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Best Current NBA coach yet to lead his team to an NBA finals title

Mac Brody (8-4-0) vs 7#bag _ Com (998-338-74)

I gotta go with Jerry Sloan on this one. He has superbly consistent with the Utah Jazz for the past 20 seasons.
Sure he had HOFer's in Stockand Malone, but even after both retired he kept the franchise above water and never allowed it to flutter towards mediocrity. There is no other coach in the NBA or any other sport for that matter, that has been with one team longer then Sloan.
He is all about positive results.
In the 20 years he has been at the helm of Utah, they have qualified for the playoffs seventeen times and Sloan led Jazz teams have dipped under .500 only once in his tenure. He is 4th all-time in career regular season wins.
Only Phil Jackson and Pat Riley have had more season with 50 or more wins. Which speaks volumes considering both Jackson and Riley have had overrall better squads over the years.
HIs .600 winning percentage is 7th best all-time and is another example of his model of consistency.
With 87 playoff wins, he sits at number five all-time.
The closest he ever got to leading his team to an NBA crown was two consecutive NBA final match-ups against Jordan's Chicago Bulls dynasty and losing to those guys is nothing to be ashamed of.
Good luck.

Jerry Sloan??

MAAAANNN that is one HUGE Branch you have stepped out on!

Man you got any room out there- you gotta be 2 maybe 3 inches out there!

you sure you don;t want to pick anyone off the beaten path or is ESPN the only site you read?

Let look at Jerry Sloan shall we?

number of teams he has coached; TWO

number of teams he has lead to the Finals- ONE (two Utah teams)

Pressure to win: NADA.

Jerry Sloan, stays in Utah beacuse he has ZERO pressure to win and win now- he basically has a college job and he loves it.

If Sloan were in say Houston, or Dallas or even Miami- he would have been LONG GONE.

Sloan has had 2 of the best Points I have seen in my 28 YEARS of NBA watching- and a top 5 PF.

and yet he gets 2 trips to the finals from it?

What is the Bread and Butter of Utah O?

We all know it- does he CHANGE?


Sloan is a GREAT coach- but he is stuck in Utah- losing in round 1 or 2 of the playoffs and waiting until next year.

My Pick is coach that has Moved around to WIN- is NOT fat dumb and happy in one place for 2 decades and is willing to TAKE CHANCES to win.

My Pick is


It doesn't matter where or what team he coaches. The only thing that matters is that he is an institution in Utah and he is all about results and he wins.
What has Don Nelson ever done? Won a ton of games with talented teams, RUn TMC, Cuban funded Mavs and he buckeled under the Big Apple bright lights and all the while he never sniffed an NBA final. In his thirty years of coachingm the furthest a Nelson led team has gotten is the conference finals twice, the same amount of times Sloan led his team to the NBA Finals. I'm still not sure NElson understands the concept of team defense because none of his teams have ever played it and perhaps had he incorporated an iota of a defensive philosophy in his scheme, he would have taken one of those stacked Mavs teams to a Finals appearance, kind of how his pupil Avery Johnson did immediatley after Nelson quit. Yeah he quit, because he couldn't get along with Cuban.
That ego man, the same reason a potentially decent Webber,Sprewell led Warriors team was dismantled in its infancy, because Nelson always thought he was bigger then the team.
Sloan is team first and that is why he has not had to bounce around the league like Nelson.

Lets answer the Questions

"What has Don Nelson ever done? "


The Bucks Team ONE

Takes a team that won 30 games- 3 years later he goes on a run of SEVEN STRAIGHT Division titles.

Number of Hall of Famers in that group? One.

By the way- He loses 5 TIMES to the Celtics and twice to the Philly teams in that run- how many HOF are on those teams? 3 EACH at LEAST

The Warriors- Team TWO

Takes over a team that won 20 games- and takes them to the playoffs 4 of the next 6 years. After Nelson- GSW goes on a TWELVE YEAR playoff drought.

The Knicks -Team Three

Didn;t mesh with them

BUT he was 9 games over 500, Van Gundy was only 3 games over on his part of the season

The Mavs - Team FOUR

Takes over a 19 win team- leads them on a playoff run 4 of his last 6 years

(breaking an 10 year playoff drought )

The Warriors part Duex

First year in Breaks the TWELVE year playoff drought they have

so in ALL 5 Teams- Nelson either had a better record or lead the team to MUCH greater heights.

Sloan took over a team that had been in the playoffs for SIX STRAIGHT YEARS

and improved them

4 wins.


Those Bucks teams were stacked, but they always underachieved. Division titles are not as impressive as conference titles.
Run TMC? Underacheived. Remember when he had 6'8 Tolbert running the point and Manute Bol flinging three pointers instead of teaching him how to play in the post?
The Dallas Mavericks. WOW. What more do you need? Oh yeah, team defense.
Avery inherits a team Nelson thought he could make the Finals with but didn't, and gets them 2 wins away from a title.
How many years had Johnson been coaching in the League?
Not as many as Nelson and Nelson is still looking for a Finals appearance.
That Warrior team last year? If Nelson had showed a little more interest and coached in the beginning of the season they would not be the first 48 win team to miss out on an EIGHT team playoff field. Another Nellie underacheivement.
Win pct. .600 to .572- Sloan.
Playoff win pct. .497 to .452-Sloan
You want a coach that demands each of his players full potential every year and gets results or you want a coach who brings a fun brand of basketball, but runs in place and always needs to go back to the drawing board and but is too stubborn too?
Love Nellie, but edge Sloan.

FN will not let me post my arg so.

So lets see- we have a guy that BUILDS teams, time and time again- and when he leaves 2 teams have YET to comeback to the levels he put them.

vs a coach that took a playoff team . . . . and kept them a playoff team?

and thats supposed to impress me?

If Stockton to Malone was in New York, LA, Boston, Chi, heck even Orlando - SLoan would have BEEN gone- he is a college coach having a college career, solid teams- never crappy, but never a real threat to win.

You winning % numbers are great- until you read my arg about Sloan taking over a PLAYOFF team and Nellie taking over teams that won 19, 20, 30 etc.

Utah made the playoffs SIX STRAIGHT YEARS before Sloan
the Mavs were out TEN YEARS, the Warriors TWELVE

thats says it all right there.


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