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Should they're be cheerleaders in baseball? YES! YES! YES!

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-852-64) vs C-C-C (397-169-39)

Its always baffled me...

Nfl, cheerleaders = Yes
NBA, cheerleaders = yes

But apart from the florida marlins, there are no cheerleaders in baseball..


Hey if I pay $25 for a seat, $10 for parking and $24 on beer, (its $8 per beer)..
We are talking $60..

I deserve some eye candy for 60 bucks..

Yeah, the baseball is fun, but in between innings, I luv it when the cheerleaders run out onto the pitch and do there little dance..

Even if the game sucks, at least the organisation provided me with some sort of entertainment.. Sports is entertainment and by not having cheerleaders, they are being incredibly selfish..

If you are going to make the average fan pay $60, then you damn well better provide a fantastic event with decent entertainment..

I've been to thousands of games in dozens of different ball parks minor and major league. Most ballparks DO have some sort of eye candy. Some have scantily clad attractive young women taking tickets, handing out programs, selling souvenirs, etc. While others have an official group of girls, such the Nashville Sounds AAA team has the 'Soundettes' who act as ushers, mingle with the crowd during games, and perform dance routines on the top of the dugouts in between innings.

On field cheerleaders isn't feasible in baseball like it is in Football or basketball. It's just far too dangerous. But most every ball park I've attended has some sort of alternative to on-field cheerleaders.

Baseball is also unique in that it's mostly played outdoors in the middle of summer. As such you'll find very many attractive patrons dressed in tank tops, bikini tops, short shorts, and skirts, T-Shirts, etc. After 5 or 6 innings of drinking you'll often find scantily clad patrons putting on a much better show than you'd get from any official cheerleaders.

Comiskey Park in Chicago has a shower in the bleachers to encourage patrons to 'cool off'...turns into a big wet T-Shirt contest.

Thats it I'm moving to Chicago!

But having cheerleaders in baseball is extremely feasible. Like I said before, the Florida Marlins have cheerleaders that perform in every home game. They do all of their dance and cheer routines during the inning breaks, if you do the math, thats 17 breaks. One of their favorite places to dance is on field, near the foul line, and also on top of the dug out.

And when they're playing baseball, they move locations and go to a different part of the arena, so everyone gets to see them flaunt their stuff. It also adds to the excitement cause when you go up to get a beer, theres a chance you might see a platoon of scantily dressed cheerleaders walking down the tunnel.

There was one dude sitting behing me, he was about 35-40, and as the cheerleaders start dancing, he gets up and shouts, "Cheerleaders are for football!!", and everyone else was like, dude shut up!

They're is that, and who knows, maybe the guys try alittle harder, Im sure some of them date and others try and impress. Either way, they get the crowd more excited and create a better atmosphere, so cheerleaders do provide an important role in a game.

Danger? are you sure?

As I stated most all ball parks provide some sort of eye candy at various places. Official on-field cheerleaders just aren't necessary. "cheerleaders" are supposed lead the crowd in cheering on the home team (hence their name). That's their main purpose. In baseball the girls can't be on the field during the game, way to dangerous for them and would result in a ton of interference.

What use is a cheerleader between innings? Are they going to lead us in cheering on the beer vendors, or something?

It sounds to me like you just want to see scantily clad employees at the ballpark. Most every park already has that. Baseball owners aren't stupid. And in most cases you get closer to a ticket taker or usher than you ever would an on-field cheerleader who would honestly look silly cheering during commercial breaks in the game.

Again, baseball is unique in the area of scantily dressed women. You'll find far more of them at an outdoor ballpark in the middle of summer than you will at any football or basketball game. If you attend an outdoor game in August and don't get your fill of eye candy something is wrong. And after a few innings many are approachable (and drunk).

game is too slow? Then having cheerleaders would bring the spice it lacks.

out of place? I've seen marlin games, and everything looked just fine to me. If anything, I dont want to go to a game outside miami or cinci, (they have them there too).

sooo the Marlins do it to fill in seats? Whats Cinci's excuse budda boy?

Baseball is a relaxing sport? Not in my eyes, people get horrible injuries at any given second, pitchers bean batters, batters rush the mound, people kill the catcher etc etc.. To me, its a battlefield out there, and having cheerleaders on the sideline adds to the gladiator aspect.

during breaks;
you dont need to get food or beer, vendors do that..
You can watch the jumbo tron AND the cheerleaders, they do both in miami

Trust me they get the crowd excited, guys start screamin when they come on, and then when the game resumes they are still screamin.

There dance routines usually last 2 minutes, they usually do around a dozen, (they mix things up of course).

Baseball and any sport BENEFITS from a hyped crowd, CAUSE IT CREATES ATMOSPHERE.

The girls DO WALK AROUND THE STADIUM, cause they want to go to as many different spots in the stadium.

For the third time...cheerleaders lead cheers DURING games, it's their job. That's not possible in baseball. And it's completely unnecessary. Plenty of babes to scope out at the ball park on a hot August day, don't need pom pom girls on the field between innings.

I have no doubt a lot of drunk Marlins fans make complete fools of themselves when the girls take the field. It has nothing to do with the game or 'atmosphere' as you put it. I'd rather they do a dizzy bat race for the kids or something between innings. Baseball is the last family friendly sporting event out there and it's already plenty sexed up with scantily clad hardbodied employees and the attire women naturally tend to wear on hot humid days. Do we really need to go overboard and toss in otherwise useless 'cheerleaders' between innings simply to appease the male drunks in the crowd? Should we throw the Chippendales out there too, in order to appease the women fans?

Next time you go to a Marlins game, instead of ogling 'cheerleaders' 500 feet away try chatting up one of the scantily clad hotties sure to be in your section. I promise, most don't bite and the ones who do are usually very good at it.


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