• 02/02/2009, 07:21PM ET

Joe Dew's NBA Draft Tourney Round 1

Joe Dew (359-228-49) vs Somebody of Note (43-13-5)

Background: We had a NBA Fantasy Draft with every player available from this seasons roster. We had 14 people picking teams of 6 players, 5 Starters and 1 Bench man using the 08-09 Rosters of the nba teams. I picked at slot 10. So we are having a tournament to see who had the best team.

details of the tourney are here:

List First arguments following

Here is my Team:

PG- Deron Williams
SG- Ray Allen
SF- Carmelo Anthony
PF- Pau Gasol
C- Elton Brand
6th- Andrei Kirilenko

List first? Okay, I suppose I can do that.

PG: Tony Parker
SG: Andre Iguodala
SF: Rashard Lewis
"PF": Tayshaun Prince
C: Dwight "Superman" Howard
6th: David West

My team isn't the only thing I'll be listing though.

Offense: Dribble-Drive Motion

For the uninformed, this is the offensive style that was used by the University of Memphis last year with great success. It revolves around one post player playing under the basket (Howard), and four players on the perimeter. The point guard drives to the basket, then kicks out if pressured. It relies on the players' decision making, speed, and often explosiveness to score.

Defense: Man-to-Man

I think that is self-explanatory. Each player is tasked with defending another.

Good luck!

About your offensive plan: what made that offense so awesome was Rose has some college chump on him that will Never go pro. For example, Dwill consistantly shuts cp3 down and doesnt allow him to penitrate which leaves one guy with the ball dribbling and 4 dudes standing there with there thumbs up there butts.

This is pro ball with pro defenders, there is a reason its not ran in the Pro's.

Plus your only going to have one guy getting rebounds compared to my team.

Now onto Pau Gasol handing Tayshaun Prince his Jock!

08-09 Stats

PPG- 17.8
RPG- 9.1
BPG- 0.9
FG%- .556
FT%- .792

PPG- 13.9
RPG- 6.5
BPG- 0.7
FG%- .447
FT%- .787

GASOL IS HIGHER IN EVERY SINGLE CATERGORY. Prince cant buy Gasol donuts at the Power Forward Position.

Its not even a matchup. Its like having a Dog fight with Michael Vicks Dog Fighting Crew vs A Kitten that is declawed!

More to Come on the Point Guard Situation that you have running this College Offense in the Professional Leagues. Where every player really is a Pro.

Plus Carmelo Vs Rashard wont even be fair...

Joe, Joe, Joe. Have you been in hibernation for the past two years? Are the winters really that long and cold in Idaho Falls?

If you have been watching basketball, you'd notice that the Boston Celtics won the Larry O'Brien Trophy running the DDM. You'd notice that their point guard, Rajon Rondo, is nowhere near leagues above his opposing point guards.

See, there's one key thing that you're forgetting: basketball is a team game. It's about how players work together within their system. Last I checked, my guys fit perfectly.

Tony Parker is a smart, extra talented, scoring point guard who can drive the lane and dish the rock back out when he feels trouble. Rashard Lewis is the classic triggerman from three (41.9% this year) who can slash as well and is a great fit. Iguodala is another skilled slasher and scorer. Prince fits at my "power forward" position because he's a big guy (6'9") who can move in and out, and has the ability and willingness to shoot the three. And, of course, Howard is an absolute stud under the basket who will dominate the boards.

On defence, don't think for a second that Prince can't handle Gasol. He's a heralded defender who is big and strong enough.

Actually, the winters are long and cold here in Idaho, they suck!

Moving on... about your PG spot and the Rondo Argument the opposing team also had a mediocre PG in Derek Fisher. So it was the Big 3 that won it, and a combo of the bench talent they had. Thanks for stating the obvious in the team sport thing.

Staying on the PG topic, we will compare the PG's whom will run this offense of yours.

08-09 stats

Deron Williams
PPG- 17.8
APG- 10.2
TO- 3.5
FG%- .454
FT%- .819
3P%- .328

assist to turnover ratio 2.9:1

Tony Parker
PPG- 20.7
APG- 6.6
TO- 2.6
FG%- .500
FT%- .789
3P%- .364

assist to Turnover ratio 2.5:1

So Deron Willams is more effective with the Ball. He gets 2.9 Assists with 1 Turnover compared to Tony Parker who gets 2.5 Assists with 1 Turnover. Thats the ONE guy your going to have running your offense.

Now why did you move the Bigger Rashard Lewis to SF while you move the Smaller Prince to PF. Shouldnt that be reveresed?

Career Stats on your precious Dwight Howard- PPG 17 and 12.4 RPG compared to my choice with Elton Brand- 20 PPG and 10.2 RPG

So its not a drastic difference, Brand Scores more and Howard gets 2 more rebounds

Okay, Fisher is mediocre. What about every other team Boston faced during the year that allowed them to run up 66 victories and lead the league? What about Chauncey Billups, their opponent in the East finals? The fact remains that the system worked... and that destroys the fundamental part of your argument. Especially because Parker is superior to Rondo by a wide margin.

The reason I have Prince at PF is because he's a better defender than Rashard. But you know what? If that isn't working, I can always bring All-Star power forward David West off the bench. He's a very capable defender, with a great mid-range game. I guess you can say he's my Manu, except an inside player.

You bring up the assist-to-turnover ratio like it's the golden division between D-Will and Tony. However, the fact remains that Tony has fewer turnovers. He's an incredible fit for my offense, and he can quite easily lock down on Deron. And because your team seems to lack an offensive system, it won't be hand for my pro players to beat your streetball.

Taking Dwight's career averages is faulty because his rookie season still factors in mightily. Right now, he's at 20.6 and 13.9. Owns Brand's 14.3 and 9.0.


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