• 01/03/2009, 12:30AM ET

Utah is the #1 team in the Nation.

UTEBROOK (1-0-0) vs JAubin (52-44-5)

Utah is 13-0. Beats 2 top 10 teams (Bama and TCU). Dominates the Sugar Bowl.

Beats OSU. USC loses to OSU.

Utah, beats 6 bowl teams and 3 top 25 teams on way to undefeated season.

Utah has the longest winning streak in the nation at 14 games (21 of 22).

Utah is only 2 time BCS buster. 2 and 0.

Utah wins at Fiesta and Sugar.

Utah beats Bama by more than Florida, Ole Miss beats Florida then pounds Tech which beats UT. OU loses to UT, and Tech win is tarnished by beat dow in Cotton Bowl

Utah did everything it was supposed to do including going into Ann Arbor and destroying Rich Rod's inaugral season. We win 3 games in the 4th quarter proving resiliency.

But more: 8 sacks and 3 To's against Bama. Bama held to 62 gross yards rushing (31 yards net after sacks) 208 total yards.

Bama averaged 197 a game on the ground.

Utah played offensively without fear and defensively as if they were the bigger and better team. Bama had no answer. (a bad call on the punt retur gave them 7 points).

There is no question that Utah is the best team in the country regardless of the Fiesta or the NC game.

1) Utah exposed Alabama the same way Florida did.

2) You can't say we are the best team because we beat Oregon State, who in return beat USC. For example, because Oregon beat Oregon State, but by a larger margin, that means that Oregon will beat Utah...see how this just doesn't work out ad makes your point invalid?

3) Beating Michigan this year is nothing to hang your hat on. Toledo beat them at the Big House. SO if your program's best win of the season was over a 3-9 team, then you have no business to tell people you deserve the title.

4) Utah may have the longest winning streak in the nation, but what does the 2007 season have to do with the 2008 season?

5) Utah is the only 2 time BCS buster. And? They beat an overrated Oklahoma team last time and an Alabama team that was severely exposed in their previous game.

6) Utah does not have great coaches. Utah did not kill Alabama when they had the chance. In order to be considered one of the best teams, you have to kick your opponent when they are down. Using the no huddle, they raced to a 21-0 first quarter lead. What happened next? The coaches changed the style of offense and allowed Alabama back into the game.

Our signature win was tonight, not against UM, that was the point. We went in front of 106,000 people and gave UM the ticket to their worst year ever. They never recovered.

Utah did statistically destroy Bama and a 14 point win as 10 point dogs is destroying a team (+24). I guarantee Vegas is not happy tonight.

I don't think that Utah can beat USC because OSU beat USC. Did you or did you not watch the game tonight?

Utah was the best team on the carpet, bar none. The only team who so clearly dominated like Utah was LSU, and do you claim LSU is an elite team? No.

Each of you who only root for a BCS team, take away your bias for a moment and rethink the game, you see that Utah was the dominating team on both sides of the ball.

Florida only beat Bama in the 4th quarter. Utah destroyed Bama, on the score board and statistically.

Utah can beath anyone, and has proven it in the only way it can, by the games that were on its schedule and the pick of the Sugar Bowl.

If a team can beat anyone it faces, and did, aren't they the best in the land?

I saw the game. What I saw was Utah control the game in the first quarter, and put the game away in the fourth quarter.

As for Utah beating anybody, yes they did play a challenging non-conference schedule according to the preseason. Could Utah beat anybody, I highly doubt that Utah can beat a South Carolina team or a Florida team. Alabama, as I said, was exposed by Florida. Utah took advantage of that. They deserve credit. But to claim they are the best team is absurd.

Did they beat everybody they played, yes. But who did they play. You mention they played 6 bowl teams. Three of them were ranked. But who else did they play? Oregon State? Air Force? Weber State? It is not an accomplishment for what you consider the best team to beat Weber State.

Also, as for saying the reason why Michigan was 3-9 was due to Utah beating them is laughable.

"I don't think that Utah can beat USC because OSU beat USC. Did you or did you not watch the game tonight?"

I watched the game and I have to agree with you, I do not think that Utah can beat USC.

Forfeited Turn

Held off for as long as I can. Thank you all who commented down below. It was fun while it lasted.

What more can I say? Homers vote for home teams, there's no getting around it. However, the point of a throwdown is to read the arguments and vote on the arguments, not your opinion. If you want to vote on your opinion, go write on a blog post.

Also, I have been hearing the duping is going on. Am I angry, no. If you need to cheat to win, or feel the need to create dupe accounts to vote for your opinion and not the argument, then go right on ahead, do it. If that is what makes you sleep better at night, fine.

Here is my last argument. Utah is 13-0. Good for them. I'm sure Notre Dame and Navy (well, maybe not Notre Dame) would also be 13-0 playing the likes of Weber State. Is the MWC underrated, yes. But to claim that they belong at number 1 is complete insanity.

As for those of you who do not have a strong history, remember Auburn's undefeated season a few yeards back? Well, there was no split title.

Hands down, the best two conferences are the SEC and the Big XII. It is only right that the champion comes from a match-up of those two conference champions.


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