• 01/22/2009, 07:10PM ET

March Madness TD: Best 3 NFL players to come from Alabama

travis31 (133-61-17) vs Chosen1 (316-130-44)

1) Bart Starr-QB

This one was pretty easy. Only QB to EVER lead a team to 5 SBs, and a 2-time SB MVP. 4 time Pro Bowler, 1 time All-Pro. Starr win the first 2 SBs and defeated rival AFL teams in 1966 and 1967. No debate Starr is best Bama NFL player of all time.

2) Don Hutson-WR

Great all around player in the NFL, I was very close to putting him No 1. I couldnt believe some of the stats I found researching this TD....

488 career catches

7991 yards

99 TDs

16.4 average yac.

30 INTs

172/184 career on PATs

scored 811 career points


Held 18 major records at time of retirement

3) John Hannah-LG

Hannah has been called the greatest Lineman of all time by SI, and 2nd best by Sporting News, with good reason.

10x All Pro

9x Pro Bowler

1970s All Decade Team

1980s All Decade Team

Starting LG on NFL 75th anniversary team

Ok, that sums up my list, I'll agrue more in my next 2 arguments.

Good Luck Chosen1

1) Hutson
2) Hannah

3) Dwight Stephenson- center for the Dolphins

I find it hard to compare statistically a quarterback to a center so instead what I look at is historically who was better at their own individual position

During their own individual era's who was held higher at their position? To me I would have to say Stephenson

Starr played during the era of Unitas, Jurgensen, and Tarkenton all three of which I think a case can be made for them being better than Bart Starr

Stephenson on the other hand was the best center during the years that he played. Even if you do not consider him to be the best at the most you may find one other guy to argue against him with.

When speaking historically Stephenson ranks higher at the position of center than Starr does at quarterback.

Lets remember that is while Stephenson was on the Dolphins that he set the record for most passing yards in a season. It was also with Stephenson that Marino saw his greatest success having went to 5 straight pro bowls and didnt make another until 4 years after Stephenson left

more to come

I'd take Starr over any QB of your list.

Starr's season with the most picks was 17.

Jurgensen: 26

Tarkenton: 32

Unitas: 24

Starr has a higher than the other 3:


Single Season Rating

TD% for a single season

INT% for a single season (lower than other 3, not higher)

Ties Unitas for higest y/a of the group

2nd Highest single season completion% of the group

Starr is defintely right in the middle of that conversation. To dismiss him from the best group of QBs during his time is ridiculous.

Dwight Stephenson was a great player, but for somebody who only played 8 years in the NFL, can you honestly call him the 3rd best player of all time from Alabama over Bart Starr?

Stephenson was an All Pro and Pro Bowler for 5 years. People all the time say Kurt Warner only had 5 great years, and doesnt deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. I am by no means saying that DS doesnt belong in the HOF, but the 3rd best player to come from Alabama?

He had 5 great seasons. Not 10, not 15, but 5.

And you want to call him 3rd best player UA player of all time over Bart Starr?

Thats insane. 5 years doesnt make an NFL Career.

Hmmm I liked how you picked things like one season worth of int's to try and make a case

Sonny= best passing yards 3747

Unitas= best passing yards 3481

Tarkenton= best passing yards 3468

Starr= best passing yards 2438

All three guys I named had seasons where they threw for over 1000 more yards than Starr did in his best season.

Tarkenton 14 seasons of more yards than Starr's best
Unitas 10 seasons of more yards than Starr's best
Sonny 6 seasons of more yards than Starr's best

Tarkenton 342 passing td's
Unitas 290 passing td's
Sonny 255 passing td's
Starr 152 passing td's

We can do this all day fact is though Starr was not better than all three of those guys.

You didnt argue against me that Stephenson ranks higher all time at his position than Starr.

Stephenson's career cut short by an injury. What he gave us in those 5 years though was enough to put him as one of if not the greatest center of all time. He was the Dolphins captain on offense and with him the Dolphins gave up the least sacks in his last 5 seasons.

Im taking Stephenson

Wow, lets see:

BS career high in attempts: 295

SJ career high in attempts: 508

FT carer high in attempts:572

Jurgensen led the NFL in attempts 3x.

Tarkenton led the NFL in attempts 2x.

Bart Starr? Never.

Saying that Dwight ranks higher than Bart at their respective positions is irrelevant.

Name me all the great Centers of all time.

Now name all the great QBs of all time.

There are alot more QBs. DS is ranked higher at his position, but so what? There isnt exactly a huge line of all time great Centers.

No need for me to argue career Pass TDs. Starr played in a different system and had far less attempts. Pass TDs are not a good way to argue for your candidate.

DS had 5 great years. BS had 5 NFL championships.

Starr has a championship season to counter every single one of DS great years.

Which is greater: Being an All Pro, or leading your team to 5 NFL championships, including the first 2 and 2 over the rival AFL league.

Not even counting BS best years, he has something Stephenson cant counter.

SB rings.

BS: 5

DS: 0

When you compare players from different positions, things like things like this stick out.

Hmmmmm so the counter you made is well there are more all time great qbs than there are centers

Well yea when you think about it that is true.... There are more "great" quarterbacks than there are centers. Yet there is one center on the field and one quarterback on the field at the same time.

So why is it that despite there being the same amount of centers that there are quarterbacks people know so few centers names? The fact that Stephenson name is even one that many people know speaks volumes of how great the man was.

Oh here we go another rings argument.... Well Plunkett has 2 more rings than Marino, Fouts and Stephenson combined. So what he is better than all three of them right?

Rings are nice but they dont always say a whole lot now do they?

If Starr is so great why does he only have 4 pro bowl appearances and 1 first team all pro in 16 years?

Stephenson despite having only started most of the season in 6 seasons he made 5 straight pro bowls and 4 first team all pro teams.

this is the last time I try and throw a center at a quarterback in a throwdown.... I hope to do more throwdowns with you in the future man just on a better topic


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