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March Madness of Throwdowns-3 biggest NFL busts of all-time.

The Real Captain America (54-56-11) vs Somebody of Note (43-13-5)

I can go with obvious bad managing skills like the Lions drafting God knows how many WR??s or even the Browns when they went through a period of 8 years of poor drafting.

However I will focus on the picks themselves.

Ryan Leaf.

Selected in 1998 by Chargers

No talent plus bad attitude equals? One of the biggest busts of all time.
He was selected after the great Manning and scouts said he was going to have a better more successful career. He threw 13 touchdowns and 33 interceptions and was released from his team just 2 years after being selected.

Brian Bosworth

Selected in 1987 by the Seahawks.

This guys Hollywood career was better that his actual NFL career he just managed to have 4 sacks in three seasons. However he managed to win two Butkus awards in Oklahoma! That is a disgrace to the award.

Tony Mandarich

Selected in 1989 by the Packers.

O where to begin with this mess. Why? Because he was a safe pick however he was not even close to meeting expectations. To add salt to the wound they drafted him over Barry Sanders who was then selected by the Lions 3rd pick. Ouch!

Pretty solid picks... but I believe I can do better.

I'm going to switch out Brian Bosworth and replace him with Andre Ware.

Ware was an incredible quarterback for the University of Houston Cougars. He became the first black quarterback to win the Heisman Trophy, and he had crazy stats to the tune of 4,699 yards and 44 touchdowns in his junior year. He also set 26 NCAA records, establishing himself as one of the greatest NCAA football players of all time.

Then, he was drafted #7 overall by the Lions.

Pitiful doesn't do his career justice. Not only did he play just 14 NFL games, an absurdly low number for an absurdly high pick, he stunk up the joint in all of them. He only accumulated 1,112 passing yards (which averages out to a pitiful 79 passing yards per game), and threw only five Touchdowns compared to eight interceptions. His career completion percentage is just 51.6%, and would be a heck of a lot lower if not for one game against a brutal Browns defence.

What makes him a bigger bust than Boz, though, is because much more was expected of him due to his standout career and high draft status. He also didn't even play and failed when he did, making him a true bust.

Fantastic selection

So the battle between Ware and Bosworth begins.

Lets begin Bosworth career. He is a two time All America and Butkus Award Winner. He was being praised as player that will change the Seahawks completly forever.

However how did they not see it coming? He got kicked out of his team because of the 1987 Orange Bowl incident then kicked out of the NCAA because of steroids use. Shortly after that he wrote letter to some NFL teams that if they drafted him he would not practice or even play for their respective team.

He was signed by the Seahawks a record 10 year deal for 11 million dollars for highest paid rookie ever and Seahawk ever (at the time).

He had 4 sacks his rookie season which is modest however after that he did not have one sack throughout his entire career.

Heck his most memorable play is when he got trucked by Bo Jackson. Which in reality was not even all that great. That play cemented his legacy.

Boz may have always been a Hollywood-style head case, but that doesn't cover the fact that he actually had a decent rookie season.

There are no stastical records of tackle statistics, but according to then-GM Mike McCormack, Boz was the team's second-leading tackler in his rookie season. He also had those four sack that you mentioned, along with two fumble recoveries. Add it all up with the fact that he was learning a new position (weakside backer instead of strongside backer), and it creates a fairly decent debut season. Well, not what was expected, but still decent.

Ware didn't even have that, though. The fact was that he was drafted to be the Lions' saviour, and failed miserably. He wasn't able to beat out sixth round pick Rodney Peete and Erik Kramer, a guy who hadn't played football for four years, for the Lions' starting job. And when he did get those garbage-time minutes, he hardly conjured up images of Koy Detmer, much less Joe Montana. He threw more interceptions than touchdowns, accumulated very little yardage, and had a QB rating of, umm, 63.5. To put that in perspective, it's lower than EVERY SINGLE QB in the NFL this season who has more than 14 passes per game.

Ware??s stats were not fantastic at all

However his stats are pretty decent heck he could have been a backup Wienke and Flutie were and look what they accomplished in College.

Ware threw 5 TD and was intercepted 8 times. Not outstanding for a career however he started 6 games in his whole career!

Bosworth 24! He had an average of 0.4 sacks per game. Real threat from a two time Butkus winner and where he is ranked 30th in best players to ever play college football.

Plenty QB??s who win the Heisman have amounted to nothing in the NFL Ware was just another product of that same thing. Anybody remember Troy Smith, Leinart, Weinke, Wuerffel. It keeps going.

Ware could have been a decent backup QB if he stayed in the NFL longer.

Bosworth? After the Seahawks did he keep even playing football? Heck no he had a terrible acting career which only remerable movie was Stone Cold.

At least Ware played more one more season of NFL football before his career ending prematurely Bosworth? Well his career just flat out ended.

Bosworth is the bigger bust because of all the things he had accomplished and coming for him. Ware you could have seen it coming.

I'm sorry, but some of those points are just laughable.

Bosworth is a bigger bust because he accomplished more going in? Really? Did you miss Ware's Heisman-winning season, his 26 NCAA records, and his absurd passing totals? Bosworth's collegiate accomplishments, while great, don't touch Ware's.

Ware you could have seen it coming? You said it yourself, people could see Bosworth flunking out thanks to his being thrown off his college team due to steroid use and other controversy. Ware didn't have a mark on him.

Please don't bring up the fact that Ware's career was more successful because he had one more season. When you can't beat out two NFL retreads, you know you're a bust. At least Bosworth had one semi-productive season; Ware wasn't afforded that luxury. Hell, Ware even flunked out of the CFL.

And if you're going to talk about Heisman busts, look at this list of Butkus flameouts: Andy Katzenmoyer, Percy Snow, Dana Howard, and Paul McGowan. Besides, Ware was the original Heisman bust; all the guys you mentioned flamed out after him.

A true bust is someone that is an unexpected failure. Nobody saw Ware's disastrous play coming, but people could clearly for Bosworth.


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