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First ZINGERS Tourney - First Final Four Matchup 2 biggest NFL Upsets in the last 10 years

7#bag _ Com (996-338-74) vs Resistance is Foos-tile (130-17-4)

I'll pick just one this round, then let you have the next 2- before I pick my last one.

You picked the topic- So no whining.

And for the peanut gallary, please don;t vote before completion (insert lame joke in comments)

So for my first pick, in the Biggest upset in the last ten years

(and this is about a big a shocker as if you gave the Bucks a do-over in the 2005 draft )

GIants over Patriots - Super Bowl.

This game was a Stunner- one team looking to be the be-all end all team of all-time, there was more debate over who was going to take the MVP then who was going to win.

This game was such a lock that 41 pats had book deals, The Hoodie even had plans to let Charlie Weis coach the second half, just for old times sake.

SI even hired extra monkeys from the San Deigo zoo to ensure the servers wouldn;t crash under the 5000 Pats are cheaters TDs, 18,814 Pats vs 85 Bears / 84 Niners and the 14 72 Dolphins RE: Shaq A%% Blogs

good luck

good luck

And here I thought that Captain Obvious retired from Fannation.

Forgive me for not picking the most obvious one in history since Namath Guaranteed a win in Super Bowl 3.
Or in zinger terms since Stowe smacked Tfo's mom in the a55 for the first time and said "Who's your Grampy!"

So therefore I will pick the following 2...

The Patriots beating the Rams (20-17) in Super Bowl XXXVI

The Patriots had about as much of a chance against the Rams as a bucket of KFC vs Porkins. The Rams were a favoured by 14 going into the game, which about the same number that Stowe is favoured by for "Smoke Breaks" during a Day Walkers thread.

The Broncos beating the defending Super Bowl Champion Packers (31-24) in Super Bowl XXXII

The Broncos were just the 2nd Wild Card team to win the Super Bowl and were blown out in each of there previous 4 Super Bowl appearances by a combined score of 163-50.
Insert standard Tfo's mom joke here ________ .

BTW I heard Tfo singing a Christmas Carol this morning.
It was called "I saw Mommy kissing Rich Stowe....underneath the missile silo last night".

Your Move Pimp...

Hmm lets see,

Pick an NBA Guard in the 1983 Draft to start a team with, you go first

and then whine beacuse Jordan is off the board with pick #1?

and forgive you for not picking the most obvious since Namath?

Uh Slapnut, you didn;t get to PICK first- how can you mea culpa something you didn;t have control over?

ok Peter King, when did you hack into this hack account?

Then after all that whining- geez, you'd think you were the Oilers after GWG left- you go with Number 2 and 3 on the ESPN list.

Nice thinking out side the Box there Lupica

Now I'm going to pick one- not even on the LIST

How do you like these Odds?

One team is 13-0 all-time at home in the playoffs

That team is ALSO undefeated at home so far this season

Temp on the feild is 28 degrees- and the QB is THRITY FIVE and OH when the Temp is below 35 degrees at kickoff.

Finally, you are playing a DOME team with a QB that is making his FIRST EVER playoff start.

think you got a chance to win?

- Atlanta 27 , Green Bay 7

List! I don't Need No Stinking List!

Ok I assuming that you meant when Vick and the Falcons Beat Favre and the Pack at Lambeau in the 2002 playoffs. Well going into the game the Pack lost 42-17 to the Jets the week before. And the Pack turned the ball over 4 times to the Falcons.
2 Favre Picks, a punt blocked that resulted in a TD and turnover on a mishandled punt return that led to another TD.
Anytime you spot a team a 24-0 lead at the half you might as well pack it in (pardon the Pun).

You would have a better chance of going into a TD with Cass/Roy and keeping the total # of votes and comments under 24.

After that Favre couldn't get it in from the 1 the game was pretty much over as the Falcons D shut down the Pack the rest of the game except for 1 drive.
And besides the Falcons were and still are a running team and had almost 200 yards on the ground in that game and had only lost by 3 points in Green Bay earlier that season.

"Ok I assuming that you meant when Vick and the Falcons Beat Favre and the Pack at Lambeau in the 2002 playoffs"

Other than last years Pats- EVERY OTHER TEAM on this list had lost once going into the game that year.

Not to mention that the Jets game was NOT PLAYED at Green Bay and Brett Did NOT play at sub freezing temps

two situations where he had NEVER LOST BEFORE and Green Bay had NEVER lost before as a FRANCHISE

That Jets team by the way lost in the divisional round to the Super Bowl bound Raiders- so Its not like they stunk the place up.

But onto your Bronco's vs Packers SuperBowl- you break out the Broncos past Super Bowl Woes.

Question- how many Broncoes were on all the teams?

ZERO, not even the same OWNER!

Thats like saying the Packers were going to win beacuse they has won Super Bowls I and II as well.

This was MANY of the Broncos FIRST Super Bowl- considering the Previous one was NINE YEARS PRIOR

Using past Super Bowl Performace meant a whole heckuva lot when 1-0 Chicago faced the 1-1 Colts the Prev Year, Or When the Steelers were 4-0 in the Super Bowl when Neil O'**** went Foosball on his own team

nice Td Foos . . .Merry Christmas!

I don't remember the Bears, Colts & Steelers being part of this TD?

When the Pats beat the Greatest Show on Turf on Vinatieri's 48 yarder as time expired, football fans couldn't believe it. It was the 1st time in history that the Super Bowl had been won on the final play of the game.

Elway & the Broncos had gone to SB XXI, XXII, XXIV & lost each one. It took another 8 yrs to get back to the big game. In SB XXXII vs the Broncos were 12 point under dogs.

So the significance of those 2 games far outweighs a Wild Card Playoff game & like I said the Pats-Giants SB last year is just too obvious a pick.

Anyway given that it's the 24th, Let me leave you all with this...

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through fannation
Not a member was stirring, not even a dumb louse
The throwdowns were hung on the web board with care
In hopes that the voters soon would be there.

The Newbies were nestled all snug in their parents basement
With dents of the Pimp's cane upside their heads
And Tfo's Mom just in her 'kercheif' & Stowe in just his 'cap' (we don't need that image)
Had just settled down for an after romp 'Nap'

Merry Christmas to all & to all a Good Night!


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