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Philadelphia is the WORST pro town because of their fans

Jerry Jones SB Ring Pimp Slap (10-20-1) vs Moondizzle (109-97-23)

As I'm sure we will all see in the comments down below, Philadelphia has to be the WORST all time sports city because of their fans.

Some will say NY or Boston. Those guys talk a lot but you can't really say much because they have won the big ones, in NY case more than anyone.

Philadelphia fans are loud, obnoxious, stupid, horrible, and straight up bitter fans that cant seem to get over the fact that they aren't on top.

Some of them would have you believe they are better than everyone else when in fact they are bottom-feeders.

I hope I win...

The WORST all-time sports city? Really?

First of all, you are putting me in position to defend the city which I have loathed, loathe, and will loathe for all eternity.

Secondly, where do you get off? Because they happen to be passionate about their sports? No matter where you go in the country, you will get stupid, obnoxious, loud, horrible, and straight up bitter fans. No matter where you go. The fact that it's more prevalent there because of their passion allows you to dump on them? Please. You're the bitter one.

One of only 4 cities where all 4 professional franchises play within the city limits. That's what Philadelphia is. It's not expansive. It's not California. This city is essentially a family, dedicating themselves to the home town like possibly no other city in sports.

Their baseball team dates back to 1883.

Their football team dates back more than 70 years.

Their hockey & basketball franchises have enjoyed significant success, except for more recent times.

Is there something wrong with pride? Pride in your teams, and pride in your city?

I'm somewhat sick of the aspersions being cast against these fans when there are MANY good people there.

Example #1

PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- They brawl, boo and hurl batteries and snowballs. Philadelphia fans have earned their reputation as among the most surly in sports.

By cheering Dallas Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin as he lay motionless on the turf Sunday with a neck injury, the fans brought the city's reputation for boorishness to new lows. Posted: Thursday October 14, 1999 07:21 PM

"Unspeakable, even for us," proclaimed a headline in the Philadelphia Daily News.

They are the ONLY fans to ever cheer a rival player laying motionless on the ground. Irvin could've been paralyzed for all they knew at the time.

Example #2


Frank Olivo -- the erstwhile Santa in question -- wasn't drunk, nor was his red suit in tatters that December day in 1968 when he walked onto the field for the halftime show, only to be met by a chorus of jeers and a snowball fusillade from Eagles fans.

Santa? Come on, he wasnt even drunk or anything!

If you boo Santa you suck

So you have two examples for me. Wow. That must have taken alot of research. I can bang my head against the keyboard too. Hey, watch:


Anyway, I'll move on.

You have no idea what the fans sentiments are at any given time when they boo, cheer, or anything else. So they booed Michael Irvin. I'm sure there were thousands of people that were appalled by it in the stands. Does that indict every single fan of Philadelphia sports? No.

I had a fan from Philly come up to me at their new park and personally apologize to me for his friend's antics. He's a jerk though, because his friend is. So he's one of the worst fans ever.

And as far as example two is concerned:

The Great Philadelphia Fan Book was co-authored by Glen Macnow and Anthony L. Gargano.

"Santa had it coming for a different reason actually," says Macnow. "Santa was a surrogate that day for Joe Kuharich and Jerry Wolman and Norm Snead. The poor kid just happened to be representing the frustrations."

You have 54,000 fans of a 2-12 team sitting in the stands during a snowstorm, and they throw snowballs. Shocker. Their act was a repudiation of the franchise. Not "Santa."

OUCH! I guess you have researched SO much today you are turning into a Philly A Hole!

Please I implore everyone reading this TD to peruse the comment section below, as you will see Philly fans, instead of suggesting other cities, they go directly to name-calling (remind you of the guy on the right?) . But hey its okay, I explained in my very first sentence that would happen.

Look I do have a deep hatred for everything Philly (accept my boy Ben Franklin coming back from the dead to chill). One guy down there said, honest to God, that Philly was on top of the world. Why because you won a Trophy is baseball? Baseball is dying, no one cares, in two years the average fan will be hard-pressed to name the 2008 Champion.

That day Irvin was booed, sure there were some clapping for him and honestly felt bad but the boos overshadowed the cheers. So looking at everyone coming out of that stadium that day, it would be safe to say more than every other one coming out of that gate cheered for Michael being injured

OH YEAH! you didnt even name another city bc you couldnt?

Let's get something straight, guy.

A. I am not a Philadelphia fan.

C. I hate Philadelphia.

D. Stop crying like a baby about insults. Grow up. You come on here, insult everything there is to insult about people from a city (::tear:: ::tear:: peruse the comment section ::tear::) down below. And you expect, what, me to be nice?

You have proved nothing. So they boo. So they expect alot out of their teams. So they are obnoxious in the stands. Too bad. They happen to have one of the most dedicated fan bases in all the country with all of their teams close by.

The worst sports cities - those are the places where as a visitor you can't even see a good game. Those are the places that cant get people into the seats for playoff games.

Stop with this "I can't name a city" nonsense. Are Philly fans obnoxious? Hell yes. Does that make Philly the worst pro town? Hell no. I don't have to name cities because you and I have a different belief as to what a BAD pro town is.

I consider a place with crap fan support and crap attendance with no passion & pride to be the worst pro town.

Don't throw an entire city down the well because fans are passionate at the games. Nonsense.


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