the '73-'74 season, he wouldn't be in this conversation simply because "The French Connection" was beginning to steamroll opponents. Perrault simply cannot be left out.

There's no denying that Jean Ratelle belongs here either. He is the ONLY player of those we selected to win the Lester B. Pearson Award. That award is given to the top player in the NHL as voted on by their peers. How can you justify ignoring that? He had 12 seasons throughout his career in which he scored at least 70 points, and at the time of his retirement, he was 6th on the NHL's all-time scoring list. Ratelle even played alongside Brad Park for a good portion of his career, and it was Ratelle not Park that was the leader of that team.


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