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7#bag _ Com (997-338-74) vs Somebody of Note (43-13-5)

Gotta be nascar.

True they are sitting down- but have you EVER had to drive 500 miles with NO potty break, no McDonalds, and not even a decent radio station on?

Golf is not a sport- walk, swing, walk, swing, you get some idiot to CARRY YOUR BAGS!!

I mean really? Tiger won with a BROKEN LEG- you tell Jack Youngblood to play on a broken leg- thats something- you mean to tell me that John Daly wouldn;t accidentaly trip over the tee and fall onto Tiger if it was a REAL SPORT??

there are 5 year olds that can play golf- but can they DRIVE?? Not in any state- you have to be at least 15 to drive legally.

Driving takes Stamina, endurance, and snap relexes.

What do you have to do for golf? Swing a stick 80 times at most(if you are going to win)

at let me quote one of your finest

Sergio Garcia "The locker room we had was really, really small and uncomfortable. I wish it had been even half the size of theirs. We had two showers, one next to a toilet.

So you LOST because you had SMALL LOCKER ROOMS?? Barry Bonds had it right, without a KickAsz lockerroom, you can;t win.

It has to be golf, quite simply. Even though some golfers look more like they had a 24-pack than a six-pack, it still trumps NASCAR.

To me, a sport isn't a daily activity heightened to an extreme level. People drive every day; is driving to school to pick up your kids a sport? After all, it requires the same attributes that NASCAR does. Golf, meanwhile, requires a specific skill set. You need body control, you need power that is generated from your legs and torso, and you need to be able to control your strength and judge how much is allocated to a much greater degree than NASCAR.

I also have trouble saying an athletic activity that is dependent on individual performance is less of a sport than one that depends for a large part on mechanics and external technology. The entire vessel for one's athleticism to be displayed is designed by a bunch of scientists with less street cred than Agrippa in Oklahoma. When a machine plays a significant part in determining who wins something, it's less of a sport in my book.

Golf, meanwhile, relies entirely on the competitors. They may look lazy, but it's better than sitting down, pressing the gas, and making a left turn for three hours.

when is the last time you drove over 200 miles an hour for 4 hours?

Heck when is the last time you drove more than 50 miles an hour on those snow tires?

So lets go with YOUR list?

"Golf, meanwhile, requires a specific skill set. You need body control,"

-- You need Body control in golf for what? 20 seconds 80 times for a course? in Nascar you have to maintain control for HOURS other than small pit stops

"you need power that is generated from your legs and torso, "

-- Look I know in Canada you mostly have horses, but in these things we call CARS you need to use your legs to push the pedals and you also have a clutch on the wheels- you are not just sitting there with your arm on the window waving at the fans

"and you need to be able to control your strength and judge how much is allocated to a much greater degree than NASCAR."

Pop Quiz- how far do you have to turn the wheel at 40 miles an hour to make a 20-degree turn?

How far at 60 miles per hour?

How many at ONE HUNDRED?

anyone here at TWO HUNDRED?

There is a REASON that when you go to the "Nascar Experience" Most people don;t crack 130 the first time out- they are not used to the POWER

So the reason NASCAR is more of a sport is because you feel more powerful? Because you get an adrenaline rush? You know what makes you feel more powerful? Being the president. You know what gives you an adrenaline rush? Riding a roller-coaster. When it boils down to it, sports aren't about power. Sports are about athleticism, not about whatever makes you feel more powerful.

In Canada, we don't have horses. Way too cold for that. However, we do have cars. I know that you need to press your foot on a pedal and use your hands to steer and manipulate the clutch like RobertMenn manipulates his sausage role when watching Andrei Arlovski fight. When you get down to it, though, you're still operating a machine and calling it a sport. If that's a sport, then I guess we can include competitive logging and channel-surfing.

In the meantime, I'll take the sport that depends almost entirely on your physical performance. Golfing requires a very specific blend of power, skill, and mental fortitude. It's much harder to golf well than to drive well. You may say that going hours without **** is hard, but not as hard as walking in the blazing sun and manipulating your body correctly for more.

How in the Blue Hell ( I.E. August in Canada) can you say something bad about Nascar! They FIGHT in Nascar! Drivers, Pit Crews, even the OWNERS get into it!

How can you, as an Ice Soccer fan degrade a sport BUILT ON BEER! John Daly get kicked out of the PGA and he is the only one that can hold anything stronger than Double Sweet Kool-Aid!

You sure you are Canadian?? I mean real Canadian- are you one of them French-Canadian pansies?

But anyway- back to the subject at hand

You said "Golfing requires a very specific blend of power, skill, and mental fortitude"

Right, Diving takes none of that- thats why Old People and Orientals drive so well

You quazi-Frogs have NO idea what all goes into a Nascar event

Let me ask you this- what is the greatest feat in Golf?

The Hole in one!

The YOUNGEST player to ever have a Hole in one was FIVE YEARS OLD

Now lets take a 5 and 102 year old- and put them behind the wheel of a car- you get in a third car and lets race around WalM- well whatever you Canadians have up there; Lard-Barn whatever.

What is the Diff between You and a PGA pro? 10 swings?
You and TMS? Bout 150 MPH

So the reason why NASCAR is better than than golf is because drivers occasionally fight, fans drink beer, and five and 102 year olds can't do it? Five year olds and 102 years olds are also likely unable to operate a chainsaw, does it make it that a sport? See, the main reason NASCAR has a very specific age group is because you need to be proficient in the operation of a machine: the car. No matter how you slice it, NASCAR is nearly entirely dependent on the car, with a slight bit up to the driver's non-athletic abilities. That doesn't make it more of a sport.

You're saying the difference between me and a NASCAR driver is 150 MPH? That must mean I drive like a snail. The speed run by Greg Biffle this year to win the pole at Dover was 155.219 MPH. Patrick Carpentier at New Hamphire? 129.776. Don't get me wrong, I could never be a NASCAR driver, but the gap between the average freeway driver and a NASCAR star isn't nearly as huge as the gap between a non-professional golfer and a pro. If I ever break 100 in my life on the course, then I'll send you a keg of beer.

The bottom line is that NASCAR requires less athleticism and is reliant on technology. Golf is just more of a sport.


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