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March Madness TD. SportsFan vs. Moondizzle

CJM- Final Chance (32-75-11) vs Moondizzle (109-97-23)

Topic: Team who didn't make playoffs this season, with best chance next season.

I say the New York Yankees. They finally went after pitching. They got C.C. Sabathia, A.J. Burnett. Those were two good pitchers that the Yankees picked up. Also got Mark Teixeira, another great offseason pick up. The Yankees may be spending alot of money this off-season but it could be worth it. The Yankees got a great pitching rotation, C.C. Sabathia, A.J Burnett, Chien-Ming-Wang, Joba Chamberlain, and Phil Hughes. That is a great rotation. Then they got offense: Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeria, A-Rod, Robinson Cano, Xavier Nady, and their another pickup from a trade from white sox, Nick Swisher. The Yankees got the stuff to make another playoff run maybe a world series apparence. I have never seen the Yankees spend alot of money but it will be worth it. I am a red sox fan, so it is hard for me to admit this. Good Luck Moondizzle.

New York Mets

(Disclaimer: Calm down "choke" callers. Let me explain.)

The Mets achilles heel last season was their bullpen. And I am Captain Obvious.

What exactly did they do? Well they shipped out the entire bullpen, sans Pedro Feliciano (who finally gets to settle into the lefty set-up role, often he was called upon to face righties). Added K-Rod (diminished velocity aside, he's still one of the best) and Putz. Parnell throws gas, and is likely to settle into a middle relief role. It's still January, and they will add pieces. Most MLB teams add bullpen help with Spring Training invites.

They return a team that has alot to prove. Their infield and outfield are set, and the sore spot (Luis Castillo) has declared he will show up in the best shape of his life. We'll see. But with Reyes & Wright maturing as hitters, they still have upside.

My January statement stands for the rotation. Santana wasn't added until after this time in 2008. Lowe, Perez, and Wolf are still FA's and look for the Mets to grab 1 or even 2.

Finally, the NL. Who is there to compete? Chief competition for the WC was Milwaukee, who has no CC now. I am NOT saying they can win the division.

Mets not a bad choice. Mets did bring some bullpen. Mets got their bullpen straight, but their Pitching rotation? Not so good. Johan Santana, the only good pitcher and what about their rest of their pitchers? John Maine? Not so good. Maybe they need one more pitcher, but Lowe, Wolf are free agents, the Mets must sign them, not stay they will, they must do it before I see a good Mets bullpen. Now the Mets do have some good offense, Beltran, Wright, and Reyes, they are terrific ballplayers. Now for the WC card competion, that you bought it up, Diamondbacks they are okay team, Giants if they land Manny, or the Dodgers, and the Cardinals. So, there is plenty of compeition there.

Now for the Yankees, their team looks stacked up now. Let see if their money spending this offseason is worth it. I believe it will, because they got a gold glove 1B, Mark Teixeria is also a great offense hitter.

The Yankees get good pitching rotation, about time. Right. They should have a good fight for the AL east, if they don't get the AL east, they should get the Wildcard. I do agree that AL is tougher than NL in terms of running for the playoffs. Yankees get their chance now for the World Series.

Careful talking about rotations, when 2 of those 'stalwarts', Joba & Hughes, saw significant DL time last year. They added AJ Burnett for 5 years, and I can personally guarantee you he'll hit the DL.

As far as WC competition is concerned, are the D-Backs & Cards as dangerous to the Mets as the Sox/Rays, Athletics, Twins/ChiSox, and hey - even Detroit - all are to the Yankees?

The Mets won the season series against the Phils last year. The Nationals are just as bad or even worse. The Marlins traded away half their talent, and the Braves stayed stagnant. They may not take the division. But getting to 90+ wins is now much easier.

You mention SF & LA as WC possibilities, and neither have Manny to carry them.

The Yankees could win 93 or 94 games and fail to miss the playoffs.

You say the Yanks are "stacked." With what?

Their outfield talent is below average, if not poor. Nady has hit 20 HR once before last year, and hit .268 with NY. His range in RF is average.

No CF'er, and Johnny Damon in left. Not so hot.

Jeter is another year older, and Cano looks lost without Bowa.

Posada has yet to prove he can catch. And if he can't, does he displace Matsui @ DH?

Thy Yankees has one of the best pitching rotations in the league. If Posada can't catch, no problem, Put Matsui at LF, Damon CF, and Xavier Nady in right field. There problem solved. Damon can always come back to CF. Cano may had a tough year. Second year players had a tough year, look at A-rod for example when he was in his second year as a Yankee, A-Rod couldn't field and they call him E-Rod. I believe that Cano can bounce back and become a better hitter. He would now turn it around and the Yankees have a great rotation. And don't assume that Burnett will be on DL this year, who knows he might make the whole season. A's as a wildcard competition to the Yankees? Come on, maybe they have the offense but do they have pitching?, Detroit wasn't great last year. Like I said before AL competition is tougher than NL. Twins could be competition to the Yankees but they would fall apart just like the Mets last year. Everyone thought that the Mets was gonna take the NL East or the Wild card, but they didn't because the choke like they always do. Whenever Manny is going, He is going to lift the Giants or the Dodgers and they could be competition to the Mets in the NL wildcard.

"If Posada can't catch, no problem, Put Matsui at LF, Damon CF, and Xavier Nady in right field."

Wow. You sure you're not a Yankee fan? Damon can barely play center, while Matsui cant play the outfield. If Posada can't catch, they have a problem.

And if this lineup is so 'stacked'...why is it they are trying to unload both Swisher and Nady? There is still no bonafide CF on this team.

"And don't assume that Burnett will be on DL this year."

Sorry, but its a very safe assumption that he will land on the DL. He's a frequent flyer. He'll be there. Oh, did I mention his ERA is over 4? $16 million per. Yeesh.

"Everyone thought that the Mets was gonna take the NL East or the Wild card, but they didn't because the choke like they always do."

Thats desperate, dude. To state that they will choke based upon the last 2 seasons is irrelevant and silly.

They are going to front run for that wildcard spot. The Brewers are worse, the NL East got worse as a whole besides the Mets (Smoltz bailed, Marlins dumped their talented players), and the NL West is a pure joke.

You can't also say that whereever Manny goes, they will compete.

You have no idea where he is going.


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