• 01/25/2009, 06:42PM ET

Moving the NFL Pro Bowl to the week before the Super Bowl in 2010 is a BAD idea

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In an attempt to increase the number of people who watch the pro bowl they moved it to the week before the superbowl during the one week break between the conference championships and the Super Bowl.

The Players dont take the Pro Bowl seriously and don't try for fear of injury already and thats after the season is over during the offseason...

Honestly, as a player, what would make you want to play in a game right before the Super Bowl if your team was going to the Championship. The risk of injury or even fatigue/soreness is just not worth it

they are going to end up with the problems that the NHL and NBA are having right now with teams prohibiting players from participating and the league suspending them for skipping the event.

It might draw more viewers, but i dont know what the league was thinking

I think you are missing the point.

The guys in the Super Bowl will NOT be partaking in the pro bowl.

All the media will already be at the site of the game. That means more oppurtunity for players to endorse products and themselves. Which will most likely lead to more guys showing up than usual.

The NFL already has a hiuge problem with guys no showing.

If this fixes that great if not, OH WELL.

You know the saying if it ain't broke don't fix it


How bout if it is totally ruined and no one gives a crap anyways why not try something else.....

Well at the very least, moving it to the week before will result in many fantastic players for sure not participating. Like this years pro bowlers that wouldnt be playing (troy polomalu, larry fitzgerald, james harrison, anquan boldin, kurt warner, adrian wilson, sean morey, james farrior, ). That will make the pro bowl just that much worse than it already is.

Last year the two biggest names from the Super Bowl teams were Tom Brady and Randy Moss.

Even after playing the Pro Bowl the week after the Super Bowl, guess who didn't show up in Hawaii?

After the grind it takes to get to the big game, some guys wont have the ability to go anyways.

Also the league is full of taklented guys, for instance....

You lose Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin, you replace them with Calvin Johnson and Greg Jennings. Not exactly the peachy's of the NFL, huh?

The Pro Bowl hasn't really been about a good product anyways but it is a chacne for the NFL to showcase it's up and coming talent from the land of no return (like Detroit).

The one game everyone watches on the planet is the Super Bowl, so all of those guys get the moment in the spotlight. The Pro Bowl gives the league a chance to spotlight entirely different players while people still give a crap about football and haven't moved on to studying up for March Madness.

So if none of this convinces you, like everyone said below "Would you have liked to watch some football yesterday?"

Also, sorry I had a ton of trouble finding an adequate replacement for Sean Morey....

Well the point of the pro bowl is not to display up and coming players just because the best ones didn't feel like playing or couldnt. And Tom Brady and Randy Moss was a bad example of fatigue...They weren't fatigued they were just crying that the got stomped by a huge underdog in the super bowl.

I understand that if anquan and larry didnt play they would still have calvin and jennings but thats not the point. the point is to reward anquan and larry for their great play by sending them to the pro bowl and i dont understand u saying that its a chance to showcase up and coming talent. the best players play in that game...most of them multiple year vets but occasionally a rookie or 2 year player will play in it but if they r good enough to be there they are playing fantastic and dont exactly need any showcasing

"And Tom Brady and Randy Moss was a bad example of fatigue They weren't fatigued they were just crying that the got stomped by a huge underdog in the super bowl."

It was?


So what planet were you on while Tom Brady was walking around in a boot the two weeks heading up to game day of the Super Bowl? Uranus?

"the point is to reward"

Really so last year 16 guys withdrew from the game.

What was the reward? A bad case of crabs?

I mean why would that many guys miss out if it was a REWARD to them. (not all were truelly injured)

I agree I may have worded it wrong with the up and coming talent line, but..

Do NOT think the main reason leagues have an all-star game is to reward. It is to show off the products best. BUT if the best doesn't want to be their, then wouldn't they prefer the guys who want to be their. The dropoff in talent is minimal if it at all at that level, just look at the receivers

"dont exactly need any showcasing "

Not everyone is a diehard like you. The NFL is smart, they have a mass audience ready for one game, why not market another game in the same town and see how much intrigue the not so diehard gives.

If it's broke...


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