• 01/28/2009, 04:10PM ET

Would You Rather Have Plax or T.O Next Season?

Beantown Red Sawx (1-4-1) vs Gu3: Hip Hip .... PIE (434-333-58)

Two very controversial wide receivers who could both be wearing new jerseys next season. My question to you is who would you rather have suiting up for your team next season?

I'd have to go with Plaxico Burress. First off, he's four years younger than T.O. He has also proven that he is a winner. He won the Super Bowl with the Giants last year and the Giants were the best team in the NFC this year when he was suited up for them.

Owens has already proven to be a cancer on three teams in his career. He's called out Jeff Garcia, Donovan McNabb, Tony Romo, his coaching staffs, and numerous others throughout his career. He is not content unless he is a clear number one option for a team, and his age makes me think his skills will only decline.

I'd take Terrell Owens. Sure, he is a cancer and I am not a fan. But atleast you can guarantee that he won't be carrying around pistols to strip clubs and shooting himself in the leg. I mean, I've seen Helen Keller use a hammer with a better result.

Terrell Owens:
139 receiving TDs (2nd all time)
14,122 yards
14.8 YPC
74.7 YPG
951 receptions

Plaxico Burres:
55 receiving TDs (154th all time)
7,845 yards
15.5 YPC
61.8 YPG
505 receptions

You mentioned the Super Bowl and the playoffs, well, you must not have seen Plax's numbers in the playoffs in '08. His one game, the Super Bowl, he caught 2 balls for 27 yards and a touchdowns. David Tyree, Amani Toomer, Steve Smith, and Kevin Boss all had better games.

You can say that Terrell Owens is a little bit (don't kill me for this) detached from his past. I mean, Plaxico's incident happened a few months ago. Non-football fans still know his name as the moron who shot himself in the leg in the middle of the season.

Plaxico's antics this year killed the Giants' chances of making it far into the playoffs.

The most TD's Plax has caught in a season was 12. Meanwhile, TO has caught 12+ seven times. One yr he had 16.

You say that Owens is detached from his past, but just as recently as Plaxico's gun incident Owens called out Romo for not passing to him enough. He was also very much against Jason Witten. When his team is not winning Owens complains and essentially blows the team up.

Plaxico's antics did hurt the Giants possible run to a Super Bowl. But in a weird way I think that shows how valuable he was. T.O was available all season and the Cowboys still didn't make the playoffs. Burress has had many less incidents in his career than Owens, and all of his incidents don't involve him calling out a teammate.

And while Plaxico's stats aren't as good as Owen's, Plax has been in the league for four less years than Owens.

"And while Plaxico's stats aren't as good as Owen's, Plax has been in the league for four less years than Owens."

Do you really want to argue that?

Terrell Owens Yearly Averages:
11 TDs
1,086 yards
73 receptions

Plaxico Burress Yearly Averages:
6 TDs
871 yards
56 recpetions

What do I win?

What good does a player do you if he isn't out on the field? What Plaxico did cost his team games by him not being able to play. The object of having a player is for him to be out on the field.

Terrell Owens is out on the field and obviously his complaints have not affected his play as he is one of the greatest wideouts of all time.

Bascially, I would rather have my player call out his teammates than shoot himself in the leg.

Valuable or not valuable, if you sign Plaxico Burres, there is that fuzzy chance that he will not even be out on the field because of jail time or shooting himself in the leg.

Burress is only affective when he is on the field even though he does keep the injured reserve filled.

I think that Plaxico's age gives him an advantage going into next season. And I may be crazy, but I think that this incident will be the last for Plaxico. I would think the gun incident would get him thinking about what's important to him, and that should be football. Owens has proven through multiple incidents that he is always going to complain and be a selfish player.

And Owens' complaints have not affected his play, but it has certainly affected the play of his team. The Cowboys may be the best team in the NFL talent wise. It's headcases like T.O that ruin a locker room and waste a team filled with talent and potential.

Plaxico's age doesn't matter. Heck, next season, if he gets loose from a tackle, it would probably just long enough for the large naked man on top of him to switch positions. Translation - Plaxico will be in PRISON. His receiving skills would only help him in one aspect next year....

And to say that the Cowboys have the most talent in the NFL is crazy. I can name many more teams that have more talent than the Dallas Cowboys.

Terrell Owens is one of the greatest WRs of all time. He will also be playing next year.

Plaxico Burress might be the star player on the prison team next year along side OJ Simpson.


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