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BVOF Tourney - What three Summer Olympic sports should be eliminated & what should replace them?

Hyped78 (222-22-6) vs Bigalke (142-42-16)

3 that should be removed:

- Racewalking: or speedwalking, whatever you want to call it. It doesn't make any sense and it's arguably one of the most ridiculous sports there is. You have to beat your opponent... but you can't go as fast as you can! Oh, you ran for a little bit there? DQ!

- Equestrian-dressage: I am not even sure this is a sport. The rider basically makes the horse walk around in a funny way for a few minutes. Very very weird.

- Synchronized Swimming: dancing (it's gymnastics, I know I know) inside water... in synchronized fashion. It's a snoozefest. Oh, there they are gasping for air again.

3 that should be included:

- Golf: massive worldwide appeal, certainly one of the most global games nowadays.

- Skateboarding: yes, I know this somewhat of a radical or X sport (BMX is already an Olympic sport), but it's also a sport that can actually make its Olympics debut at London 2012. Many people find it exciting and it should provide the Olympics with fresh highlight-reels.

- Rugby: it has been in the Olympics before, and it should be brought back. I am not a fan, but there are easily enough nations playing the game to make it possible.


1. Completely agree about Equestrian/Dressage...

2. ... but I'd rather see athletes race-walking than Sailing -- when the propulsion of the "athlete" is dependent more on the elements than physical exertion, we might as well allow NASCAR to take on Olympic status...

3. ... and as far as Synchronized Swimming, there is incredible physical skill and coordination required to perform this discipline. I'd rather take out Rhythmic Gymnastics -- show me an athlete staying in position in water over someone twirling a ribbon ANY DAY...


1. Softball - This was voted out for 2012 because the Americans dominated for too long... but it was eliminated right as the rest of the world was catching up finally, as Japan's gold in Beijing stands evidence.

2. Golf - If tennis is there in the Olympics, so also should be its country-club partner...

3. Rugby - With 116 national federations under the auspices of the International Rugby Board, my opponent is correct... there are "easily enough nations playing" to make an Olympic tournament viable...

Two differences on the eliminate side, one on the replacement side... and away we go!

Are you really going to keep Race-walking as an Olympic sport?

"Walk, don't run". That's their motto.

Let us say I win a gold medal in Race-walking.

I am thus the guy that can walk faster?

Look at the hips, this is perfectly ridiculous:

About Synchronized Swimming: I agree that it takes athleticism and talent.

But is it a sport? I do not think so.

Doing flips inside water?

That is ballet inside water, almost.

To be included you voted for Softball, I voted for Skateboarding.

Softball, as you pointed, was axed from the 2012 Olympics.

Are there that many Olympics enthusiasts that are going to miss Softball?

I have nothing against Softball, nothing against that particular pick of yours... but is it that important?

Is it a priority to bring Softball back?

On the other hand, Skateboarding is expected to make its debut in the 2012 Olympics, and I do believe the sport deserves, at least, a shot.

If it doesn't work, then cut it.

As it stands, it is a sport that has come a long way, that produces exciting moments and highlight reels.

And it will undoubtedly attract more youngsters to watch the Olympics.

You continue to simply lobby for your choices while completely ignoring the head-to-head debate. Which requires more athletic skill and physical control -- racewalking... or SAILING? Sure, their hips may look funny as racewalkers compete. At least their hips are what propels them forward -- not the weather...

For the Olympics, which should be a testament of physical ability, racewalking inherently tests the human body in a much more tangible way...

As for your arguments against synch. swimming ("That is ballet inside water, almost."), this same thing could be said about rhythmic gymnastics -- except that performing these maneuvers, in time with teammates, is again a much more strenuous test of physical ability. When both sports depend on often-subjective judging paradigms, it is imperative that we keep the one that demonstrates both mental and physical acuity.

To counter your argument inre: skateboarding v. softball, both would be worthy sports. But softball, a team sport, offers more opportunities to more athletes than does skateboarding. Bringing back softball affords more athletes the chance at the Olympic experience than does skateboarding...

I am sorry but that last part of your argument makes absolutely no sense.

Your argument for Softball over Skateboarding revolves around the fact that Softball is a team sport, and thus "more worthy"? (this isn't a quote)

Look at all the main Olympic sports and tell me that the majority of them aren't individual sports.

100m, 200m, long jump, marathon, etc, most events in gymnastics, most events in swimming, judo, greco-roman, and the list goes on and on.

The "team" issue should not determine anything here.

What you say about Sailing is not entirely correct. The elements are, for the most part, the same for all competitors.

Sailing requires experience and ability to get the most production out of your boat.

The competitors engage in those events over the course of multiple days, with all the strategy that is envolved. It is also very physically demanding and requires a great dose of concentration.

And no, I do not like Sailing myself.

While Racewalking does require skill, it is pointless to compare the skillset of two sports as different as those two.

Doesn't make sense.

But Racewalking is still highly ridiculous to watch.

People here have become bogged down in the racewalking argument and ignored much of the rest... we are quick to call that gimmicky but not rhythmic gymnastics... we are quick to call synchronized swimming nothing more than "flips inside water" but want to think of sailing as some pinnacle of human strategy and concentration...

Yet compare the direct physicality of each. The road is the same for all competitors in racewalking just as the elements are the same for sailors. The pool is the same depth for every competitor just as is the mat. This isn't what we're debating. And just because something seems "ridiculous to watch" does not mean that its athletes are undeserving of their place in the limelight...

Hell, many sports are ridiculous to watch but this alone does not decrease their legitimacy...

Team should have no immediate bearing... but then neither should the fact that most Olympic sports are individual sports. Eliminating team sports (as you would also with synch. swimming) DOES reduce the base number of Olympians by a greater amount, though -- and this too cannot be disputed.

Look at the whole of the argument rather than just getting blinded by funny hips...


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